Double Luck
The 80's, 90's, and early 2000's had some of the most badass movies, TV shows, video games, comic books, etc. of all time, hands-down…

But they also had their fair share of bottom-feeders, ranging from campy fast food for the brain to outright abominations that should never have been allowed to see the light of day.

We may look back and laugh (or cringe) at these bottom-feeders now, but recently I got to thinking, could they actually be remade into RPs worthy of RPNation?

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the RETRO RECYCLE BIN CHALLENGE! Take any bottom-feeder fandom from the 80's, 90's, or early 2000's (or more than one such fandom, if desired) and retweak it into an awesome RP storyline!

This will also double as a great way to give your newly recycled RP ideas some publicity. If there’s enough interest, I’ll throw up a poll and start an OOC thread for the winner!

All RPNation rules apply, obviously.

Any bottom-feeder fandom (campy, silly, stupid, just plain BAD, so-bad-it's-good, etc.) from the 80's, 90's, or early 2000's is fair game.

That said, when I say "bottom-feeders", I mean ACTUAL bottom-feeders. As such, the following types of fandoms do not count:
  • Fan-favorites that just happened to not do well with critics.
  • Critically acclaimed fandoms that just happened to not do so well at the box office.
  • Fandoms specifically designed to make fun of bottom-feeders (e.g. MST3K or Elvira).
  • Parodies intentionally poking fun at a particular fandom/genre/etc.
Original RP storylines loosely based on your chosen fandom(s) are acceptable.

Strict adherence to the canon of the original fandom(s) is not required.
Some hint of the original fandom(s) should still be there, however minor, but feel free to give it as much of an overhaul as you like; that's what this challenge is for!

  • Plagiarizing another person's submission is grounds for automatic disqualification. To protect against plagiarization, all submissions must be sent to me PRIVATELY (PM's, DM's, etc.), and I will then privately send them to the judges. One or two purely coincidental similarities are not dealbreakers in and of themselves, but if any two or more submissions are found to be TOO similar to each other to be mere coincidence, we've got a problem.
  • DO NOT attempt to unfairly influence the judges or rig the poll in any way. You will receive a warning for your first offense, and any further offenses are grounds for automatic disqualification.
To keep everything fair, judges cannot submit their own entries, and those who would like to submit an entry cannot also serve as judges.

(Include fandom names and links to canon info for comparison.)

(Why did you choose this fandom?)

(What would your RP storyline be called?)

(Describe your RP plot in more detail.)

(Describe what you changed (or would change) relative to the original fandom(s) and why.)

(Are there any other details you would like to share?)

Tattoo Assassins

This is, without a doubt, the most shamelessly TERRIBLE Mortal Kombat ripoff of all time: so much so that it never even got an official release. With its paper-thin storyline, character designs ranging from generic to laughably bad, disgustingly crude humor* in some parts, and overall lack of cohesive rhyme or reason, it’s not hard to see why this stinker was left to more or less fade into obscurity.
And yet I can’t deny that the basic concept of magic tattoos coming to life does have a certain creative potential to it. And so this, ladies and gentlemen, is my attempt to give this one glimmering nugget of potential the effort it deserves.

*Every single character (and I do mean EVERY character) has a fart/diarrhea-based attack and fatality for no real reason other than LULZ POOPOO HUMOR. There’s also a universal “fatality” that doesn‘t actually kill the opponent but instead makes all of their clothes magically disappear, leaving the victim shrieking and trembling as they try desperately to cover themselves up.

The Ink of Aidoneus


Centuries ago, a medieval alchemist calling himself Aidoneus (“the Unseen One”) received an unlikely gift from a meteor that landed outside his home. The meteor was made up entirely of a precious life-giving mineral from the farthest reaches of space, which Aidoneus believed to hold the secret to immortality. Determined to protect the meteor’s secrets from rival alchemists and bloodthirsty inquisitors, Aidoneus took to breaking it down into smaller pieces to hide in empty bottles of writing ink. One such bottle, however, turned out not to be so empty after all, and out climbed a small blob-like creature made entirely of ink. Ecstatic at his discovery, Aidoneus fed the creature even more ink and experimented further with the other pieces of the meteor. With the slightest thought, he could command whole armies of the ink creatures to assume whatever shape he wished, easily hiding them from his enemies.

Keeping just enough of the original mineral for himself, Aidoneus lived on for centuries, eventually buying an ink factory in the 1980’s for the sole purpose of creating more mineral-imbued ink…

Until, in a seemingly minor slip-up, the mineral found its way into the ink supply of an unsuspecting tattoo parlor.

Upon realizing the oversight, Aidoneus burned with rage at the sight of the garish designs painted with HIS INK onto the bodies of the tattoo parlor’s clients. Those ignorant fools don’t realize the power they keep carelessly embedded in their skin: power that was always meant for him and him alone!

Summoning his ink-creatures to his side, Aidoneus ordered them to find the thieves and take back what was rightfully his, at any cost, regardless of who or what stands in his way.

Got rid of all the pointlessly disgusting shlock of the original, and blended Koldan and Mullah Abba together to create a villain with more personality and motives than just random-jackass-with-tattoo-needles-for-fingers-who-wants-to-take-over-the-world. Also gave the story some potential for a horror-ish element by setting up Aidoneus to start hunting down the poor unsuspecting saps who got tattooed with his ink.

I just wrote this whole entry in a couple of hours, late at night, just to serve as a basic template for this challenge. Maybe if I find the time, I might polish this idea even further and make an interest check out of it, but for now I’ll just leave it at this.
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Hit Me!
Jet Set Radio could be good If it was a story with the son of the protag for the first game:

There was once this ragtag group of no-gooders— at least, to the police— who were spraying these anti-police images and sentences onto walls through graffiti. The lone survivor of this group, Drake Beat, is still interested in Jet Set Radio. When DJ Professor K retires from the radio, he sends out Drake to be the radio host, and his fourteen year old daughter, Kimora, takes his rightful place as the leader of the Rudies. What could Go on? I dont know. Ive Never played JSR, but the idea came to me.

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