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Fandom Retro + niche anime fandom search

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Howdy there! I'm dusting off this account and looking for a partner or two to write in some retro anime fandoms. I'm aware this search is a bit of a long shot as the series I'm interested in don't really have a large fandom presence but I wanted to at least give it a go.

Before I get started I do have some guidelines I want to establish:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to write with me. I'm just not comfortable writing with anyone younger because of my own age and personal experience.
  • Write in third person perspective. Past or present tense is fine!
  • I will write over PM, Discord, or possibly email or Google docs.
  • Please try to write at least one paragraph per post. My replies tend to be between two and six paragraphs (per character, when doubling) but I don't ask for a partner to mirror or match me, just someone writing with some detail. I don't impose a strict limit because different portions of scenes call for either shorter or longer posts.
  • My post frequency may vary and I ask for a partner who can be a bit flexible about that. I can't do rapid fire or real time RP.
  • You must be LGBT+ friendly. Pairings and romance aren't always present or a priority in my RPs but I refuse to write with partners who aren't cool with LGBT+ themes, characters, or headcanons.
  • I do not do original RP. I'm strictly a fandom writer.
  • I'm not currently looking for OC only RP.
  • If you want a fandom not listed here, feel free to ask about it.

I think that covers everything! Now onto the listing of interests and what I usually want out of an RP.

Right now I want to write with these fandoms:

  • Captain Harlock / the Leijiverse. The Leijiverse is a big interest for me right now and I'm working my way through it all. I'd love to find someone who's willing to write the Captain himself but am definitely open to other possibilities, both Captain Harlock related and dealing with other Leijiverse series. Setting and details can be negotiated. I can play either an OC, a canon character, or a character from one of my other fandoms for some crossover play.
  • Black Jack (the Osamu Tezuka series). I'm a bit rusty on this fandom so I might need to reread/rewatch but Black Jack is one of my favorite anime characters. I don't have much of a direction here but definitely willing to brainstorm.
  • Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still. I've been a big fan of Kenji Murasame for over 3 years and have amassed a ton of fun useless trivia about this series as a result. Kenji is my favorite character to write so I love throwing him in different settings. I also really love the Giant Robo setting itself and would be down to play in it.
  • Tetsujin 28. I’m only familiar with the 2004 version and the Morning Moon of Midday movie. I'd be potentially down for something exploring the AU version of post-war Japan presented in this series. My main focus here would likely be Kenji and the other Murasame brothers.

I’ll list out the sort of things I usually like to do when I RP so you can get an idea of what I’m about:

  • I love crossovers! I do prefer universe fusion (think Super Robot Wars) style crossovers to multiverse collision or isekai-style ‘transported to another universe’ but all styles can be fun.
  • I also love AUs, with some caveats. I’m not into domestic ‘modern life’ style AUs but would be down to discussing other types. This goes heavily with my enjoyment of crossovers.
  • Romance is strictly optional. I don't have many ships and tend to gravitate more towards 'gen' content, to borrow a term from fanfiction. I'm willing to discuss and possibly write romantic plots but I will probably be picky about ships.
  • I am open to RPs with just canon characters or a mixture of canon characters and OCs, including Canon x OC roleplay if we do decide to incorporate romance. I don’t do roleplays with only OCs, sorry!
  • If shipping is involved, I don’t write unhealthy relationships. It’s not fun for me at all.
  • Doubling is a possibility but not required.

Right now I am mostly looking for crossover play involving two or more of my listed fandoms or something based heavily on Captain Harlock. I don’t have any pre-made plots but would love to brainstorm with potential partners.

If you are interested in writing with me or have any questions please contact me over PM. If you are unable to initiate PMs you may post to ask for me to PM you, but otherwise I want to reserve any replies to this thread for bumping.
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