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Fandom [Restarting] Batfamily group rp sign up

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Action, AU, Meta, Platonic, Romance, Super Powers


Archer of justice
Welcome to the sign up page, this group idea is based on a rp idea i have had for awhile now......i have always wanted to rp this idea but have been unable to find anyone to rp. so i decided to turn it into a group roleplay

  • this rp will be in pm only, the chat for the rp will also have a seperate pm
  • Be able to reply: like once or twice a week
  • sentance length: 2 paragraphs if able but if inspired to write more then go for it. my writing length is 2 or less
  • each character must have a crush
  • no killing each other character
  • there will also be villians that arent from this universe: demons, men in white and possibly a clone of my oc
  • keep up with the group no ghosting
  • this is for canon characters. if you want to add a oc we would need to talk about it first, they cant be op

First: one night in gotham city, batman finds my oc alone, (age will depend on who will be her crush) he takes her in unaware of her powers, she falls in love with __________ (depends on which ones are in the rp) will she be able to keep her idenitites and powers a secret? And will she as white archer dodge the men in whites attacks to avoid being captured (this has romance, adopt and action

Characters list:
Batman Mad GIF - Batman Mad Glare GIFs
Bruce Wayne/batman; a father, philanthropist, and owner of Wayne Enterprises, as well as a single wealthy man: LibbyM098 LibbyM098

Nightwing Motorcycle GIF - Nightwing Motorcycle Bike GIFs
richard d grayson; gymnastics, first robin, used to be part of the circus, is now part of gcpd: LibbyM098 LibbyM098

jason todd; used to be a young theif, second robin, died then was revived, he now kills and works for good/evil: open

Tim Drake Robin GIF - TimDrake Robin Superhero GIFs
tim drake; tech expert, smart, goes to school at gotham middle school also red robin: open

Idamian Wayne GIF - IdamianWayne GIFs
damian wayne: first blood son of bruce, raised by talia ra guel, now is being trained by bruce to become more human then weapon, robin: Chair-Sama Chair-Sama

Batgirl IDont Think So GIF - Batgirl IDontThinkSo No GIFs
barbra gorden: first batgirl, oracle: LibbyM098 LibbyM098
Spoiler: open

Batman Batman Mask Of The Phantasm GIF - Batman BatmanMaskOfThePhantasm WarnerBrothersArchive GIFs
joker: open

harley quinn: open

Poison Ivy GIF - Poison Ivy Batman GIFs
poison ivy: Flame Demon Flame Demon

catwoman: Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed

any other characters i havent mentioned

update: i am restarting this due to being a month of inactiveness and we need rpers who can reply once or twice a week if able

cs page: Fandom - The batfamily page cs: bats, robins and an archer
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Only if you rp as a canon character as well
I'm taking Mr. Freeze ...

... and antihero OC



Archer of justice
I'm taking Mr. Freeze ...

... and antihero OC

Alright please put character sheets on the character sheet thread

Then i will add you to the group chat

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