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Fandom (Restarted) CW Arrowverse and dc comic rp sign up

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Super Powers



hello everyone welcome to the cw arrowverse, this rp includes shows like the flash, arrow, supergirl, other characters like batman and black lightning.
1. Be active: your character will sometimes be NEEDED alot in the rp so if we tag you on a reply please be able to keep up to date with the story of the rp and be able to reply
2. You may suggest any character not listed: chances are we need them for the rp
3. no ghosting
4.plan with us: if there is change in your character plans then we need to discuss it, we all are planing the roleplay group rp by archs. Like arch one is barry and oliver team working together for the first time
5. During these archs if your characters dont have powers yet then you cannot have them suddenly have powers until the power arch comes up

Main characters:

Oliver queen/Green arrow:

Barry allen/flash: @Maria30
kid flash/ wally west:
Kara/Supergirl: @RandiBauer1
Bruce wayne/Batman:

Damian wayne: @MePersonally

Batwoman: @helpingangle

Caitlyn snow/Killer frost: @Bright
Saturn girl:
wally west/kid flash:

white canary/sara: @SaraTheWhiteCanary
Alex danver:

Lena luthor: @Maria30

Constantine: @MzHyde

Zatanna: @MePersonally

Felicity: @Fels

ray palmer/the Atom:

Roy harper:
Thea queen: @icysubject

AMAZO: @PhantomSamurai

Cisco/ vibe : @MoonLegend101
Ask for others

Clark kent: @Maria30

harrison wells/eobard thawne: @Bright

Settings: starling city/star city, central city, gotham city, national city
For the idea of the rp: each hero would work in their city, but now supergirl city and black lightning city is now on earth one, bringing more opprotunities for team ups and hanging out, there will be villians and thugs in the rp
Event one: its almost christmas time but that doesnt mean that all criminals are going to take a break for some eggnog. Its time for heroes who will be off of work to come togther and fight before the christmas party[/USER][/USER]

Character sheet: Fandom - Arrowverse rp character sheet

Rp page: Fandom - Cw arrowverse group rp: rp page
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