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  1. then the most torturous moments happened.. the ultimate loyalty test that syango know would drive them insane.. she put them in two different rooms and then used her haki to temporarily block their connection for the night. Sanji was affected 1st cause he really wanted his poppy swan but knew he had to try and be calm.even if it meant crying all night.
  2. When the soulmate haki was blocked, Poppy's chest immediately felt heavy and empty like before she met Sanji. It was a painful feeling that she never wanted to experience again, but alas she did. She clenched her fists tightly as she took a deep breath, 'It's one night...' She thought as she laid down on her bed and closed her eyes to get rest for the night.
  3. when some guys were trying to calm down heysaw..cats...staring at them with notes... luffy picke upp the letter and read it "Freinds do not panic that will worrsen my mothers test. i know how we can go around this. All of the cats here are kabes servants. they will help send messages." Luffy smiled and began trying to find pen and paper.

    A big poofy whitte cat went to zoros room and meows at him and then pat his face. the small essence of kri being in her letter.
  4. Zoro groaned as he got poked by something fuzzy and opened his good eye to see a fuzzy cat with a note on its hands. He took it as he sat up to read the piece of paper. He smiled at it as memories from the past flashed through his head. He found a pen and wrote on the pack of the note.

    Chiru was sitting in the corner of her room, knowing full well it will be a long lonely night for her. She doesn't like to sleep by herself and being a vampire, she can stay up all night and not feel tired at all the next morning. She felt something poke her side and lifted her head to see a fuzzy cat with a note. She took it off its hands and read it, she was a bit confused at first but soon figure out what to do. She quickly found a pen and wrote on the back of the note to Luffy.
  5. the next morning there were a mix of piles of letters were on the floor and the dressmakers were helping the brides get ready and the grooms. syango being merciful unlocked he haki block and renewed the soulmate haki which felt like a wave of relief and pleasure. espicially for law since he couldnt sleep.
  6. As all the girl's relaxed, Chiru and Tear jumped down from the dressing stand were about to see their finances until they saw Syango who gave them a death glare that said 'get back on the stand you will see them later' "But Auntie..." Chiru whine wanting to see Luffy really badly. The glare hardens before she sighed and walked back with Tear to get ready. She then noticed her mother among them also getting ready, " Mom? You're getting married too?" She asked surprised to see her as she got back on the dressing stand.

    Ritzia smiled sheepishly, " Yeah..."

    Chiru squealed, " Who is it?" She asked excitedly.

    "Well..." Ritzia started, " It's just some guy..." she answered trying to avoid the question.

    "Come on tell us the name Ritzia! You are finally getting ready after who knows how long!" Odette said to the lady.

    " You'll meet him at the wedding!" Ritzia responded her face a bit red before she looked at Oracle who was taking pictures but being rather quiet. She stared at the pictures before sighing to herself.

    Poppy looked at Oracle, "Something wrong?" She questioned the oddly quiet lady who everyone was expecting to be jumping with joy and excitement.

    " I am fine..." Oracle answered as smiled at the girl before going back to taking pictures. " I am gonna go check on the boys," She said to Syango.

  7. The howl alarms went off and the wolf children ran to yamis prison. "HES FREE HES FREE!" The guards chanted and syango WAS SCARED. "NONONONONONO that seal was supposed to work!" he sow the confused grooms and explained "This horrifying entity has been called Yami or...'Empty Death'.He seeks complete destruction. For eons, he has been locked in
    a struggle with Ammy.Since they are archenemies."

    then the wolves whimper powerless and after he locked eyes with ammatarasu and her child Akira. he walked over to oracle and cracked his neck.

    "Hey darling.." "DARLING!" everyone said shocked
  8. Oracle froze for a second before turning around and hugging Yami tightly. "You're out..." She cried happily burying her face into his stomach since she was too short reach his chest and neck. " I miss you so much... It's been so lonely all these years'' she whimpered.

    " Wait... Why did The God of Destruction call you darling?" Odette asked with a raised eyebrow.

    " He is my husband" Oracle answered getting a look of shock mixed with confusion. " I am the Goddess of Life!" She said now just getting a look of you are lying. "Heh.. I guess I drove all of you a bit too crazy with my antics" She laughed before her body surrounded itself in a soft glow before she suddenly transformed to the Goddess.

    The lady flipped her hair and smiled at everyone, "... When she said divine intervention, she really meant it" Chiru commented with a laugh before Shizuka just kissed Yami happily before hugging him again.

  9. yami glared in a scolding look "darling...did you play your shipping game while helping me get out?" he said in a scolding tone and saw everyone just nod. he sighs "well she was trying to keep destiny in order.. and dont worry ya mutt.. he said looking at the goddess ammatarasu and her son Akira. "Im 100% pascified when near my not even a threat."
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    Shizuka giggled happily as she clung to her husband happy to see him out of his prison. She waited so long for this to happen. She was close to crying again, “Daddy!” Nina yelled as she ran over and hugged the tall male happily. The young reaper was in her 10-year-old form and was wearing a wedding dress indicating that she was getting married as well. Tear walked over and respectfully bowed to her father happy to see him out and doing well.

    Then suddenly an unexpected visitor arrived. Raven appeared out of nowhere and hugged her father with Nina. “ You are finally out....” She mumbled quietly.

    Caddy then appeared looking straight at the male and not at Yumi since he didn't want to ruin the tradition, 'Father...' He spoke telepathically with a nod to greet the male back.
  11. ""son.." he noted and smiled at his children hugged him then sat down syango glared a bit but took a breath
    "now that the goddesses of the sun moon and giver of all life are here. Bless with your goodness these brides and grooms, who come now to join in marriage.
    Grant that they give their sacred words to each other in the strength of your love.Enable them to grow in love and peace with you and with one another
    all their days.
    Kiri took a breath and sung hers when the others spoke theirs. "I, Princess kirisuto nagano,the dancing cat, take you, Rolonoa Zoro,The demonic swordsman who is not that demonic.. to be my husband.." She began sobbing a little because she was so happy and tried to focus
    " have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, in
    sickness, and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted
    by death himself to be reborn again...These are my sacred words." the maidens gasp when she fell to her knees but sigh because she only did it out off the fact she was so happy she couldnt stand up.
  12. Zoro went over to Kiri to calm her down as he spoke his vows as well.
    "I, Roronoa Zoro, take you, Nagano Kirisuto, to be my wife,
    to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, in sickness, and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by
    death and reborn again. These are my sacred words." He smiled as went to grab the supposed blessed rings which weren't there. He blinked and looked at Synago, " Where are the rings?" He asked the lady, who looked at the goddess of life that was just humming and clinging to her husband's arm.

    Syango cleared her throat, " Shizuka..."

    "Yes~" Shizuka asked with a smile.

    " The rings.. are they blessed?"

    " Of course they are !" Shizuka replied happily.

    " Where are they?"

    "...Ohh oops" Shizuka giggled, " One second" She smiled as she looked into a portal and took out the rings. " They are blessed and all custom made! This is for Kiri and Zoro~ This is for Chiru and Luffy~" Before she could continue the rabbit queen took the rings out of her hand.

    " Hey! I wasn't done" Shizuka pouted at the lady.
  13. "we dont have time for that.. why don you check on nina and chopper..they would had stayed but nina found a book o your history." Syango noted giving the rings and smiles seeing the kissing fest of the lovers purifying the land.

    meanwhile kagome looked up while Alice and jovi prepared for the plush jail cause kaku robbed in the kithen and hes waiting for a lawer.aka his girl to return "I have a feeling were gonna need a barf bag.." kagome noted. and lucinda looks up "why do you say that?"
  14. Shizuka blinked at the news and immediately disappeared two seconds later she reappeared gave Raven her camera and grabs Yami and disappears. Raven blinked at the camera, noticing a note that said, ' Take lots of pictures for me dear" causing the lady to make a disgusted face at the job.

    " You have to pay me a million beli for this!" She yelled knowing her mother heard her. She then looked at the grooms and birdes, " What? I hate you all except for the girl that my brother is marrying." She said before seeing Caddy and Yumi making out. She tried to take a picture of them but the image was blacked out. Raven looked and sighed, " Caddy mom wants pictures..."

    Caddy then gave her a look that said, ' If she wanted them she would have done them herself.'

    " Yeah, but she is busy with Nina now let me take a picture" Raven stated as she tried again but got the same result. She sighed, " Yumi, help, please...."
    Shizuka appeared in front of Nina and gently took the book from her. " Hey! I was reading that!" the girl pouted and crossed her arms as she sat comfortably on Chopper's lap.

    "Dear... This is my emotional baggage this is not a history book of my life. That would be a whole other baggage.." She said right before yami took the book and burn it. Shizuka just stared at the man. "What did you just do.....?" Just as the ashes of the book fell to the floor, Nina heard something unsettling and disappeared which followed a new book forming in Yami's hand.
  15. Yumi nodded and gave a puppy eyed look to caddy "Caddyy can we have a few cutesy photos? i wanna put it in the album..and your sister is a good sniper so i bet she will get your good sides" She smiled seeing him smile and kisses him as raven took the photos. but stopped seeing Nina with saucers for eyes. "Nina? whats wrong?" then she saw the tiny hurricane forming.
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    Shizuka stared at Yami and blinked when she saw the new diary with the words, ' Happy Baggage ^-^' written on it. The goddess stared at it and hugged her husband happy about her new book. She then sensed a hurricane forming near the wedding and sweatdropped before teleporting over to there to dispell the storm. She then looked at her youngest daughter Nina who was pointing a scythe at Raven.

    Raven blinked and looked at Nina who had a scythe pointed at her. "Nina, calm down. I didn't mean it"

    "LIES! You are picking favorites! This is unfair! Chopper deserves some love too!" Nina yelled as a sliver of the moon became red. " He is just as good as all the other guys in this wedding!" She heard snickering and looked at the kid pirates. Opal sighed and mumbled idiots under her breaths at her crewmates. Nina growled before trapping them in ice crystals. "Just because he is a reindeer doesn't mean he should be treated any different!"

    Shizuka sighed at the girl's tantrum, " Nina, sweety-'

    "Don't try to defend big sister Raven, mommy!" Nina yelled at Shizuka getting teary eyed. She then looked at Yumi who tried to explain to the girl. " SHUT UP CRY BABY DRAGON!" She yelled as more of the moon became red.

    Caddy glared at his younger sister as his shadow elongated, ' Nina..' He spoke in the girl's mind slowly. Nina glared at her brother and everyone backed up.

    " You two stop this!" Tear said to the two reapers but got ignored. She looked at Raven who wasn't sure what to say in this situation. " Raven say something!"

    " I don't know what to say...."
  17. shopper and yumi got in the middle of them and screamed "ENOUGH!" chopper looked at nina with teary eyes. "Nina.. t-this isnt never let anger get to you..your always so happy...i-if you keep this up i-ill.." he looked at the ring bracelet on his hoof making her think he will take it off if she keeps the grudge. Yumi looked at caddy "Caddy this isnt you..sure she said somthing mean..but you told me to ignore negtivity unless it really hurt..and your hurting me by wanting to fight family.."

    syango smiled " so the youngest got a spine afterall.."

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