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Closed REQUEST :3

Bullyboy Squad

pure of heart, dumb of ass
Hello, I didn't see a prefix "request" so I'm not even sure if those are allowed here but in case they are, here comes mine!

I'm looking for an experienced coder who has some time on their hands and will feel inspired by the idea and willing to collaborate to create a simple and fairly minimalistic yet aesthetically pleasing Interest Check.

If they will feel inspired to collaborate on other codes, like eg CS or place holder, then that's also most welcome but the Interest Check is what we're after rn.

Here are some aesthetics that match the roleplay vibes:

tumblr_dd3feb8d85a6a849b0b5ffc9e58e4c01_97bf9bc9_540 (1).jpg


We can only offer you full credit and a lot of love...but if you're interested please PM me!

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