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Multiple Settings ren's m/m & f/f rp search | originals & fandoms

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status:: open
currently craving:: oc x oc kpop roleplays (especially with a fantasy twist)

───── ❝ about

ren | 23 | they/she | lesbian

i am semi-literate. i only use lapslock for ooc, in character i will use capital letters when needed.

my timezone is est, i’ll be most active on weeknights 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm and sporadically during the day on weekends.

i’ve been roleplaying since i was around 13 or 14 years old but i’ve been on a 2 year break from roleplaying and a 1 year break from writing in general.

my replies will usually be between 100 to 800 words depending on what's going on in the roleplay.

i will reply probably once or twice a week. if for some reason i can’t get you a reply within a week i’ll let you know.

i am open to ooc chat.

───── ❝ rules & other information

romance roleplays only, m/m or f/f pairings. i am also open to pairings featuring non-binary characters.

oc/oc pairings are preferred but i am open to some canon/canon ships. i am personally not into oc/canon so please don't ask.

please be 18 or older.

third-person only. i feel most comfortable using present tense but i can work with past tense if needed.

no one-liners, shorter replies are okay but i need something to work with.

roleplay and ooc over private message on site only.

no anime face claims. realistic faceclaims and/or written descriptions only. for non-human characters i am okay with either drawn characters and/or written descriptions.

i am ghost-friendly but i would prefer to be told that you’re no longer interested.

please be willing to help me plot before we start or discuss ideas ooc while roleplaying.

───── ❝ originals

general parirings
this is just a basic list. if you have any other ideas for oc x oc pairings let me know and if i'm interested i'd be willing to roleplay it with you. i especially love fantasy (mostly historical but also modern) so those i will probably be most willing to try but i am open to almost everything.

body guard x person they're protecting (modern or historical; realistic or magical)
witch x familiar
human x monster (vampire, werewolf, demon, witch, etc.)
monster x monster
god x human
royal x royal
royal x servant
monster x monster hunter
pirate x royal/noble
pirate x pirate
demon x witch

planetary exchange program
⤷ futuristic, sci-fi, slice of life
numerous planets exist around the universe that are homes to various sentient beings. an exchange program is set up between allied planets that allow participants to sign up to live on a different planet for a certain amount of time to experience the culture. muse a is a human who volunteers to be a host for the exchange program and help any aliens sent to live with them learn about their culture, earth, and humans. muse b is the first alien assigned to them who choose to study earth and humans.

plot 01
⤷ modern, supernatural elements, university
muse a is a photography student who is taking pictures of abandoned places for their end of the year project. muse b is a demon who has been trapped in one of the places muse a visits to take pictures. muse a is the first human muse b has seen in decades and muse b's first chance of escaping.

plot 02
⤷ historical fantasy
muse a is the child of an evil witch whose powers they inherited. they have been groomed by their mother to become the next great evil like her. as muse a has grown they have realized how horrible of a person their mother truly is and have started to slowly try to find those who are still alive but cursed by their mother to undo their mother's spells. muse b is the first human that muse a was ever forced to curse by his mother who is untrusting of muse a but willing to help if muse a really is changed and wanting to get rid of his mother once once and for all.

plot 03
⤷ historical fantasy, changelings
muse a has always believed they were an orphan human child taken in and raised by fairies. muse b has always believed they are the crowned prince(ess) born with extraordinary powers to human parents. they meet under unusual circumstances not knowing they were switched at birth until they slowly begin to uncover the truth.

more ideas to be added...

───── ❝ fandoms
if you have any other ideas for oc x oc pairings for any of the fandoms listed below that you would like to try out let me know and if i'm interested i'd be willing to roleplay it with you.

any of the original ships below but with a fantasy twist (for example: one or more of the characters secretly being a magical creature or kpop groups in a modern d&d inspired world)
rival trainees who debut in the same group
rival x rival (rival soloists or members from rival groups)
fellow group members (especially leader x maknae but i am open to other dynamics as well!)
idol x staff
idol x management
out idol x closeted idol
most monsta x pairings in either a canon or au setting

⤷ originals::

i'd like to take the general idea of someone trying to escape the underworld x someone helping them escape and turn that into a roleplay
⤷ canons::
zagreus x thanatos
zagreus x hypnos
zagreus x achilles
zagreus x patroclus
zagreus x asterius
zagreus x theseus
achilles x patroclus
thanatos x ares
asterius x theseus

harry potter
⤷ originals::

hogwarts professors (i especially would love the dynamic of potions professor x herbology professor they get all their potions ingredients from)
members of the ministry of magic
aged up (around university age) hogwarts students or students in a similar magic school
modern day hogwarts (characters in their last year or aged up to university age)
⤷ canons:: n/a

dragon age
⤷ originals::

dragon hunters
antivan crows or members of a similar type of spy/assassin group
dalish elves
mercenary group members
mercenary x noble
assassin x target
tevinter magister x escaped elven slave
⤷ canon slash ships::
zevran x alistair
zevran x fenris
fenris x garrett hawke (i know he's technically not canon but default hawke feels canon)
anders x garrett hawke
anders x fenris
varric x garrett hawke
bull x dorian
dorian x alistair
⤷ canon femslash ships::
bethany x aveline
isabela x merrill
bethany x merrill
bethany x isabela
leliana x josephine
leliana x cassandra
leliana x josephine
isabela x josephine

star wars
⤷ originals::

jedi x sith
⤷ canons:: n/a

marvel cinematic universe
⤷ originals::

members of the same hero group
members of two different hero groups
hero x villain
⤷ canons::
agatha x wanda
loki x mobius
bucky x sam
steve x tony
loki x tony
carol x maria

dc comics
⤷ originals::

members of a suicide squad style group
the creator of a suicide squad style group x one of the criminals they recruited
⤷ canons::
harley quinn x poison ivy
king shark x constantine

other fandoms
⤷ the following are fandoms i enjoy but i don't have specific oc x oc ideas for yet and i don't ship anything in them but i think they could make fun roleplays so if you have any suggestions i would be open to hearing them::

mass effect
dungeons & dragons
the walking dead
tokyo ghoul
hunger games
the house in the cerulean sea
lord of the rings
a deadly education / scholomance series
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