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Multiple Settings remiko's plots & plotting (fandom / modern)

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hello! my name is remiko and i'm back with another partner request thread! this is kind of like any other partner request thread, except i have some plots that have been brewing in my mind as a result of my various hyperfixations so if there's any that pique your interest, please message me! even if there are no plots you like but still want to plot, message me!

here are some things about me that i'd really like you to know beforehand!
- i am around 20 years old, so i'm most comfortable with partners over 20.
- i am a college student, so please bear with my schedule! i'll try to post as often as i can but i might go missing sometimes, so feel free to message me after a couple of days if i can't message you about my absence beforehand! i will ALWAYS let you know if i'm not interested in the plot if i stop messaging, so please don't think i've lost interest if i haven't said anything!
- my characters are mostly female or feminine presenting. i struggle a lot with male and male presenting characters so keep that in mind, but i will write them as long as i can write a character i'm comfortable with as well. i'm also accepting of any pairings!
- my preferred ways of writing are pms and discord!
- unless it's a fandom thread, my characters all have realistic faceclaims.
- most of my threads must have a romance element in it, sorry :(

here are some things i'd like from you!
- please post around 2-3+ good sized paragraphs per post. i always post 3+ and it's so much easier replying to actual paragraphs instead of just one-liners.
- i'm alright with ghosting or being away for irl situations, but if you're not interested in the thread anymore, please tell me! i don't want to wait around for you if you're not interested.
- PLEASE help me with making/adding to a plot. i'm pretty indecisive myself, but i can't keep replying to "i don't care" messages. please, it's your thread too!
- fandoms will always be doubling and i won't do canon x canon. i'll do canon x oc or oc x oc but that's all i'll do.

and now, here are the requests and plots i have! i tried to make it as organized as possible, but let me know if you have any questions!
˗ˏˋ genshin impact ˎˊ˗
- i can write as: anyone except klee, qiqi, and diona !
- i'd like to write against: kaeya, albedo, childe, xiao
( any "muse a" can be modified to include doubling! any fandom plot can also be modified to add in your own specific character's story.)

1. muse a is a newer resident to mondstat/liyue. however, they aren't a typical adventurer or traveler. muse a is from a celestial population that spent centuries protecting the planet from the threats in the vast universe. little by little, the space civilization died out as a result of other space races becoming more and more threatening, eventually wiping out muse a's race as a whole. but before they could be taken out, muse a was sent into the planet they once protected as a way to stay safe, which is where they reside now. although, adjusting to a "human" life is difficult. but with tensions rising as the fatui continue to snatch each gnosis from every archon and slowly take over teyvat little by little, maybe the time will come for muse a to use their differences to once again help protect the planet they once looked over.

2. as rare as they once were, dendro (or electro) vision-wielders are becoming more and more common in liyue and mondstat, including muse a. however, the reason why they received such a selective vision remains a mystery. why were they standing out to these archons? what makes them so special? it turns out that muse a has a hidden, special connection to their respective archon, but they're not exactly sure why. they only know that they can feel something bad about to happen and they need to go help. so, they gather their strongest and most reliable friends and head out on an adventure.

˗ˏˋ my hero academia ˎˊ˗
- i can write as: anyone except mineta and bakugo (i just really can't write characters as aggressive and "explosive" as him, i've tried,,,)
- i'd like to write against: hawks, aizawa, tamaki, shoto, izuku, kirishima
1. a scientist by the name of dr. daniel chou is the head of a quirk research center. the center’s latest project includes giving those without quirks a quirk. to test these experiments, dr. chou has gathered a group of students without quirks to be his guinea pigs. the first quirk of his experiment was the eden experiment, given to a third of the test subjects (because in science, you can't stop at one test). the eden experiment is a time illusion-centered quirk, allowing the users of the quirk to manipulate time itself for a short period or just an individual's perception of time. this is done by casting illusions for a person/area/group. illusions are often seen to be using the memories of a person’s happiest moment, or their paradise, hence the name “eden.”
the next experiment for the next third was the "odd eye" experiment, also given to a third of the students. those who succeeded in the odd eye experiment were given a major boost to their mental capabilities, as well as additional mind-powered abilities (like telekinesis, teleportation, and telepathy) to keep them in contention with other powerful quirks.
the last experiment with the last third of the students was the rainbow experiment. those with the rainbow quirk are able to possess any quirk a specific color can give them. for example, reds and oranges would be fire, blue would be ice or water, and so on. it’s an extremely powerful quirk, as each quirk was meant to develop and be more powerful than the last.

to his surprise, dr. chou’s experiment essentially was a success. after many failed tests, he ended up giving quirks to 8 students born without quirks. however, as you might’ve guessed, dr. chou didn’t have good intentions for the results of his experiments. dr. chou was quirkless himself and was holding onto a major grudge for japan and japan’s hero society. he wanted to be a hero like his parents, but he was told he couldn’t because he didn’t have a quirk, as if being a hero to someone required you to have a quirk. furious, he turned to science, which is where the quirk project came into thought and turned into a reality years later.
now with a successful experiment, he now has 8 students at his disposal and plans to use them to take down hero society. but the means of doing so are tough. trying by the easiest means possible, he tested the students to try their hands at various hero courses around japan, to "test the capabilities" of the quirks. the students went through applying for hero courses, going through all exams and physical tests needed. some found themselves in respectable schools, while some just fell short. from then on, dr. chou stopped communicating with the students, as if they were finally free from the experiments. the students were now in the next steps of their lives, making friends in their courses and actually pursuing the career choice they never thought was possible for them.

however, dr. chou was sceming behind the scenes, using his experiment results to go even further, as a curious, mad scientist would. he immediately began working on an even more powerful quirk of his own after the students were sent off. after months of testing, he's done it. he's created a dominative quirk that not only built off the three quirks he tested, but boosted them, making him some powerful evil mastermind scientist. he now had the ability to come after the heroes, now all he needs is his team.
the 8 students ended up going missing, sparking confusion for all of their classmates in all schools. a few days went by, followed by weeks, they still weren't back without any word. what started as "oh, they'll be back soon" turned into "they'll be back, right?"
up until one day, the student(s) missing from ua (i assume this is where it's mainly taking place) appeared at the front doors of the school, nearly passed out from exhaustion. when the student(s) regain their composure, they explain everything, starting from the experiments and ending with how they escaped from dr.chou, trying to find help to get back their still-trapped friends. however, they aren't entirely free. would a power-hungry mastermind actually be dumb enough to let 2 witnesses away for good?

now that word is out, the missing students must fight for their freedom from dr. chou, his research clinic team, and any villains he ended up secretly teaming with, hopefully with the aid of japan’s heroes and upcoming heroes.

2. as a hero in training, it's easy to think you have harder training than someone in a field like singing or dancing. however, when the class of 1-a is given a class of 20 idols in training to represent ua in a school-based idol competition, the upcoming heroes learn that there's a lot more that these kids are up against, including an undercover corrupt management team with eyes to wreak havoc on japan and put a dent in their hero arsenal. along the way navigating between the chaos slowly unfolding, the two classes realize there's a lot to learn from the other class, and maybe they'll actually become close as time goes on?

˗ˏˋ haikyuu! ˎˊ˗
- i can write as: just ask!
- i'd like to write against: yamaguchi, sugawara, akinori (cries), kenma, kuroo
( currently no specific plots! )

˗ˏˋ fruits basket ˎˊ˗
- i can write as: just ask!
- i'd like to write against: kyo, yuki, hatori, kureno
1. in a world where people are possessed by zodiac spirits, it wouldn't be a surprise to find other people possessed by other forces. in this case, it's the elements. 5 people are scattered around the country, each possessing one of the following elements: fire, ice, electricity, air, and earth. however, the possession of the element isn't an easy task; it's mainly a curse in itself. the element alters not only the body, but the mind. upon receiving the element, the owner's personality alters, adapting to element-specific personality traits, whether they be good or bad. the wielder of the element also isn't immune to the element itself, meaning that they and burn themselves alive, freeze themselves, or whatnot with their own element if they aren't careful. so, how do they live with it? the possession is transferrable, meaning they aren't stuck with it for life, and most of the time they weren't even born with it to begin with. however, the transfer process is undeniably painful for the current and new wielder, making it hard to find someone willing to transfer to. this is where it's called a "curse."

one night, the clan sees an outburst in the forest, greeted by nothing but very beaten and bruised (oc/s), with no explanation or evidence on what happened whatsoever. taking them back to treat them, the small clan is now in for the ride that is learning about the elementals and how to work around them. the elemental wielders themselves also have a lot to learn about themselves and how to control their element as well.

plot elements:
- one of the other element wielders is extremely power-hungry and on a quest to seek out the other elements to use for their gain
- this is placed before the zodiac curses are lifted, resulting in the elemental ocs to now be involved in the zodiac family's drama as well.

elemental curse blurbs:
- personality traits reflect the element (ex. fire: impulsive, hot-headed / ice: cold, blunt / electricity: unpredictable, energetic)
- the curse is transferred after two instances of physical contact (1st being an "invitation" and the 2nd triggering the switch), so absolutely no physical contact is allowed,,, this makes simple things like being in public and going to school difficult
- the contact part of the curse excludes animals (this could not include the zodiacs since they are also technically humans so)
- slice of life (plots without a very specific direction are my bread and butter. i love being able to openly plot and change the story as it continues, especially in realistic human settings)
- romance (it doesn't have to be the main focus, but it has to be somewhere in the plot, otherwise i lose interest quickly!)
- sports (i'm most educated on cheerleading, gymnastics, figure skating, and volleyball)
- content creators / streamers (ONLY ocs)
1. a and b are both gaming livestreamers (popularity depends on what you prefer!), and they're in pretty separate social circles, you'd typically never think they'd ever interact. however, a rising trend is a new popular online simulation game, allowing players to create alter egos and essentially live out their lives, whether that is by causing chaos, becoming a crime lord, stopping crime, or just trying to be an average citizen. muse a is a petty criminal that mainly steers clear of larger offenses, while still keeping in the loop with their larger criminal friends. muse b plays a cheeky, more risky criminal that seems to always be getting caught, but they love the thrill of illegal car races, police chases, and doing anything they want, especially all the dumb stuff. where anyone else would consider muse b's character to be a menace, muse a actually likes when she gets to interact with muse b. even much so, they're both on the same page when it comes to their characters having a really good friendship, running along the line of dating on and off, all while muse a and muse b themselves have never actually spoken to each other out of character.

everything goes well for muse a and b's respective characters, and it turns out their live stream audiences like the interactions between the characters as well. however, the two streamers have still never interacted as themselves until (either muse a or muse b) actually ends up making the first move. it turns out that both muses live fairly close to each other and they have a lot in common together. so, they decide to take the chance and actually become friends outside of their game characters. and of course, a romantic relationship also begins to bloom.
- celebrities (only ocs)
- musicians (only ocs - currently have plot ideas - includes kpop)
- traveling
- (definitely a lot more but my brain can't think right now, i'll add more when i think of them hehe)

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