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Fantasy Remainders (A Werewolf RP) (OPEN)

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Action, Adventure, Dystopian, LGTBQ Friendly, Platonic, Realistic, Romance, Super Powers, Supernatural


I got some good memes
Werewolves have been forced to conform to humanity’s ways for centuries, but after their counter part wipes themselves off the earth, they’ve managed to break free of the cruel ruling of humans.

They now exist in peace among the rubble of humans for hundreds of years now, living in nomadic tribes in peace and harmony. Occasionally nearby packs threaten the quiet, but what were to happen if a patrol of wolves came across a human or two? Open their arms in kindness and warmth, or rid themselves of it immediately?

This group RP will follow the experiences of a tribe-like pack of werewolves known by the name of ’Remaining Stars’ and their struggles to survive in their new world. As well as strange encounters with humans that managed to survive the war, one of the humans potentially being a hunter of werewolves. The setting taking place in the Great Plains of North America.

This will contain some mature themes, but nothing sexual or incredibly violent. It will also contain, action, adventure, some lighthearted moments, and potentially romance blooming.

Here’s the rules down below!

•Be kind to others, as well as respectful.

•Please, be reasonable with your characters. Try to make them at least somewhat realistic. No godmodding or controlling other’s characters.

•No killing off of characters (unless with permission of course).

•Do not force a romance or ship onto a character, ask the owner of the character first.

•This RP is open to those of all levels of literacy, as well as brand new members. You don’t have to be super good at roleplaying to join!

•The main RP will take place on RPN, but I will open up a Discord server just for discussion.
Be sure to read this lore page I have up on more information about this roleplay! As well as the roles available! Be sure to message me through a Pm though if you’re potentially interested in an Antagonist role!

(One open! and taken S Shibe )

(Two roles taken Jaellagirl Jaellagirl ) and OGAirbear OGAirbear )

(Three roles available, one taken 5cookie 5cookie )

(One role taken quadraxis201 quadraxis201 )

(One available, one taken eggsaladsandwitch eggsaladsandwitch )

(Four roles available)

(Two roles available, one taken clockpunk clockpunk )

(Four roles available)


(2 roles taken Canidae Canidae and Mikotsuhime Mikotsuhime )

Human Wanderer
(The few humans that remain from the Great War, one role available, one taken Yennie Yennie )​
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The Nineteenth Arcana
Hmm... I'm considering the possibility of being the Delta. I know someone else raised the idea of them taking on this role, so I will wait until they respond, if they do.

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