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I am an angel with devil horns
Nora was surprised to say the least because usually the mentorship of an Iota was not given to people of her age. They were the people who had more life experience and definitely not so fresh on a position. Since she was not sure that she would be aloud to become one Nora had not asked Oak's brother yet.

"Of course I will ask him. Oak still is my first apprentice and not asking his guardian would be a betrayal of the tradition. As of the fighting I am ready now just need to flex a little and then we'll go."

Nora bowed and performed some exercises for warming. By the time she had reached the fighting ground Corvus was waiting her there. When she entered the "arena" a band of Iotas emerged from the crowd.

"Beta Nora! Beta Nora! You can't go up against Alpha Corvus. He is so strong and you said he's a Titan as well."

They looked so concerned and one of them even brought her a spear. This was a simple one. Not nearly as high-tech as Corvus' main weapon, his spear. In the beginning she thought about not taking it but then she considered that she might need all the help she can get. The Alpha had perfected his style quite alot and the flaws he had were hard for her to exploit. After all they had trained their whole youth together and knew about eachother so much that they could fight eyes closed.

"Thank you for your concern little ones but I will be fine I don't think the Alpha would hurt me. Besides no matter what happens you can tell a tale of the brave storyteller who went against the strong Titan"

Nora gave one more smile to the children and assumed her position. It had truly been a long time since they last sparred but she was sure that Corvus was enjoying it as much as she did. The fight began and at first they just circled eachother. Nora was trying to find a weak spot in his defense and attack it. Not the legs, not in torso, arms good, head protected. Then Nora noticed that the environment allowed to have a weaker defense for the back. Just as he faced the tower she threw the spear towards him. It nicked his ear and embedded itself deep into the tower door.

"You missed" she heard.

Not letting herself to be bothered by the comment she focused on the now attacking Alpha. She ducked and attacked. They did this dance for a long time and the crowd was starting to really gather around them. They were both wearing eachother out and the important move needed to be performed soon. She decided to change her tactics and started to attack the legs of him with small nicks here and there.

PS: tell me on discord if I should finish the fight in this post. It just felt really long already.
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mysterious boy
[[yall I'm sorry sorry for being absent , i'll add something short I'm still a bit foggy]]

Mama, omega

"Oh Dakota, such a charmer." Mama chuckled and patted his cheek when he kissed her. "Here's the whole of the head," She grunted as she lifted the head of the boar over to Dakota's side of the counter. "Go buck wild."

Quill, gamma

Quill waited anxious for Doc to return. When he saw him back outside, he immediately when over. "So, wheredya think? Here, right? I mean obviously there's a greater chance that it would be less explored and more possibility of what we're looking for and-" he took a deep breath, speaking very quickly, "but that also poses threats unknown to us like robots from those childhood stories Mama would always tell us or rogue humans or-" He put his hand over his mouth when Vincent gave him a look. "sorry... You already know all that dontcha? I'll just follow you..." He gave a sorry smile.

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mysterious boy
Quill, Gamma : PUSHER POST??

Quill started to hum as the three of them walked along, Jonas, Quill, and Vincent leading the small rag tag search party, for blood. As menacing as that sounded these three were not a menacing bunch. A proper scholarly doctor, a nervous and reserved prophet, and an ecstatic watcher with almost no regard for his role.

The entered the forest and started on their path. As Vincent suggested, Quill went ahead and scouted around a bit to see what he could find. Of course it was all a woodsy path so not much appeared to be threatening. It was still a good middle day time anyways, no night creatures yet; not to mention they were still a reasonable way away from the Fallen Civilisations, so no humans nor creations.

As they went along, Quill seemed to be getting antsy. He kept frequently checking his bag and going off on longer 'side quests' as he claimed. Perhaps he was looking for someone or avoiding being with the group. But in all honesty there was something he wanted to further explore, maybe also hoping he could see his friend 'Pierre' again on the fly. But he sensed no one for miles, so perhaps the map-maker soloist had disappeared further into the woods and away from their territory.

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Corvus immediately took notice in the change of strategy, being quick as to not get jabbed in the leg with her said weapon. A hit from that and Vincent would have to stitch him up once again. He constantly moved his feet, despite looking absolutely ridiculous, shuffling himself around Nora as to constantly prevent her from getting a good aim on his body.

He could feel hot blood running down the side of his face, dripping towards his chin and onto his jacket. Corvus wouldn’t allow the wound to distract him from his goal though, it was a simple knick and tear through the cartilage of his ear.

Once he managed to get enough distance between her, he flipped his spear around, using the opposite end to press against her breastbone, giving a gentle push to knock her off her balance. Corvus took no time to pounce upon her, the sharp end of his spear pointed towards her throat.

“Do you yield?” Corvus grinned through heavy breaths, it had been such an exciting match for him. The first sparring match for him in a couple of weeks.

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I am an angel with devil horns
Her movee were obvious but it gave her a little time to think. This match is not easy and Nora felt that she needed to win or tie at least. Corvus was too on guard and aware of her environment. She had to find a way to get the Alpha into more relaxed state. If Nora was honest with herself Corvus did look funny while she was avoiding her attacks.
Then on false step and she was hit on the chest. The hit did do much to her but it did cause her to fall. Unfortunately for Nora the moment she hit the ground the air desided to exit her lungs and Corvus pounced on top of her. His blade was pointed towards her neck and the Alpha asked her to yield.


She had achieved the task of lowering his guard although not the way she would desire. Now she needed to find the way to improve her current state Nora is not sure that she can win but still gives a try. Blood from the ear wound falls to her chest. Oh that must hurt. Not much but just enough to be her salvation. A mischievous grin reaches Nora's face. She gives a swing and hits it with all the might she can. The pain on the Alpha's face was obvious and she moved fast to get him off of her. Well that didn't go as planned and she pinned again but this time Corvus is positioned differently. Now is Nora's time to shine and she pulls her hand with the knife free and presses it's blade strongly against the upper inner thigh of the Alpha. The knife sits right next to the place where a big artery is near the surface.

"Oh dear Alpha, I think we reached the tie. Next time Corvus don't forget that the fight is not over until one of you gives up. So don't let your guard down" She added jokingly.

She felt good how the whole ordeal went. All things considered she had a knife in a spear fight. Well she for sure needs to take a minute to rest.



The Nineteenth Arcana
Upon returning to the two other wolves, Vincent was immediately bombarded by words as Quill quickly spoke to him. "I... hmm." He responded in mild annoyance, but this faded away when the Gamma realized he was talking a bit too much, and he returned Quill's apologetic smile with one of his own. "Well, Gamma Quill, here's how I see it-- nothing ventured, nothing gained. Sirius will be fine with someone like Omega Aspen keeping his stomach full. He will be a bit weak until I can replace his fluids, but he will not go hungry. I vote that we visit the Southeast ruins." When Quill brought up the idea of robots and humans, Vincent shook his head. "Those two will almost certainly be present, but everything has a weakness." The Delta adopted a combat pose, knife grasped in a backhand manner. "As someone of medicine and anatomy, I happen to know a few... key blood vessels to strike at... should any human decide to try and hunt us. If I'm to be leading this little group of ours, I'll not hesitate to use that knowledge. As for the robots, well..." Vincent returned to his neutral position, placing the knife back in its sheath. "...I will tell you a story along the way. Something to make the trip less boring, right?"

Right as they were about to leave, Vincent received a telepathic apology from Dakota. "It is fine, but... if you need help with getting the door open next time, please ask." He replied.

As the group ventured into the forest, Vincent turned his head toward Quill as they moved along. "They say that as far back as the Middle Ages, there was once a city of iron, high in the snow-capped mountains of the North, a gift to the humans from their deity of Time. While most human villages and cities centered around blacksmithing and mining and other such mundane tasks, this city focused around technology and magic, and from a combination of both came a legion of knights. These "Time Knights", as they came to be called, were animated constructs that were powered by crystals which carried within them souls of departed humans, therefore giving these lost souls new physical forms. I would imagine the robots in these ruins are much more advanced than that, but the point I wish to make is..." Vincent raised a finger. "...these robots must have a power source, something to destroy in order to shut them down. Unless they possess an analog to our crimson lifeblood, they will not bleed, but they can still be killed much the same as us. It will be a bit more difficult, however, but... these things are to be expected, hmm?"

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Doing their best!

Jonah stuck close behind Vincent, eyes attentive, he'd zipping around to inspect every little noise--be it trees shifting, animals calling, or just the wind. Aside from he and Nora's adventure yesterday, he hadn't been out in the woods in such a long time. His survival instincts had waned since joining the pack, but he hoped he wouldn't be one to drag the other two down if they met with any difficulty.

Upon hearing Vincent's story, the Zeta's brows furrowed. He had little to no knowledge about human civilizations, and the concept of human souls inhabiting inorganic bodies was a bit chilling, if he had to be honest.
"These, er, robots..." he started, his voice slightly hoarse. "They'd definitely be antagonistic toward us?" Jonah asked, his head tilted slightly. His previous pack had never spoken about human civilizations before their time, so it was all quite new to him.

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Maginificent murderous mayhem.

Sollus, Rogue, Human Form

Sollus hung in the trees. He'd spent some time scouting and listening in on whatever information he could reach his hearing towards. It was difficult, but he had a small idea of what was going on within the nearby pack. His cloak had been covered with various leaves and saps to mask his scent as he looked about. Unfortunately, this also blocked his own scent, making it difficult to find his target. He was searching for Quill, the Gamma he had met previously. He hadn't the slightest clue where Quill could be, but he hoped that the boy would be traveling nearby at the very least. He hopped the branches to get as close to the camp as he could so that he might find the guard wolf, but he feared he may be out of luck. Still, he waited with even breath as he searched cautiously for his newfound friend.

The city could wait. This seemed... so much more important.

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Tennyson, Sigma

Tennyson watched his superiors spar with a sour taste in his mouth. As competent a fighter as he was, he hated engaging unless absolutely necessary. Whatever Corvus' reason for calling for this test of competency may be, it was important enough for him to leave the camp without anyone on their assigned watch. Of course, early morning wasn't a very likely time to be raided, but it still seemed an unnecessary risk to the sigma. Especially so soon after a hunting party. Tennyson knew there was a trail of fresh blood, horse tracks, and werewolf scent leading from deep within the woods directly to the pack's camp. He knew this because he had been a part of the party that created the trail and because even now, hours later, Tennyson could smell the trail miles into the forest. Sometimes he cursed his power; without it he could be living a simple life as an omega, tending to the horses and gardens, or reading until he ran out of pages. But, there was no point in wishing he was something he wasn't. All it did was cloud his mind and his heart. And so Tennyson watched as Nora whipped around their Alpha and pressed a blade against his thigh, waiting until they finished and the Alpha issued more instructions to the waiting wolves.

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Location: West Watch Tower

Lilah, Omega

Lilah had started awake with the announcement. Though her sleep-clouded brain had struggled for a moment to comprehend the message, she knew whatever it was had to be more exciting than what she had planned for the day, which was to weed the garden and tend to the Iotas. So, the young omega hurriedly put on clothes and rushed out to the west watch tower to watch the commotion. Lilah was sure she looked like an Iota, with her unbrushed hair and an excited look on her face as she skidded into the clearing to see Alpha Corvus engaged in a fight with Beta Nora. Little Oak stood close by with an excited look on his face, and like him, Lilah didn't take her eyes off the pair as she strode over to stand behind the Iotas, the strong tug of familiarity pulling her there without her even really realizing it.

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Location: Her tent on the Northern side of camp, West Watch Tower


mysterious boy
Quill ran along side the other two, meaning that he ran around in circles and weaved through the trees still within shot. When Vincent started telling the story, however, he stayed closer to listen. He could still hear even at further than normal distance, but he didn’t want to be rude.

“That’s crazy... that they had the magics and technologies to do that... They used it for evil and stupid stuff that lead to their own fall. I’ve never seen a robot before. Do they look like the humans? Or are they what they showed in the screen pictures?” He bit his tongue as he said that. He had been out exploring too much he forgot what might not be common knowledge. He had been lucky enough to investigate a human apartment that had been still roughly standing, without any interference. He had stumbled across something that made a horrid noise, and even an uglier picture.

A tv... Well he didn't know what it was called but it had a grey fuzzy screen that crackled and glowed against his fingers. The screen kept flashing with a message about an alert, something he couldn't read. But the pictures matched the descriptions about what he was told of humans and robots. The screen was on a loop of a red [WARNING] sign over an old 1980's film about an experiment about bugs growing too big, giant reptiles emerging from the scene, large metal creatures the size of buildings fighting these abnormal creatures in the middle of an old human city. Quill sat and watched the 13 second loop before an earthquake threatened to bury him in the building along with the light screen.

"You know what? Uhhh Perhaps I should go a bit further ahead and scout out for anything. I haven't done that in a bit. Don't mind me! I won't be long! Just up ahead!" He ran forward, sprinting and leaping through the bramble to get as fast and as far away from the other two as he could. He had no sense of direction, all it was was forward further possibly towards their destination. Nearing five minutes of solid sprinting, he slowed to a stop, spinning in circles as he took in unfamiliar scenery of trees and bushes and birds' songs. Human's inventions could be seen scattered and lost through the bush with foliage over taking them.

Quill approached a thin metal structure with two wheels. Oh, he had seen something like this in cities. He pulled at the rubber, still in tact, then pushed on the metal trigger before a pleasant but rusted brrring echoed through the trees. He chuckled to himself as he pulled his bag forward and started to shuffle through it. Out he pulled was one of his favourite keepsakes he's ever found in a human site. It was in fairly good condition; and it always excited him when he found another to add to his collection. He opened the shatter plastic case to see the faded bright green with pink splotches of color reading [BEST HITS OF THE 70s] across the circle. Whatever that meant. This was one of his favourites. To accompany the brightly coloured disk, he pulled out another metal case with some faded buttons across it. He was able to figure out over time which did what; so he pressed the one that opened the mouth of this humble music robot. He inserted the disc and plugged in the frayed wire before putting the foamed ends to his ears.

At first I was afraid, I was petrified!
Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side...
But then I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong
And I grew strong,
And I learned how to get along!
And so you're back,
From outer space...

I will Survive by Gloria Gaynor filled his ears and his world. The song started out slow as the rust of the thin metal needle woke up to complete his work. He closed his eyes with a huge smile on his face as he reached his hands up with fists and spun. His arms spun while he moved his body to the beat of the chorus. He sung along out of tune and out of rhythm to an old human artifact. But it was his human artifact.

The music was loud enough and the headphones faded enough that the melody could be heard throughout the woods, alluring any listeners to the site of the siren. Of course Quill's horrid voice was curious enough, but it wasn't as pleasant as the other melody heard echoing through the trees.

The world spun as Quill swayed himself to such instruments and strings and to the grace of this woman's voice slowly faded out... Oh... he listened to this disc enough times to know the brilliant sound that followed.

A piano glissando.

Ooh You can dance
You can ji-ive
Having the time of your life, ooh
See that girl
Watch that scene,
Dig in the dancing queen ooh ohhhhh...

Oh this one was contagious!!! Quill jumped and ran around as the old voices of ABBA rung through the forest, the wind carrying the harmonies for kilometres as the little robot played it as loud as he could through the broken speakers. He grabbed the branches of trees and swung around, then grabbed it with his legs and hung upside down, letting the mini speakers fall from his head but the music filling the air nonetheless.

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The Nineteenth Arcana
Vincent allowed his traveling companions to speak before he responded to their questions.

To Jonah, he said, "They very well might be. You know, 'robot' comes from the Czech language. They had a word, 'robota', which was used to mean imposed labor. In that light, a robot can be programmed to do anything without protestation. Dispense goods, lift immensely heavy objects, exercise extreme prejudice in making sure no unfamiliar beings enter a specified area... the possibilities are perhaps endless. There is a good chance, Zeta Jonah, that these robots will not see us as friends. That isn't to say there will not be pacifist ones, though. Some might have had their programming corrupted and may not even care we exist. Even still, I will be on my guard, and you should, too."

To Quill, he turned toward him and said, "There were other reasons for the fall of that city, but that was indeed a partial cause. As for the appearance of these machines, I do not know how these robots will look, but as is the case with their jobs, there are a vast number of possibilities. They might look like humans, or they might not. It will be up to chance, I suppose, that we find the answer to that question ourselves."

When the Gamma announced he was to scout on further ahead, Vincent nodded to him with an "mmm-hm". He produced a piece of deer jerky from the bag that Mama had given to him as per his request, and chewed on it.

Turning back towards Jonah and swallowing his food, Vincent offered him something from the bag for himself. "This is for us to share. Omega Jud-- I mean, Mama, gave it to me as our trip provisions. There is plenty of dried meat for the three of us, and some candied mango as a rather nice bonus. Here, what would you like?"

It was then that Vincent heard Quill's... less than stellar singing. He was mildly annoyed at how off-tune he was, but when he realized the Gamma was singing a human song, Vincent was admittedly interested enough to pay attention to the lyrics, for he had heard that sometimes humans used songs to portray feelings and other such hidden messages. This one in particular, seemed to be about gathering bravery where it once did not exist.

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Maginificent murderous mayhem.

Sollus, Rogue, Human Form/Wolf Form

Sollus had begun a very, very hasty trek towards the city. A straight shot was often dangerous, as that had the most likely chance of an encounter, but he knew he needed to get there quickly. From the little bits and pieces he had overheard just a bit earlier, he could piece together that Quill had run off towards the city in a small group. He couldn't let Quill just show up in the city, there was no way he was ready for whatever was there. He didn't know anything about this other figure he had overheard mentioned from some of the Packmates, but this... Vincent? character seemed unprepared as well. It was always a foolish idea to take someone to human ruins without warning them of the true dangers that lurked there. And he didn't think Quill would just leave there if he were told of its monsters.

He did a quick search of his gear to know what he could make use of while he moved. Knife, bow, some undeveloped technology. He was worried he had forgotten useful tools until he reached into a pocket and found a flare gun. He had figured out its use some time ago due to some... incidents, and he understood its use already. It only had a single flare in it, but it could prove useful at some point. He'd have to hope that the nearby ruins had some items to collect. He pushed the thought of scarcity from his mind and continued on his path. As he passed a tree, he morphed into his wolf form almost instantly in order to further push his speed. His senses kicked in as he searched for a sound or scent that might be familiar.

After some time, he picked something up. The distant sound of music. He hurried towards it but was cautious all the same. Even if this was Quill, there was a good chance his packmates could be nearby. Unfortunately, he was too caught up in the worry and excitement to focus in on other scents approaching.

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