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  1. I used to be very active, but fell off the site about 3 years ago due to getting engaged. That didn't work out, and here I am. I wanted to get back into flexing my creativity and writing more.

    I'm 25, male, and I love almost all genres but Modern and Fantasy are my favorite, though I'm interested in dabbling in futuristic settings. I love to roleplay men, I'm not so good at roleplaying women, but I tend to prefer heteroflexible characters where it suits them.

    I would love to get involved with an active group, and I intend to be very active. I'm a detailed and creative writer, so my posts will always be quality and well thought out.

    Beyond excited to be back though.
  2. Oh hey a person I've never seen before....
    Welcome back to RPN, I guess.
    Have fun.
    *welcome back hugs*
  3. Welcome back to RPN!! I am the Mechanist! The hero of the commonwealth and of RPN!! There are Tons of RP's to join, and even more people to RP with, myself included ^D^ We've got all kinds ranging from modern to medieval to futuristic. I myself am prone to fantasy, medieval or futuristic rp's, and I am a sucker for romance and a good love story. Trust me when I say we almost have it all!! Feel free to help yourself to the cookies and punch at the table.
  4. @BarkWolfBacon

    Welcome back, Puddin'. I'm sorry about your engagement not working out. Anyway, I have a welcome back present for you.

    *Gives you a basket full of kittens*
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  5. *proceeds to lie on floor and become kitten play ground*
    Life is good
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    I'm a sucker for kitties.
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  8. Welcome back fren, from the local panda/otter/octopus enthusiast!
    Hopefully you find everything you're looking for! I myself can usually be found lurking around the fantasy forums, general chat areas, and (of course) the discord chat :3 feel free to come say hi any time if you have any questions ^D^
  9. Hello! Welcome back, ill probably be seeing more of you in the Realistic/Modern section. That's where I'll be spending most of my time! Now let me pet some of the kitties xD
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  10. Welcome back!
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  11. BARKS! BARKS! BARKS! Holy crap, we've missed you, man! You've been gone so long, the old group was starting to wonder if you just stopped existing one day XD Can't wait for you to jump back into action, your RPs and characters were the thing! You know, the thing? Yeah that thing! I'm sure you understand. It's been pretty on and off active in our group and lost of things have changed around the site, but we'll be glad to welcome you right back in.

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