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Fantasy Regulus (Always Accepting)

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural

The power to rule the world though may be rare has existed time and time again in this world. The crests seemed to be inspired by that power. Whether it is by chance or by choice those who inherit the crests have the potential to rule the entire world.

A crest is a symbol of great power that are possessed by those who are chosen or those who take its power, these individuals are known as Reguli. When someone dies their crest will vanish if they didn’t pass or have it transferred in time, that crest will eventually reappear on a new host. Each crest is unique with its own name, abilities, and sub crests.

A crest’s most important power comes in what they do for subordinates. Crests are able to bestow sub crests which contain abilities and equipment derived from the crest onto subordinates. The Regulus is able to manage the development and evolution of sub crests using their crest. Crests can also devour supernatural essences such as remains of supernatural creatures towards being incorporated into the development of sub crests.

Although these sub crests are withdrawn to the crest when someone loses their crest. A sub crest’s potential increases the strong a Household Member’s bond with their leader is and a sub crest will weaken when begins to lose faith in their Regulus, if one has intention or takes action with negative intentions towards their leader such as betrayal their sub crest will automatically be lost.

Known Crests:

Dragon Emperor (Unknown) (Sold Neuro Vampire Neuro Vampire )

  • Dragon Emperor’s Longinus - Dragon Slaying Spear
  • Right Arm of the Dragon Slayer, Left Arm of the Dragon Tamer -
  • White Wyvern - Pet Wyvern
  • Wyrm Sunder (Sold Soviet Panda Soviet Panda ) - Dragon Slaying Great Sword
Flame Monarch (Unknown) (Sold Malice Queen Malice Queen )

  • King Firebird - Transform into a Garuda like creature
  • Flames of Rebirth - Flames that heal and can restore one from the brink of death (Sold A guy called Lake A guy called Lake )
  • Black Inferno - Black Flames that even burn other flames (Sold RedLeftHand36 RedLeftHand36 )
King of Magic (Solomon) (Sold Diphylleia grayi Diphylleia grayi )

  • Fission ( Dovinique Dovinique ) - Splits one into an angel and demon
  • Holy Demonic Sword
  • Left Arm of the Demon, Right Arm fo the Angel
King of Knights (King Arthur)

  • Ex Caliburn - Anti Magic Sword
  • Carnwall - Shield Hero
  • Lys Argentum - Night Creature Slaying Sword

The world is medieval/ancient times fantasy of blades, magic, and monsters. Sightings of Gods, Angels, and the like are not out of the ordinary. The world is one in which if isn’t Demons, Monsters, or other such evil beings then the humans are fighting each other. Humans are the dominant race but depending on which nation one can see things like Elves and such which would be no more out of place than a human in human city.

Known Continents:

Nord (Norse)

Assiah (Shinto)

Jade (Chinese)

Carolina (French, Spanish, British/Arthurian)

Ulster (Irish)

Pax (Greco-Roman)

Martya (Hindu)

Samsara (Buddhist)

Western Region

Ulster and Carolina make up the western side of the world. They’re medieval European continents full of forests, mountains, and seas that empty into the oceans. All three lands are full of knights and castles but also house some barbarian tribes as well as all manner of creature. Most of all are the western dragons and their kin such as the wyverns. Carolina houses hidden communities of elves, druids, faeries, and the like as well as the rumored paradise Avalon. Carolina actually has a desert empire, Aridia, which is a site of perpetual conflict. Carolina has a movement of crusaders who sees the Empire of Aridia as their mortal enemy. The inhabitants of Aridia aren’t weak yet refuse the invade the rest of Carolina, therefore there is always constant conflict because neither side finishes off the other. Ulster has a lot of barbarian tribes problems and in addition deals with a lot of infighting and civil wars between nobility on the continent despite their being a central power. Outside of that is their ongoing conflict against a race of seafaring giants who had come from Nord but eventually made their way into raising hell in the mainland of Ulster from its islands.

Northern Region

Nord is the Northern part of the world and easily the largest continent. Wandering the surface most would only find seven kingdoms because one kingdoms is underneath the other and the one kingdoms is above another. Elves, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Humans, and Jotunns are the normal citizens of the continent. Various race of creatures can be found throughout. Despite being the north only two of the 9 kingdoms are perpetually in winter. Most important is the Yggdrasil which a tree that holds the continent together. There’s many things the Yggdrasil does for the continent but should the tree die, the continent would be destroyed completely.

Eastern Region

Jade and Assiah are the eastern side of the world. They have varied landscapes and are oriental style regions. Humans are the standard citizens here but all manner of creature can be found in these places. Both continents are ruled by Emperors who may from time to time go to war with each other. Though normally each continent has its share of evils to deal with often enough.

Southern Region

Martya and Samsara are the south, they somewhat take after Jade and Assiah. These continents have much more desert than Jade and Assiah, the jungles are even more vicious here. Humans are the typical citizens here. In regards to intercontinental relations, they probably the most peaceful nations out there. That’s probably due to a constant needs to take care of domestic evils.

Central Region

Pax sits at the heart of the world. Known for its year round perfect weather and it’s many islands spring the mainland. The continent is all under one banner. Humans are the typical citizens here. This is probably the most aggressive continent that despite domestic threats it like to poke and prod at the other continents quite a bit.

About The Roleplay

This roleplay will be both story and character driven, I will do my best to utilize character backstories and storylines to influence or play into the main story. I am open to plot ideas as well, so if the light bulb goes off don’t be afraid to share your idea. As for playable characters Gods and that class of entity aren’t playable. PM me if you’re character would like to have one of the 4 known Crests. As far as Crests go I won’t be accepting any outside of the known 4 at the start but I am open to working out the creation or revelation of a new crest later on in the roleplay. Reservations can be made for sub crests as well but you can come up with your sub crest idea as well.

Character Sheet:Fantasy - Regulus CS
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... samantha?
Aaah the crests reminds me of Fire Emblem a little and I love it~ The True Alpha crest looks super interesting tbh~

I am assuming the characters will all gather in one spot and move from there or is it more of an open world exploration kind of thing?
It’s more of an open world and every ties into the main story. The story will be confronting the players and elements of the main story will come from the player character’s histories and what not themselves.


Keeper of HUZAHs
I may be interested in King of Magic if I could take it in an unorthodox direction. No promises, but my interest is piqued.
I may be interested in King of Magic if I could take it in an unorthodox direction. No promises, but my interest is piqued.
PM me

I am surprised no one has declared for any of the sub crests but then again they prob have their own ideas for sub crests

A guy called Lake

Fresh Meat
Im surprised no one has declared for any of the sub crests but then again they prob have their own ideas for sub crests
I'll fix that if you don't mind.

I'm calling dibs on the flames of rebirth, based on context that sub-crest means either a fiery healer or a even more fierce suicide trooper.

I'm fine with either really.


forbidden maiden
Whoopsie I forgot to claim sub crest xD
Do you mind explaining more about Fission, what do you mean by 'split'?
I just don't wanna misunderstand it ^^


forbidden maiden
One character splits into a angel and demon version of themselves
So, there will be two characters that will be played, the angel and demon version?
Or... I can change myself into angel OR demon, so just one version at a time? Sorry for asking too much >.<
Neuro Vampire Neuro Vampire Actually would you mind if I changed my crest to the sub-crest Canis Titanus? I basically have a character idea for that one haha
Not at all

So, there will be two characters that will be played, the angel and demon version?
Or... I can change myself into angel OR demon, so just one version at a time? Sorry for asking too much >.<
They go from being one person and split into two at the activation of the sub crest ability. When it’s over they revert to being one person.


... samantha?
I will get my character sheet done eventually haha
All my 1x1 partners are busy RPing so I can't make the character sheet quite yet hahah
I am surprised to no claims at all for the King of Knights Household, I might claim the King of Knights myself if no one wants it.

Hubub101 Hubub101 still awaiting your pm to reserve King of Magic for you


Keeper of HUZAHs
My apologies, I think I'll be passing on this. Interesting it may be, the crest system as it is described seems a little out of my element. I do wish the best for this though!

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