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Discussion in 'Dice Out Of Character Chat' started by KodomoYamiya, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Room for another player?
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  2. come on in, we haven't started yet, so i think it's alright.
  3. Nobody is posting here so far so I guess i'll start off the CS tab with my character.... say hello to Chester everyone :^)
  4. You don't happen to have room for another player do you?
  5. Hello Chester!
  6. sorry, but i think we have enough. I'll call you first if someone drops out though!
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  7. You know what, I'll drop out. @Shazam can take my place. I should proably not make decsions when I am this tired.
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  8. alright then, @Shazam welcome to the party!
  9. So what's the status on this campaign? Looks inactive, did it die?
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  10. i'm not sure...
  11. Rip, was looking forward to a DnD campaign :closedeyescryingfrown:
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  12. This was only made a few days ago. It's a bit premature to start speculating its death.
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  13. Well you haven't posted a character and no one else has said anything in this thread. I guess that's true but it's worrying.
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  14. just in case you can join again, if you want...
  15. I gave my place to @Shazam and, again, it's too early to start worrying.
    If I can get a character sheet out before everyone else does, then sure. What do you think of a Chaotic Evil Half-Orc Wizard who convinced he's part of another race's and was raised by a terrifyingly powerful mother who also believes that her 'son' is part of her race? Possibly also with an overworked father who is too in-love/scared of his wife (probably both) to say anything?

    You should probably post a link to the CS thread.
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  16. already have, it's in the original thread starting thing, and i will accept that, sounds interesting.
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    Oh yeah. I do think you should mention everyone again incase they haven't followed the thread.

    So what race do you think his 'mom' should be apart off? She is wizard and hopefully will be part of a noblity.
  18. What levels should we start the characters at. @KodomoYamiya
  19. level 1
  20. Got it im making a cleric character today.
  21. We already have a cleric.
  22. Yeah it sucks when that happens.
  23. Im trying to find a good support class. Someone who is terrible at combat but can still help the party in other ways.

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