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Multiple Settings Redd's Search Thread! {Now Fancy & Updated}

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Action, Adventure, Anime, LGTBQ Friendly, Multiverse, Mystery, Romance, Star Wars



  • Current Roleplay status:

    ⭕ Actively Searching
    ✅ Not actively searching, but not opposed to requests c:
    ⭕ My plate is full - try again later!
    ⭕ Not currently roleplaying

    Biggest Fandom Roleplay Craving: Gotham, Guardians of the Galaxy, My Hero Academia AU
    Biggest Original Roleplay Craving: Mafia Harem

    I'll try to update this regularly! Most recent: Feb 18th, 1:21pm

    Please send me a PM if interested! I don’t usually respond to comments c:

    Shout out to Toacho for letting me style off her thread set up which is so very nice!
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