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Winter Kakyoin

"I could've saved them... I really could've..."
"Ah, what a night this is going to be..." Tonight was a very special night for a certain, well-known coven named, The Renwick Coven. On this cool, full mooned night, they were going to recruiting new members for the coven. This was a special event that only happened once every ten years, so other vampires who wanted to join had to take the chance that night, or they'd have to wait another ten years. Only exceptions? Badly hurt or ill vampires.

The female voice that was heard before? That voice belongs to none other than a higher-ranking vampire, named Raven Renwick. She had been sitting in one of the window sills on the third floor of Renwick Asylum, staring out into the dark, cold, spooky night. She seemed to be distracted, as if she was waiting on something, or someone. She was mainly waiting on the new recruits, wanting to make at least a friend, or maybe more. She had been loveless for 150 years, and she really wanted to change that at some point.

Standing next to where Raven sat in the window sill was one of the coven leaders, Astaroth. He had his hands clasped behind his back, looking out the Asylum window over Raven's shoulder. "Do you think tonight will go well?" He asked, his German accent being mild as he spoke. He moved one hand up to the girl's shoulder, squeezing it lightly to pull her out of her daze.

Raven stayed froze for only a second longer, not coming to her senses for a few moments. She had been deep in thought, obviously. Finally, she spoke, her Italian accent being only slightly notable, "Astar... Do you think I'll finally be able to love someone?" She asked, answering his question with another question. It was obvious that finding love was pretty much impossible for her, and it really stressed her out, and upset her.

Astaroth let a sad sigh leave him, his fingers only squeezing Raven's shoulder again, this time, in a comforting way, "Raven, my dear. I am sure that you will. You might just have to give it more time..." He was trying to be a neutering as possible, but... He had to admit, 150 years was way to long, and he knew that Raven felt lonely, and sad. "Would you like some wine while we wait, or anything else?"

Hearing Astaroth, Raven shook her head a little, leaning back into the male's arm, "I'm alright... Thank you though..." The two continued to wait, hoping that maybe, someone would show up soon... The Asylum was large, being 5 stories tall and cover more than 130 acres of land. It was hard to miss, so hopefully, their offer of joint would be fulfilled soon...

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