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Everyone's fighting some battle of their own.
Hey there, everyone!

So, I tried this once before and nearly got overwhelmed by how many people ended up doing some fairly weird RPs with me in conversations. I'm trying yet again with basically a copy and paste of my previous thread to try and garner more interest. Again, I've gotten to another point in my life where I have a lot of free time and I would love to get involved in more RPs. If anyone knows a RP that seems to align with my interests, feel free to PM me a link to that RP on this website.

Okay, so my interests are really varied and I can honestly go with just about any RP setting you can think of. The only school setting I'll agree to do is one at a college / university setting. It could be a study abroad or something else, but I won't do younger than college age for that. And I'm really a far cry from a history buff, so if you want to do something historical then you'll probably have to provide me with the information about the setting and characters because I likely won't know what's going on or, well, care a lot about the finer details. My favorite kinds of RPs are ones that have a hint of dystopia to them and involve some kind of magic or fantasy element. I'm not a furry IRL, but I do obsess a lot about writing as an anthro character. I totally understand that not everyone is cool with that sorta thing, so I can easily write normal humans, too. Or magical humans. Y'know, w/e.

One big problem I have with RPing 1x1 is I tend to not be the best at coming up with an intricate plot to last us a long time. I can come up with an overall plot for us to follow and then make up little things along the way, but it can be very hard for me to continue a story if I'm the only one adding to it. RPing with me has to be a collaborative effort on the plot as well.

Oh, and the "platonic" thing for me doesn't mean I'm 100% against romance. I just don't want anything remotely sexualized (I'm asexual IRL). So like, we can still have cutsy romantic scenes and cheesy stuff going on, but I'm not really going to be keen about our characters making out or really doing anything more than a quick kiss. I know the website has the whole "fade to black" deal for handling intense romance scenes, but I don't even want to get close to having to do that in any RPs.

In terms of RPing length, I do prefer writing extensive responses and really exploring the settings for each scene. If you don't normally write for detailed RPs, then we may have a hard time working together. I'm not expecting paragraphs for a response, but I do want more than just one sentence and some attention to detail.

One last thing, I will be aiming to RP as a young adult character being in their 20s and would like to keep ages in that range. We can always introduce NPCs in the RP of different ages and whatnot, but I want the main characters to stick to that age range and be within 8 years of each other. It's like a pet peeve of mine, but a big age difference kinda weirds me out. >.<

And for the sake of clarifying specific themes and settings I'm okay with, I'll compile a list here:

- Slice of Life
- Platonic Romance
- Adventure
- Action
- Fantasy
- Sci-Fi
- Anime (nothing too ridiculous, though)
- Alternate Universe
- Cyberpunk
- Horror
- LGBTQ (for those who care about this at all, I'm biromantic, which means I swing both ways for gender preference and I don't want anything to do with sexual encounters - yes, even including making out)

- College/University, Study Abroad
- X-Men
- Superheroes
- Dystopia
- Apocalypse
- Military (I'm currently in the US Army National Guard)
- Fallen Angel Concepts or Angel situations in general (think the Lucifer TV show or Angelfall book series)
- Space Adventure
- D&D kind of settings (so many options here)
- Animal-only worlds

Specific Interests
- I did get a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, so I love touching on mental health concerns, but let's not drown in purely negative energy, okay?
- Again, I'm in the US Army National Guard, so I'm all for doing military-esque RPs if you want to do that, but expect me to be really nitpicky if you're going off of Hollywood's version of the military. XD
- Really, I could do D&D stuff all day, every day, so we could always do a 1x1 D&D game if you really want to. I don't DM, though.
- I really do love anthro characters in general, so I will play one so long as you're okay with it.


Hey we could do a roleplay together. I am new but I think I know how this works. I like College/university stuff with action and adventure and a bit of romance but I can cut out the romance part if you don't want. I could really do anything tbh.


Everyone's fighting some battle of their own.
Hey we could do a roleplay together. I am new but I think I know how this works. I like College/university stuff with action and adventure and a bit of romance but I can cut out the romance part if you don't want. I could really do anything tbh.
Oof, I’m so sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Notifications are notoriously broken on here. Some advice from a veteran on this site, always tag people by using the “@“ symbols and then typing out their username. Tends to help bypass that problem.

Anyways, onto more important matters...I’m pleased to hear you’re interested. ^^ If you’re new, I suspect you have those restrictions on sending someone a PM? If not, discussing details in a PM is certainly preferred. At the very least, I don’t want to bog down this thread with discussions per say.

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