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Multiple Settings Reclaiming the New World | Feudal, Post-apocalyptic Fantasy Colonialism


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Reclaiming the New World
Old New World 2023-02-03-22-23 (1).jpeg

After the brief period of stability that came once most of the old worlds land was conquered and the multitude of pathways to new worlds in that old world had been dealt with (whatever form that happened to take), the mighty nations looked to the new discoveries across the great oceans. This 'New World' said to be the harbinger of the Zenith, the garden of Eden and everything in-between. While these nations knew little of what was truly held in this great landmass, they believed their answers could be found there... some more then others.

The New World was well known to exist, too many documents recovered that were written before the Schism referenced it for there to be any doubt. But the real question was how to get there. That was answered 38 years ago by the Great Explorer Clément Girardot. Upon his return to the rulers of Europe he told tales of its mystique, its wonder and its wild and unconquered landscapes. While Girardot did, as far as anyone could tell, discover the lands to the west, he didn't explore them. He really knew nothing of the true riches that could await any nation that successfully colonized this new land and the Dangers it held within its hulking landmass. It wasn't until 2 years ago, when the merchant Cole MacManus returned with a ship laden in raw Skisia, a rare mineral (at least in the old world) with powerful capabilities, that the powerful nations of the world began to really take notice.

The first attempts at colonizing began that very year, though nothing was ever heard from these early attempts. Now, however, much of the old world has taken notice and sent its own attempts to tame the newly discovered landmass. This is where we find ourselves. You are the leader of one such attempt and your home nation is expecting riches to flow from your ports and into their coffers. Will you conquer this great land for your liege, perhaps even for yourself declaring your own nation... or will you fade into obscurity like the attempts before you that failed quietly into the night.

As long as theirs more land to claim and adventures to undertake, new Colonies may arise where old ones fell
(AKA, new players are welcome to join if the RP at any time, unless the RP is dead)
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General Deth Glitch

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Deal with Events in DM/Discord, after which you will get to start your colony... if you survive.
events can safely be ignored, others, cannot. Which is which?
Thats my little secret for me.

The colony found sure footing in its new land. You find a convenient preschism jetty in surprisingly good condition that you use to dock your ship too. As the colony begins unloading its ships a young man jogs up to the group. He speaks a broken form of Spanish that you don't find too difficult to understand. "Where you from? The Komanyi would like to speak with you. We have heard tale of far travelers before but not for many years. Are you they?" he says, hoping you understand him. He is dressed in what appears to be some form of leather skirt around his waist and a necklace with some feathers around his neck.

As you sail up the river you find yourself on, you see a remarkably clean, yet clearly preschism, fortress up the river in the distance. It is then that you hear, screaming from the distance like some voice of god. "HALT. You are entering restricted waters. Turn around and be about your business or be fired upon. We have the superior firepower." before you hear what sounds like a cannon being fired and watch as something flies up from the fortress and flies over your heads to the water behind you, where it splashes down.

You find yourself aproaching a ruined City. Clearly once a place of great power before the Zenith and the buildings seem to reach for the heavens, though many of them appear to have failed and are tattered and broken, falling about them, damaged and worn. As you are sailing toward this great sight, a ship approaches with a flag, with an emblem you quickly realize is capturing a huge statue of a woman that you can see behind them as they approach you. You can see the ship is clearly armed for war and it slows as it approaches. You see a man on the deck waving a pair of odd flags, clearly a message though what its trying to convey you can't tell as you hear their faint shouting in the distance, being carried away from you by the winds.

Sailing up you see the usual ruins of the world before, such ruins are scattered about ad infinitum in the world you know and it seems they are just as common here though many seem uncharacteristically well maintained. You notice the night before as you approach the continent that the night appears to be lit up in the distance. Some powerful lights seem to illuminate the sky, but the next morning, as you sail up the large bay, you see no sign of them. You eventually see a large city in the distance with all the usual scatterings of ruins and spot one of the many peninsula's jutting out just before it, where you pull up and end up beaching your boat. You also feel like you are being watched though see no signs of who or what it could be.

You approach the coastline, while there are the odd ruins you know, it appears mostly uninhabited. While you are used to some areas of forest, only such regions as Siberia seem to have this much nature for so little inhabitation. As you find yourself on what looks like a near empty coastline with only some ruins nearby you wonder if this new land is all its set up to be when you think you see something in the forest beyond the beach, but you simple can't be sure.

As you approach the coast which could only really be described as fractal, you see a pair of ships approaching from opposing directions, though it seems they bare the same flag, A Blue flag, with a yellow ring with white within that ring. From what you can tell they are warships and are approaching fast.

As you arrive in this new world you find it not at all as described. How could no one have mentioned this beautiful beach that seemed to stretch off to the horizon in either direction, near perfectly straight? Not the decidious forests that were described as 'much like those in Gallia, Albion and Hansa' but it was still striking. As you approach the shore you see a horse on the beach in the distance. A rider atop it, merely watching and observing you from a very safe distance.

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