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If you want to make a brother/sister/significant other/family member of Skye's, run it by me first. Otherwise, how your character knows Skye, and if/how they know the other characters is up to you. Their relationship with the former is more important than the latter when it comes to acceptance, just fyi.

Age (20+)
Gender + Pronouns
Orientation (if you want - I doubt this will matter much)
Appearance (Realistic pics only)
(other appearance things would go here, i.e. height, weight, build...)

Personality (1-2 paragraphs - no bullet points!)
Vices/Virtues (bullet points here is fine)
Fears/Goals (personal goals, beyond finding Skye)
Phobias/Triggers (feel free to put your triggers here too)

Backstory (1-2 paragraphs - This will also be your writing sample)
Current living accommodations (dorm? apartment? with parents?)
Relation to Skye (in case the backstory didn't make it obvious)
(also feel free to put relations to other characters here if you want to)


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Let me know if this isn’t up to par, or is too weird. :33:

Name: Blair Appleby
Age: 24
Gender + Pronouns: She, her
Orientation: Heterosexual
Weight: 150lbs
Height: 5’6”

Summed up, Blair is a headstrong, persuasive and unapologetic individual. As an only child, raised by a silver spoon, she doesn’t know what it’s like to struggle and, thanks to her upbringing, she’s not one to trust easily, if at all. Blair also tends to be on the snobbier side of humor and is used to getting what she wants — when she doesn’t, she becomes even more stubborn and tends to throw tantrums. Her everyday philosophy is that everyone has a price.

Blair is a sucker for the material world, and enjoys the finer things in life: top shelf champagne, the best filet that money can buy. Making people do random things for money. Money has never been a question.

Those those that have made their way into her inner circle will find she’s reliable, protective and independent.

Blair has simple goals, just like any normal adult... maintain a C average, stay in daddy’s good graces, stay clean and don’t sleep with the pool boy. She fears being taken out of her inheritance and ending up like her late mother; just another trust fund princess turned martyr.

Extreme fear of needles, due to chance of relapse
Fear of kidnapping/torture scenarios for her riches
Trigger: rape/molestation in said kidnapping scenario

Blair’s story is a tired and overused one; spoiled heiress that people befriended for status, money and favors. She had to learn early to trust no one, because people will eat you alive for a little cash. That isn’t to say she’d always been skeptic. She grew up as an only child and for the most part, had an optimistic upbringing. Mom and dad seemed happy, the money was clean and living way easy. They had a summer villa and owned the lake nearby. Life was good...

But suddenly, at age 13, she found her mother one day, sprawled on the bathroom floor... she had overdosed on cocaine. Something that happens more often in rich families that the world tends to think. At that young, vulnerable age, Blair learned then that society didn’t think much of her or her family. Nasty rumors spread about her family, about affairs. Rumors spread about Blair, that she would end up just like her late mother.

So. She spiraled. Blair turned to drugs, whatever she could get her hands on. Cocaine, heroine. You name it. If society thought this much of her, she couldn’t disappoint. She was on the brink of self-destruction when she met Skye in college, who gave her the tough love she needed and brought her back to reality, a clean, sober reality. Blair is 6 years sober, thanks to Skye.

Current living accommodations: Lake house / summer villa that she lets her friends stay in with her if they need to, or want to get away. And the family’s main estate.

Relation to Skye: Friend/support/sponsor
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Name: Fabian Lester
Age: 25
Gender & Pronouns: Male (He/Him)
Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 5'9 (1.80 m)
Weight: 163 lbs (74 kg)
Vices & Virtues:
Goals & Fears:
Phobias & Triggers:
Relationship to Skye:
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Abigail Brillions

Age: Twenty-three:
Gender: Female:
Pronouns: She/Her:
Orientation: Bisexual (Leans slightly towards girls):
Height: 5'7 ft (174 cm):
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg):
Vices/Virtues: WIP:
Fears and Goals: WIP:
Likes: WIP:
Dislikes: WIP:
Strengths: WIP:
Weaknesses: WIP:
Phobias and Triggers: WIP:
Personality: WIP
History: WIP
Relation to Skye: WIP
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