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Multiple Settings ready set | character driven | scifi, modern, naruto, dc, more

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tired and busy 26 year old female
works a lot so can be a slow replier
so ooc chatter between replies helps
all pairings but generally prefers m//
plays multiple characters but doesn't believe in concept of "doubling"
i have discord and gmail too
will update this as i fancy!

ideally 21+
someone who can be patient with me
interesting plots, ideas, characters
a roleplay I can nerd out over
compelling character driven stories
looking for one or two roleplays
even if we don't rp, down to chat too!
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  • Bad blood, betrayal, broken pedestals, adrenaline junkies, warmth in cold places, complicated histories, impossible choices, love across galaxies
  • Mercenaries and security companies, special task forces, undercover operatives, bounty hunters, coming home from war, etc
  • I love the Mass Effect world but am also down to hash up a world based off the likes of Alita, Anthem, Shadowrun, and Gattaca to name a few
  • A roleplay exploring body horror, cybernetic augmentation, and selective eugenics
    • 1 Corinthians 6:19: Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.
  • Witchcraft, rituals, old gods, psychopathic vampires, magic tattoos
  • Not really sure what I'm looking for here, to be honest
  • Brain child original characters
    • A tired face stealer who takes in the memory of his victims and wonders just how much of his self is still left
    • A vampire pining after a dead human who was just as monstrous as the worst of his kind
    • An old god who lives in a world that no longer believes in him
  • Two characters at similar or very different stages of celebrity as they navigate fame, expectation, and the intersection of their careers and personal lives
  • Example character concepts
    • A singer who finds himself at the crossroads of his career
    • An actor who is battling the path that the industry has dictated for him
    • An industry veteran who finds himself mentoring -- and becoming close -- to an upstart
  • Mostly interested in original character driven stories over exploration and planetary globetrotting
  • For OCs, something involving Spectres, Cabal Vanguard, mercenaries and security companies, etc
  • Depending on plot, may be interested in playing Avitus, Macen, Saren, Nihlus
  • Mostly interested in original character driven roleplays focusing on interpersonal dynamics, politics, the resilience of the human spirit, and the psychological ramifications of war
  • Time periods: Warring States Period, Third Ninja War, early Shippuden
  • Interested in exploring these time periods with original characters struggling with a life defined by self-sacrifice and war
  • Exploring the Uchiha / Senju conflict
  • Might be interested in playing Tobirama (he's so boss) or Sasori in something exploratory and character focused with the right plot...Maybe even Sasuke?
  • Not exactly sure what I’d be looking for, but mostly original characters that take advantage of the extensive lore that the games have created
  • Expanding on Fenris and Sebastian's esoteric rapport -- Fenris takes Sebastian up on his offer to go to Starkhaven to become a trainer
  • Fenris finding reasons to live outside of Hawke after the events of Kirkwall
  • Interested in exploring AUs and street level focused plots
  • Characters I play:
    • Batfamily – Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon
    • Others – Oceanmaster, Deathstroke, Constantine, Billy Batson
  • Currently watching Doom Patrol!
  • Always feel free to suggest to me. I know other fandoms and love other genres but I wanted to be more concise and focused with this search instead of word vomiting everywhere
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Bike Snob
Oh by the gods, yes! I’ve been playing Anthem wondering if I should pursue it as a RP.
Yeahhh, I loved that Anthem - Conviction live action trailer they did, especially the interceptor and storm fighting in mid air. Javelins flying around in such a lush world is somehow so compelling to me.

Though, I'm still not super familiar with the lore and definitely chose the wrong Javelin for my playstyle though haha.


Extremely Bored Panda
So, I love Mass Effect so much but Anthem has also consumed me and I've been thinking about doing an RP there ... and I also love Naruto and was looking around for something to do in that a while back as well. Currently, I'm more interested in ME and Anthem, personally, but I'd be down to mess around in Naruto's world, too, if you wanted to do more than one :3


To stay alive you've got to kill your mind.
Heyyo I’m Meeps, I’m 22 and I can totally identify with what you said you were looking for in a rp partner:3
Sooo, would you wanna write some batfamily story? I don’t really care much about the plot, I just love their family dynamics xD


Junior Member
I would also be interested in a DC story, though I don’t particularly like using canon characters in my rps. If you wouldn’t mind making an OC, even one that’s solely based on a Batfamily member (we can just say they passed on the mantle to your character), let me know and we can do a plot.

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