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Fantasy Re:Incarnate CS

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what would you do if given another chance?


General Character rules
  1. no giant creatures
  2. characters must have a tangible body that can die
  3. characters must have a consciousness and at least some capacity for emotion/desire. If they normally do not, the goddess will grant them this ability.
  4. no immortality that renders a character immune from death
  5. no instant kill abilities
  6. no true invincibility
  7. no long range teleportation
  8. no mind control powers
  9. no world ending stuff
  10. time control is banned
  11. future sight is banned
  12. no angels allowed.
  13. your power is always beneath the gods.
  14. No permanent copying of powers
  15. No infinite scaling of magic power, strength, stamina, etc.
> if you wanted your character to have any of the above, you can simply add flavour to them by stating that these powers have been locked away by the powers of Mother Mercy. You wont get them back, but the character can be salty about it... maybe even relieved.
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*hit the 'reply' button to find and copy the code!*Basic CS template. Feel free to use your own style, so long as everything is included. Extra details can be added if you wish.CS Template

  • overviewAppearance: (picture required. Description optional)
    cause of death:
    archetype: (a fancy title that sums up your character)
    theme (optional):
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Sarah Christin-Landale

  • OverviewAppearance:
    Some wrinkles.PNG

    Name: Sarah Christin-Landale
    Age: 70's (appears to be 40)
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Cause of death: Battle against a hostile god that ended in mutual death.
    Archetype: Spellblade
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Grossly Incandescent


Height: 7’1 (From mutation)

Name: Tyberius Kras

Nickname: Kras

Age: 86 (Mutations causes his life expectancy to increase and his youth is retained)

Species: Mutated Human

Gender: Male

Cause of death: Bleeding out from multiple wounds

Archetype: Alchemical Warrior

Theme (optional):

Personality: Tyberius is a calm and usually patient individual. He shows no clear joy in the actions he does, the culling of the wicked is his duty and as such he doesn’t look to find pleasure in it, instead only doing something that must be done. On the other hand sharing experiences or doing the things he likes, he has a much better time like crafting or cooking as such he is more open to conversation. Tyberius avoids breaking the law whenever necessary only ever doing so whenever it is truly desperate and even then he holds unbreakable codes, such as not willingly killing the innocent or experimenting on anyone regardless if they are wicked or not. If Tyberius feels any sort of emotions during battle it is anger yet he always tries to not allow his anger to cloud him during battle.

Personal strengths:
  • Determined
  • Cautious
  • Patient

Personal flaws:
  • Merciless
  • Stubborn
  • Can become doubtful of others

  • Kind, Caring, and overall good people
  • Creating potions/Fixing his equipment
  • cheese
  • Cooking
  • Finding rare ingredients/materials

  • Corruption
  • Crimes especially those he deems irredeemable
  • Experimentation on others (especially against their will)
  • Prejudice/Injustice based on status or appearance
  • Punishment for the children of a criminal

Backstory: I do not recall the very early years of my life, my mother was a farmer, a kind and beautiful woman who had only me for company, my father I was told was a soldier. I never met my father and yet in all my years of youth did I yearn for the time that he would return and I would meet the man I shared blood with. The days and nights were always so quiet and so calm, the only distinguishable sound would come from the work my mother put in the fields as I read through each and every book we had stored, learning of the world beyond the fields. I never had friends when I was young, no one lived close enough, thus I would always entertain myself with small animals that snuck into the house, always keeping them in jars until my mother found them out and released them back into the wild before punishing and scolding me. She was a great mother and without her perhaps I would’ve never had the compassion I have now, she was ruthless to her child not because of hatred but because of love, she wanted me to be better.

One day men known as priests knocked on my door, their words spoke of a great evil encroaching upon the land and that they needed all the aid they could. It was then I saw an emotion I had never seen in my mother: distress and worry. These emotions she tried to hide but they didn’t escape me, I knew she was scared and yet I didn’t know what I had to do. The very next day, my mom acted with the most kindness I had ever seen her, yet her expression always had a tinge of sadness and after lunch did the same men appear. That day my mother hugged me and told me that regardless of what I'm told I should do what I believe is right. I was then brought with the men in a wagon, my mother waving me goodbye as the horses began pulling the wagon and my small farm home became smaller and smaller in the distance. It was the last time I saw my mother alive.

The City was vast, a truly alien thing, so many people, so many things, so much noise and in the center of such scale was a mountain of windows, pillars, and statues, I chapel they called it, The Chapel some stated, regardless of names this would be my new home, a feeling unfamiliar to me. It was there I met my first friends, in it’s libraries I found my gift and awe at the world of alchemy, and it was there that the order discovered a weapon in me. Each day was filled with prayers, those who didn’t behave were punished, I was punished, yet never did I feel a semblance of love in the crackling of whips or the searing of hot iron, only now after so long do I realize that the punishers felt pleasure and power from it. The boy I once was crumbled to dust as I became a weapon of the order, to be used for their good. My life was secluded, yet I never felt alone for I had the order with me, the ones I believed to hold all that is good and fight against our enemies, the ones who held all that is evil.

In the time of my first battles my skills with the blade shined, the enemy were cut down before us, their wicked march ceased by our righteous refute, our forces flanking and encircling theirs, rapidly decimating them with no mercy for no mercy could be granted to the wicked. It took years before we finally pushed them to one of their major cities and upon landing and crushing the enemy's army I found myself hesitant. The populace of the city was that of the wicked and yet they gave up, surrendered, they did not wish to fight, they did not wish to die, and yet the soldiers around me charged, ravaging the innocents whose only crime was coexistence with the supposed wicked. Those days left me without a will to fight, my loyalty wavered and yet I did not wish to show it. I returned to our home, I pleaded for the Order to strip my title of warrior and to live my last days as an Alchemist. For my deeds in battle did the Order allow my retirement. The rest of my life could’ve been quiet and peaceful, I could’ve been a well renowned alchemist, perhaps have published a book of my studies.

A sickly man entered my office, he was accompanied by a fellow priest. He was bandaged yet the bandages were red with blood and green around it. The priest had been stabbed and additionally had burn marks on his side. The man told me he’d been ambushed by a gang, I had no reason to disbelieve him and yet his words and statements seemed to contradict themselves as I cured the wound. Something was not right, upon asking where they had been his friend explained they had traveled to many farmer’s homes- the man paused before correcting himself and explaining they went for a routine trip for new recruits to the Order. I appeared as if I did not care, yet a sense of dread washed over me and the day after I set off to my old home. Ashes and cinder are what remained when I arrived, it was a haunting view, the home I was born in was no more, all that was left was a charred body, unrecognizable, and near it was a knife, the same knife that caused the priest’s wounds. I tried to remain calm, yet my breathing only increased, as I gripped the knife harder and harder, the hiccups from the priest must have meant that his actions here were of unlawful nature, blasphemy.

In no time, I returned to the city with a new goal as judge. I had seen firsthand the atrocities and crimes of war by my fellow soldiers, committing the same actions that our order warned our vile and wicked enemies would do and yet no punishment fell to them. I saw as my own mother was a victim to the abuse of a priest’s indulgences and died defending herself. It was at this time I trained with my sword once more, my alchemy skills not inspired by a new purpose, to figure out how deep the corruption spread. Every night I would stalk those in power, judging their actions and then brutilizing them, leaving them in the gates of the Chapel with their sins carved into their flesh and having enough proof spread amongst the people to have them punished, and yet within months these same men would return to their positions and commit their vile acts once more with protection. Through these years did I realize that the corruption was within the heart of the Order. The order was good and pure, it’s ideals sacred and yet the people in the Order would trample and ignore these ideals only bringing them up to further their own twisted ambitions. Sickening, disgusting, repulsive. I had enough, the wicked stayed wicked and thus did I have them face the ultimate price for their actions, death. With my body changed and altered through self testing did I become a menace to the evil in the city. I was hunted for my righteous duty, each attempt a failure like the previous, I was no longer a man, I was a monster to them, a monster who would inspire the people, a monster who would improve their lives, a monster who would charge into the Chapel and take down the order at the cost of his own life. And yet as I lie here, blood spilling from my wounds I protest. NO, the Order is only the first of evils, there’s more out there… I……. I can hardly think, I cannot feel anything, my blade feels heavy… I… I…

What is their driving motivation? The core of their being: Their motivation is to fulfil their duty, that duty being to rid the world of the wicked and evil in a very brutal fashion.

What do they hope to achieve in this new life?: To fulfill their duty, perhaps once their job is mostly finished or they are unable to complete it, perhaps focus more on their alchemy to spread medicine and the such.

d&d alignment: Chaotic Good

  • Magical capacity: F
  • Magical Ability: F
  • Combat expertise: A
    • finesse:2
    • power: 1
    • defence: 3
    • Endurance: 4
  • Physical ability: A
    • Strength: 1
    • Agility: 2
    • Vitality: 3
    • Stamina: 4
  • Leadership: B
  • Skill/crafts: A

  • Increased size (From 5’10 to 7’1)
  • Greatly increased Strength and denser muscles
  • Increased Life expectancy and Youth
  • Increased quantity of required food
  • Weakened Lungs
  • Two Heart Burns per day
  • Stronger and more resilient immune system
  • Enhanced Hearing and Smelling
  • Broken taste Buds

  • Powers (a list of everything your character can do. If its not stated here, it can't happen!)
    • Mutations
    • Description- After constant experimentation on himself, Tyberius has gained mutations both beneficial and harmful.
    • Limitations- His current mutations are rather tame, he has no new limbs, or have new organs, as such his only real versatility comes from his combat and strategies.
    • effective/ineffectiveness- The Mutations don’t grant any magical capacity, however some of the mutations are phenomenal, most notably his superhuman capabilities mostly regarding his strength and agility. His strength is comparable to easily being able to kick a car away and his agility being comparable to being able to move short distances and throw attacks at over 100km/h. His muscles also being denser means they can take a lot more punishment similar to metals, however this also causes his natural regeneration to be slower than the average human and relies on healing potions and medical equipment from open wounds.
  • Unique strengths:
    • Superhuman Strength (Able to kick a car away)
    • Fast Short distance movements (Attacks and short dashes are around 100km/h), Unable to use his speed in a sustained fashion.
    • Dense Muscles create a natural armor Similar to metal but more elastic and make him heavier
    • Enhanced smelling and hearing
    • Unnatural Flexibility allowing him to get out of certain positions with ease even for his greater size
    • Stronger and denser bones
  • Weaknesses:
    • Increased need for food due to denser muscles and greater strength
    • Weak and vulnerable lungs which can cause severe exhaustion if pushed to limits. Also vulnerable to gas type poisons that affect lungs.
    • Daily Heartburn which can cause him to become paralyzed for a short while which can mean life or death in fights.
    • Weak Natural healing (A wound that would take a person to heal in a week requires four weeks for Tyberius which includes having to eat great amount of food, thus reliance on healing potions)
    • Absolutely no natural defense or counter against magic
  • Skills:
    • Master Alchemist
    • Experienced Armor and Weaponsmith
    • Skilled Hunter
    • Adept Cook
    • Skilled Climber
    • Skilled Tracker
    • Skilled Tactician
  • A Combination of the best armor pieces he could find, combining both defense and flexibility yet keeping it especially light in order to not hinder his movement further or cause extra exhaustion. The Mask in particular works partially as a filtration mask but isn’t fully effective.

  • Relic Blade (Big, heavy, and very resistant, it’s also somewhat sharp but it’d probably cause more impact damage)
  • Shortsword (the blade placed on his left waist, it’s light and isn’t as tiring to swing around as the relic blade)
  • Other Swords (Placed on his back as spares if he loses or breaks his shortsword or if he feels like dual wielding.)

Magical Items (if applicable): N/A

  • Pouch containing some of his potions and chemical creations.
  • Backpack carrying the tools for creating more chemical items.
  • Alchemy tools currently:
    • Healing potions (x4)
    • Explosive bombs (x4)
    • Adhesive freezing gel (x3)
    • Flash bomb (x3)
    • Bomb that builds up a corrosive sludge that then shoots it everywhere. (x2)
    • Blade Powder: sets blade on extremely got fire melting metals easily on contact (x2)
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Ari Number Two

Don't lose Ari~♪ Shine bright Ari~♪
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Teruko Jiro


"Eh...? But I don't feel like it. I have lots of paperwork to do..."












Time elapsed: 0.0735 seconds



Time elapsed: 0.1000 seconds



"Forces of Omens adhere, color me clear! Illuminate "


"Luminous Omen Dancer Tracy!!"


  • overviewage: 24

    species: Human

    gender: Female

    cause of death: Blown up by... her own powers.

    archetype: Out of Control Magical Girl


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avatar of flesh
when you put the noose around your own neck did you think it was enough to earn your forgiveness?
  • name: Abaddon
    age: undetermined
    species: undetermined
    gender: male|he/him
    cause of death: self inflicted
    archetype: the world ender
    theme (optional):



A Campfire at the End of Time
King Adalkhar

  • overviewAppearance:
    The Scholar king stands at 6'2, a towering man though one of little muscle.
    name: Ehmri Adalkhar VI
    age: 89
    species: Neuryd
    gender: Male
    cause of death: Assassination
    archetype: The Scholar King
    theme (optional):
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┌─────── ∘°❉°∘ ───────┐
The second summoning...
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avatar of flesh
CS Template

  • 1649992643959.pngoverviewname: Elida of south Burrow
    age: 138(young adult, equivalent of 18 years for humans)
    species: fae
    gender: (the race does not have genders)uses he/they pronouns
    cause of death: gunshot to the head
    archetype: the protector of nature
    AURORA-The Seed
    BELLE-Gales of Song
    BELLE-A Million Miles Away



Whiskered Wizard
Raein Prahsk


Appearance: Often comes across as brooding and at times intimidating. Standing at a height of 6'1" and covered in darkened makeup, fingernails painted black, he is seen as someone that is not to be meddled with lest he adopt an uncaring demeanor. His arms are covered in curling tattoos that relate to the faith of the peoples from his home. Though it is not often seen because of the pitch black cowl he wears over his head, Rae has a head of long hair that hangs below his shoulders. It is greyish in color as most of his peoples hair tends to be.

Though his appearance is at times intimidating, he never assumes a posture that would otherwise be considered threatening. If anything, his body is always open and welcoming to the world and its people, never showing anything other than acceptance to all those around. One could consider it a warmth that is otherwise thrown off by the darkness of his appearance.

Name: Raein "Rae" Prahsk

Age: 28 years old

Species: Greyen -- "Basically a human, but we heal pretty quickly."

Gender: Male

Cause of death: Eaten alive

Archetype: The Living Pin-Cushion

personality: Rae has always been a bit quiet and odd. Some would view him as introverted and awkward, but in truth he wishes that he was as outgoing as a lot of other people. He's more than willing to hold a conversation and will even seek to start a conversation with another should the opportunity arise... that is, if they can even hear him over his quiet tone of voice. He does not have the grandest of tones when it comes to speaking, most of what he says coming across as mumbling at times. He always says that he'd try to work on that, but usually his efforts are for naught.

Rae is kind and gentle, enjoying fashion quite a bit, especially when it comes to his efforts in cosmetology. He never uses anything more than black or grey for his own makeup and nail polish, but that doesn't stop him from seeking a wide array of colors to use on a willing participant if they wish to be beautified. His abilities have even shaped his own features to be quite feminine over masculine.

Personal strengths:
  • Kind
  • Durable
  • Extremely Loyal
  • Not easy to bother
Personal flaws:
  • Soft spoken
  • More often than not, outspoken
  • Quick to sacrifice self for the sake of a cause
  • Overly caring
  • Somewhat expressionless
  • Cosmetics
  • Clothing
  • Kind people
  • Working towards a greater good
  • His own weapon
  • Getting stabbed / impaled
  • Rudeness
  • Silence
  • Loneliness
  • Other peoples weapons

"I kind of remember home. It's been a while though. I remember how dangerous the wilds were. Even in some of our greatest walled cities you could still have violent wildlife bursting from the stone roads underfoot. I had always been told to fear the ground I walked upon, even if I thought it to be safe. Never know what could grab you from underground or from the skies. I remember my parents telling me that. I think that contributed some to why I became such a timid and nervous child, but I never put much thought into it. Though both myself and my family looked human, we are not quite them. We're known as Greyen. A species of people similar to humans other than the fact that we can heal quite fast. Broken bone? I could probably heal that in an hour or two if I let it heal naturally. We can even regrow limbs, but that takes a while... and it's usually painful for my people. Thankfully though, I have an extremely high pain tolerance."

"I had always known that I didn't feel pain like a lot of others, but when I fell from the ledge of a cliff and woke up with a shard of wood in my leg, I knew something was off. I didn't feal any of it. I remember wrapping my hand around the snapped branch and just yanking it out. The bleeding stopped pretty quickly thanks to my regenerative abilities. Usually the healing hurts my people, but I wasn't experiencing much. The humans of my home used my people a lot in the front-lines of their wars. Armored from head to toe and used as walking shields, an especially thick helmet placed upon our heads. Just like humans, if we take serious brain damage, we'd die pretty quickly. I, however, enrolled into a special city-bound defense force."

"Uh, yeah, I remembered how I died. One day there was an especially aggressive attack on my home city. I remember the holes opening from the ground and the insect-like creatures that poured from them. I watched a lot of people fall victim that day, human and Greyen. I was on the offensive with some comrades until suddenly... the ground opened beneath me. I felt the pincers of a large insect cut into my chest and I was lowered into the darkness. I remembered feeling the crawling and biting of young insects. I think they started eating me. I bled out before long though, so I suppose it wasn't the worst experience. Still, I wonder what happened to my home sometimes. The past is behind me though."

What is their driving motivation? The core of their being: Making sure others see tomorrow and do not suffer misfortune.

What do they hope to achieve in this new life?: Try to succeed further than he did in his previous life. He met a pretty unfortunate end and didn't really get to live long enough to achieve many noteworthy accomplishments.

DnD alignment: Neutral Good

  • Magical capacity: C
  • Magical Ability: C
  • Combat expertise: B
    • finesse: 3
    • power: 4
    • defence: 1
    • endurance: 2
  • Physical ability: A
    • strength: 4
    • agility: 3
    • vitality: 1
    • stamina: 2
  • Leadership: D
  • Skill/crafts: D

  • Powers (a list of everything your character can do. If its not stated here, it can't happen!)
    • Passive Regeneration:
      • Racial ability of his kind, granting him the ability to quickly heal from wounds that would, for a human, usually take weeks or months to fully recover from.
      • Limitations: Does not regenerate blood within the body, thus making Rae vulnerable from death to blood loss.
      • Effectiveness: Allows for Rae to take a whole lot of punishment as well as healing over wounds to prevent a high amount of blood loss too quickly. A wound created from a blade should heal over enough to prevent blood loss in about a half a minute. (This, of course, depends on the severity of the wound.)
      • Ineffectiveness: Though the ability heals nearly all wounds, they certainly do not heal lethal damage to the brain. The moment a Greyen's brain takes too much damage they are dead, just as any human would be. The regeneration also is temporarily halted when poison is applied to wounds, keeping them from healing properly due to harmful substances.
    • Active Regeneration
      • A spell cast to increase ones regenerative functions. A spell often used by human individuals to mend wounds. In the hands of Rae, it is an ability that allows him some rather extreme self-healing. A broken and mangled arm could twist back into place and mend in mere moments. A broken spine can even be mended with ease. Even after suffering dismemberment he can regrow the appendage like a lizard. (Granted, this takes a while even with the spell active.)
      • Limitations: The spell cannot ramp upon itself, meaning that it cannot be cast multiple times for greater effect. With that in mind, the spell has limited usage before exhaustion consumed Rae. He, at most, has about two or three uses of it before he has to stop, lest he be unable to even move during combat.
      • Effectiveness: The magic of Active Regeneration allows Rae to overcome injuries in extremely short time that would otherwise take a while to fully heal. This can be effective in a situation where he has to take a great deal of damage or is about to suffer many serious wounds in a short amount of time. Simple cuts can heal nearly as fast as the blade cuts through the flesh.
      • Ineffectiveness: With each use of the spell Rae's strength is consumed a great deal. One use of the spell feels to him like he has just put heavy weights upon his shoulders.
  • Unique strengths
    • Natural insensitivity to pain. Able to withstand extreme injury without being bothered by the experienced pain.
    • Abormal stamina and vitality. Has the ability to run for what seems like hours on end without breaking a sweat, although he does not run much faster than any normal person. In regards to his vitality, he can endure wounds that would otherwise kill a human, though to keep himself alive would take treatment with alchemical tinctures and other such goods.
    • Bears a strong form, good for withstanding the damage he receives.
  • Weaknesses
    • Not incredibly strong. Though Rae has a strong physical appearance, he is nothing incredible. Certainly not similar to the strength of a hero from a childrens story. He is simply above average.
    • Clumsy. He has a tendency to not focus very much on where he is going or what he's currently doing and it can at times lead to endangering himself unintentionally.
    • Poison. Rae is especially wary of poisons. If he even sees a discolored fluid he will avoid it like the plague. His species, though able to regenerate pretty quickly, halt all regeneration if under the effects of a poison, even if it is the venom from a simple bee sting.
  • skills
    • Cosmetics
      • Loves all things makeup and clothing. Sometimes wishes he was a female so that he could indulge in his passions in full, but he can't exactly do that or he holds himself back for some reason.
    • Housework and cleaning
      • After his father died in war, Rae and his mother were all that was left. To help his mother, he started assisting her with housework as she sought work as a seamstress. He got really good at his chores and became an integral part of his households clean state of being.
    • Cooking
      • His mother had to endure long hours as a seamstress in order to provide for both herself and Rae, but it left her with little time to cook, so Rae took up the mantle in order to help his mother. He learned how to cook and even took lessons from a local innkeeper for new recipes, though he had to repay the innkeeper by performing cleaning duties about his establishment.
    • General labor
      • Really good at doing simple jobs. Has worked for many different establishments during his life, excelling at whatever work he sought to do.
    • Reading and writing
      • Managed to learn to read and to write as well as calculate numbers, a very rare thing for people in his world. Most of the peasantry from his world were not familiar with reading, let alone writing.
    • Simple crafting
      • Able to use everyday crafting that is seen in most households in his world. This is usually craft involving wood and plant fibers.

  • Night guard leathers
    • An exact copy of the leathers that he wore during his time in the city night guard, even bearing the grand eagle plate under his neck and the shadow cowl over his head. His world was a highly religious world, bearing faith in their gods beyond anything else. The guards of Rae's home city served a faithful purpose as well as a protective purpose. Knights of the city guard during the day often look like glorified paladins of their gods, shining armor and all. The night guard on the other hand are protectors in the shadows, bound in dark leathers while they pursue evil that lingers in the night, purging them in the sake of their gods name in order to protect the innocent.
  • The Blessed Greatsword Haliscorn
    • Weapon wielded by Rae's father in war and especially before his death. When the blade was found, it was standing on its own, blade stabbed into the ground amidst a field of slain warriors. In Rae's world, a blade that lasts beyond battle, and even stands above all those that it has been used to slay, is a blessed weapon. Such weapons are seen as reliable arms that are holy and enhanced by the praised gods. It was later returned to Rae and his mother by a soldier informing them of Rae's father's glorious passing and his deeds while wielding Haliscorn.
Magical Items (if applicable):
  • No magical items on person as of yet.
  • Simple healing potions
  • Poison cures / Antidotes
  • Cured meat rations
  • Worship item from his home (commissioned an accessory maker to create his tool of faith)
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Giantson of Ephias

Leofred Foal

  • Leofred.jpgOverviewName
    Leofred Foal
    A.k.a. Terminus Bane
    A.k.a. The Steel

    Unknown, physically 36



    A fit man, weary face, dozens of scars over his body.

    Cause of Death

    The Warlord


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Grossly Incandescent

  • Overview

    Name: Jareth Reanhart

    Age: 22

    Species: Magically Gifted Human

    Gender: Male

    Cause of death: Third degree burns and internal overheating

    Archetype: Mage Hunter

    Theme (optional):

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"Tornado Queen"

  • OverviewAppearance:
    Name: Vanessa "Tornado Queen"
    Age: Physically mid to late 20's
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Cause of death: Killed by an enemy army centuries ago. Was pulled from the afterlife by a vile ritual a number of years ago and has since been residing in the body of a willing spirit medium, loaning part of her power to him.
    Archetype: Wind-empowered spear user
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Somewhere In Between
Appearance: Art Credit - (Myself) (sorry, I never quite finished...)
jane 2 (1) copy.png
Codename: Jane
Designation - CM05//J4N3

Age: 19
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Cause of Death: Blackout.
Alignment: Lawful Good.

theme (optional):

  • Persona​

Jane is the type that looks twice before even stepping once forward. Without orders, she has no clear direction.
'How should I go about this?' 'Is this the best course of action?' 'Is this what I really want?'
All actions have consequences. This is an ideology spoken by all in her world. A single thought nearly unraveled all of reality, afterall. This was the lesson learned by the survivors of The fundemental ''Recreation'. Because of this regulated and matter-of-fact upbringing, Jane is as result oriented as it comes. Excessively cautious and worrisome of the outcomes, she can be stuck in a loop of deliberation to no absolute end. Despite her stoic expression, she is constantly fighting all sorts of nagging thoughts. It isn’t far off from saying that she barely functions without the guidance of others. Because of her unique upbringing, Jane has a hard time conceptualizing any devotion outside of her destined 'purpose'. Thus, she is rarely seen doing anything outside of studying and honing her mind by searching for new knowledge. Without a single sense of sociability, Jane can easily flustered and completely falls apart in any form of social situation.

Showing one's face is taboo in her reality, so Jane often finds a way to hide it. Either with the scraps of her old mask, or whatever else comes in handy. Literally.
But if there is anything Jane is certain of, it is the protection of the innocent. Given her past in an apocalyptic reality, she has learned the power of a single selfless action.

'We cannot go forward in blindness. If there is no light, we must make it."

This is the last lesson her mentor bestowed upon her.

‘Do you hear that sound, Jane?’
‘The death-seeking crows come storming from the belltower to mourn, and to call. That means there is a lost child waiting. Are you ready to grant them peace?’

‘...And who will come to pardon our sins, Captain?’

‘There is no peace for us, Jane. Once it is all done… We will continue to watch the empty stars, forevermore.’
  • Recollections.​

In -…- all people are chosen born to a predetermined purpose. They carry not even names, only a string of numbers and letters. The only distinguishing feature is their mask. To signify their role in society. A laborer, a fisherman, an accountant, that which is necessary to the whole. 'An existence without burden, without worry.' So they claim. To be ignorant is to be free of doubt and dark thoughts. It is safer to know nothing than to know the horrible truth.

Only those who have proven themselves exceptional earn the honor of a name.

One such beings are the Maegus, sensitives to the Eclipse.

The dark side of thought.
And in this universe, a thought is a powerful thing.

Maegus spend their entire lives developing and tuning their minds, juggling puzzling algorithms, studying multi-hundred layered equations, imbibing in all forms of logic games. For, losing focus even for the slightest second, a spell template can erupt into something… catastrophic.

‘Lucidity is a dangerous game. You either control the dream or it spirals out of control… Without limit.’

After passing a proficiency test, fledgling apprentices are judged on their tendency. This is the ‘school of thought’ they most fall in line with.

In the case of Jane, her incredibly pragmatic mind fell her into education with the most ‘logical’ of the Schools of Thought. Realization. By enriching her mind in chemical processes, atomic composition, and building a strong visual library, she has been taught how to warp the physical world around her down to the atomic level. To realize and manifest a different reality. In ancient texts, they might have refer to this practice as a form of Alchemy. Though, the current iteration has far overshadowed any ideals one might have derived from such a primitive theory.

Even within this near-limitless school of thought, there is a further specialization. Maegus are tasked with safeguarding reality itself, against the very notion of 'esoterism' and unknowns. Such looming evils where even, with all their firepower, the grand legions of Ferrus Magistry would find mutual devastation in putting down. During field operations to suppress manifestations of 'entangled reality', there is a critical need for emergency medical care. For when imaginations run... wild.

Jane’s designated station on teams is referred to as the ‘Triage’, a maegus who has studied to assimilate and transfer organic matter.

In simpler terms, one could call it a form of… surgery.

What is their driving motivation? The core of their being: 'My purpose? Hm. This one is simple... I am a Maegus. I must protect humanity. That is our purpose.'
What do they hope to achieve in this new life?: 'I must return to my reality... There are people waiting for me.'
  • Stats​

  • Magical Capacity: A
  • Magical Ability: A
  • Combat expertise: C Telekinesis
    • Finesse: 4
    • Power: 1
    • Defense: 3
    • Endurance: 2
  • Physical ability: F (nerd)
    • Strength 1
    • Agility 2
    • Vitality 3
    • Stamina 4
  • Leadership: F (was the goof of her ‘disposal team’)
  • Skill/crafts: B (High understanding of biological processes, especially that of organic beings, like humans. Otherwise, completely nothing.)
As a Generation 4 Maegus, she is not a ‘true’ maegus who is naturally able to overcome the Willful Threshold to perform magic. Being the newest generation, they have learned from past experiments to try and create artificial maegus. Recent advancements to neurological nerve-ware has granted individuals who are close to the threshold, just enough of a boost to their brain activity to pass over. But being a ‘fake’ mage, they are heavily limited in scope of possibility when it comes to their manifestations.

Each piece of equipment is therefore, necessary, for her to achieve the full extent of her arcane toolbox.

The most important being the spinal spikes that have been surgically interwoven into the nerves in her spinal cord. If these were to be damaged, she would be lucky to even be alive as they are direct connections to her brain.

  • Synapse Accelerator - a large rectangular metal box that is incredibly heavy. Within it contains the power source necessary for her equipment to even function. It is connected directly into the spikes located at the sacrum of her lumbar.
  • Pure Metal- Unable to morph regular metals with speed adequate enough for fast-paced combat, she possesses a large block of seemingly normal metal. Being made of a single absolute pure atomic element, she is able to transform the shape and size much quicker than regular metals, which are much more impure.
    • She can even section pieces of it into different forms, such as scalpels and implements for ‘special’ surgeries.
  • Telekinetically-Controlled-Metal-Arm. Jane is able to move and manipulate this strange hulking appendage with just her thoughts. She can use it to perform heavy attacks and pick up heavier objects with it, the power of which depends on her current Lucidity(focus). Can get tiresome, so she has it in ‘stand-by’ mode most of the time.
  • ‘Surgical Belt’. Canisters around her waist, filled with preservatives and antibacterial fluids. They allow her to preserve and store organic matter, protecting it from decay and cellular necrosis. Used for surgery.
    • When performing an emergency ‘assimilation surgery’, Jane feels every single sensation of the body part being torn apart and stitched together. It is as painful as it sounds.
Without an external source of PP (Principle Particle), relying solely that which exists within herself, Jane's telekinetic abilities have been greatly diminished in this ‘new life’.
  • As a professionally trained thought-mage, she has developed a near sixth-sense known as the PRF (Perceived Reality Field). This is the extent of her telekinetic influence, and is also the range at which she can detect shifts in the arcane spectrum. Being as it is the extent of her mental aura, so to speak, it protects her from mind-altering abilities and mystical influences. But as with all of her thought-magic, it is only as strong as her mind can compete. A stronger will can overcome this defense.
    • The PRF range, in a sphere, is about 33 meters. (Due to the severe lack of PP, this range has effectively been reduced by 90%)
    • When focusing her senses to the particles, she can determine the complete atomic composition of an object within her PRF. (Currently arms length in range.)
The most glaring weakness of her abilities, and all thought-mages, is their innate Ecliptic Response. Though this trait allows a mage to sense magic sources, it does so in the form of an allergic reaction. In her case, her eyesight momentarily becomes heavily blurred if exposed to powerful sources of negativity. Like a flashbang. Her form of thought-magic requires Jane to maintain Lucidity. If Jane tries to perform a feat that is beyond her abilities, or tries to do too many things at once, it can easily overload her mind. When lucidity is broken, it causes unwanted thoughts to seep out unintentionally. These negative feelings, repressed emotions, and buried traumas, triggers an escalating ecliptic response, among other mental breakdowns, quickly causing permanent damage and scarring to their brain matter.

In Jane’s case, her vision has been rapidly getting worse over time, and she has a hard time compartmentalizing new long-term memories.
She cannot see without some sort of sight aid, resulting in the need for eyeglasses in lieu of her broken helmet.

Composite Exosuit
- Metal armor of advanced composition. It is durable enough to take explosive rounds from ancient vehicles of war. But as she is not an engineer, it cannot be repaired if ever damaged. (currently damaged, revealing most of her body save her chest and parts of her face.)
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