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Fantasy Re~Birthday, a dark fantasy magical girl roleplay

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  1. Adventure
  2. Dystopian
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  4. LGTBQ
  5. Magical
  6. Mystery
  7. Supernatural


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The Purpose of Custodians>chk
Re Birthday.

The source of Magic>chk
The Golden Box ; the wish for a better world.
Wishes ; are merely reflections of the Golden Box.

The enemy of Custodians>chk
Pandora ; who sows Black Wishes.
Black Wishes ; are merely reflections of the real world.

The Keeper of the Golden Box>chk
Pōmedōsa ; who subverts Hope.

Re Birthday>chk
A brighter chance at being.

. . .

Rex Dione, a world where humans toil away in grimcoloured kingdoms, huddling behind tall and everlasting walls. They bow to their kings and slowly break their backs as they mindlessly till their fields, their petty existence not deserving of a mark upon history. Beyond their stone barricades, the Outsides are unknown places shrouded in the fog of mystery, completely alien to both peasant and king. Any who venture there are lost forever. However—in the distant past—the human condition didn't use to be so grim. When Humanity first descended on Rex Dione, they were led and protected by the Custodians; the daughters of Pōmedōsa; who kept the evil of the world at bay. Born of a wish and the Golden Box, they were gallant defenders of the human race, their noble cause heralding its golden ages. Yet, tragedy struck when one of them tasted the muck of despair, tormented over the injustices she saw in the world. This corrupted servant—Pandora—became so helpess as to become the first Black Custodian, an enemy of the Golden Box whose wishes germinate from the seeds of torment. So overwhelmingly revolted at the mere idea of such creatures existing, Pōmedōsa shut herself off from the world, disappearing together with the newly tainted Box, thus plunging man into the dark age before them.

Yet all is not lost. After centuries of anxiety, oppression and dread, Pōmedōsa walks once more. It seems she has begun raising a new generation of Custodians, perhaps to reclaim the lost age of glory.

Inspirations: Madoka Magica, The Souls Series, Code Vein, Evillious Chronicles, Bloodborne.

Hi, hiya, hello! Welcome to this admittedly unconventional 1x1 interest check. If you haven't been scared off by the weird premise of mixing Dark Souls and magical girls, please read on~
I'm looking for someone to roleplay this premise out with me, partially to worldbuild and prepare an eventual group version, and also mainly just because I thought it would be fun. The setting is a dreary medieval-esque world where humans live solely in scattered city-states, unable to explore the world around them. This is because that world is incredibly hostile and filled with bizarre monsters, and also because they have their own problems to worry about. Namely, Black Custodians being born and leaving behind nothing but a smoldering ruin of their kingdom. The threat of these beings looms so urgently that even the slightest dissent can be met with the death penalty, and so nobody really bothers professing their grievances.

Our characters will both be newly awakened Custodians, humans who had a wish to change the world for the better. Now that Pōmedōsa has finally bothered to return, they were given a chance to fulfill this wish, and have been formally invited to the primeval Palace of Rutile to serve the Keeper directly. Their overarching task is simple; eliminate the Black Custodians and Pandora herself in a series of challenging battles and exploration of the Outsides. However, not everything may end being up as it seems to be.

Custodians would generally be female to fit the magical girl idea, however that identity is fairly arbitrary. Still not really interested in specifically male main characters, though.

If you've read this far and are still on-board, please read the rules below:
  • First things first; I don't really have anything against minors, but I'd prefer if my partners were over 18 years of age.
  • In terms of writing, all I'm asking for is a decent degree of literacy and a genuine interest in the specific plot we're gunning for.
  • I'd prefer if you weren't already involved with dozens of other writing partners. Nothing's more disappointing that a story dying overnight because the other person just straight up forgot it exists.
  • On a similar note, a reply once every 3-7 days sounds like an acceptable pace to me.
  • Work with me to have an idea of the plot going forward, rather than flying completely by the seat of your pants and then randomly dropping the roleplay because you're not satisfied with the direction.
  • Let me know about any triggers and topics you'd rather avoid. Personally, I don't have any (with the exception of mindless, meaningless gore and abuse) and I enjoy exploring dark themes in depth, so keep that in mind I guess.
  • Don't be a jerk, follow site rules.
And that's about it! If everything above is to your liking and such, feel free to either ask any questions you have or shoot me a DM and we'll work further from there.


get the man some milk
Heya! I'd be interested to roleplay with you if that's alright. Pm me when you have time!

Thanks for showing interest, but it seems I'm already a bit too loaded to spread my attention between any more partners effectively. Honest apologies and best of luck searching!

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