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Picking Mangoes in Tahiti
I'd like to start by saying I'm bad at fancy layouts, so I'm very sorry about that.

I'm going to keep this short and simple!

About me!
You can call me Jaime/Ja'am/Stooge, wherever you prefer. I'm 25 and go by she/her pronouns (but anything is fine really). I'm chronically Ill and therefore legally disabled, I work from home as an artist. My art ranges from digital commissions, to physical art, to cosplay commissions. I am also a cosplayer and I spend far too much time gaming.

My rules are pretty simple. I ask that you be at least 18, no matter the content we are writing. Please write in 3rd person. I'm not picky about length, but I ask for a minimum of 1-2 paragraphs. Otherwise feel free to go ham, I'll do my best to match what you give me. I'm not going to flip if you make a spelling mistake or the occasional slipup, I do it too, I just ask that for the most part I am able to read what you send me. Please be patient with me, I can go from rapid fire responses for very slow due to my health. OOC is not necessary but I do love making new friends! Tell me if you have any triggers or hard limits. I myself have none and I'm very comfortable with almost any theme.

What I'm searching for!

Right now I'm on the hunt for someone to write rdr2 with me, I'd like write the pairing of John/Arthur, with myself as John. I'm open to almost anything plot wise, though I do have one idea in mind.

I'm always always on the search for someone to play Deacon from fallout 4 for me as well as Farcry 5 writers!


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