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Multiple Settings RATTIE'S RP SEARCH; ocxoc, mxf, shoujo & josei inspired

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trying my best.
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hi there!! it’s rattie / katie (she/they/it; 22; EST) again, and this is my search thread for ocxoc romance roleplays - primarily ones inspired by shoujo & josei media (cuz i’m a total sucker for that stuff khgkjbvfjwk)!!
if you’re interested in anything, please (please please please) send me a message w a small intro in it (name, pronouns, age, etc) & what you’re interested in! i am very hesitant to reply to replies on the thread and to messages that have no introductions whatsoever.. so please message me! thank you!!
for my fandoms, please go here!!

as far as i know right now, i have adhd, depression, & an anxiety/panic disorder.. so with those in addition to my constant forgetfulness and my bad tendency to isolate myself whenever the littlest inconvenience happens in my life, my replies (ic & ooc) will most likely be scattered. sometimes i’ll reply fast, sometimes i take a week.. or two.. or longer.. it honestly just depends, so please be understanding of this!! also, with all that being said, i’m totally okay with occasional bumps - just please don’t continuously spam me / rush me for replies!

also, if we’ve messaged before and i disappeared or something, and you’re interested in something i’ve listed, feel free to send me a message!! chances are i accidentally isolated myself and then got too nervous to reply again, so i poofed.. but i’m so totally down to try to do something with you again if you’re willing! always always!!
» i love to draw (my style is very anime-y haha), watch streams (my favorite streamer is Sneegsnag), listen to music (i love Lovejoy, guardin, and Foo Fighters the most), read manga (mostly shoujo stuff), and occasionally do some gaming (i love Minecraft, Terraria, and the Animal Crossing franchise - Sims 4 is good too, but i honestly can never get past the character creation part cuz my attention span just goes poof after a while LOL)! oh also, though i don’t watch anime as much anymore (i just find it very hard to focus on episodes for long), my favorite animes i have seen are Kyoukai no Kanata and Orange! Noragami, Wonder Egg Priority, and My Hero Academia are also pretty good too!

» i have 4 lovely little rat children i absolutely love to talk about whenever possible, too! those lil girlies are my everything, honestly. my little boogie babies, as i like to call them!! :3

» i’ve been roleplaying for a bit now off & on, but am very rusty right now due to taking a little too long of a break, haha.

» i write in third person pov and usually write a paragraph or more (though anymore i’ve been leaning more towards short / one paragraph-length replies due to low muse). i will never write one-liners though, as i find them very hard to work off of.

» i feel most comfortable playing female characters, and would like to do so for any rps that may be formed from this search thread (unless we double and/or include multiple characters)!

please be 18+ in age!
» please use third person pov & write at least a paragraph or so (but preferably no novella rn)! no one-liners, asterisks, or first person pov either, please.
» romance is a must at some point! i’d prefer MxF (with me playing the female) for the pairing. i’m willing to play a male if we double / incorporate multiple characters!
» i’m very open to including dark themes (within reason) and don’t really have any triggers that i know of (besides extremely graphic descriptions of selfharm / suicide), but would still appreciate a tw in advance if your post is to include something serious! also, i don’t do smut - writing that stuff out makes me very uncomfortable. fading is absolutely necessary if it even gets to that point.
» i’d really prefer anime/manga, drawn, or written-out faceclaims for this particular search!
» i don’t do threads right now, so pms or discord (v preferred) is the best bet!
» ghost friendly! like, i’d always appreciate a farewell if it can be given, but totally get it if it can’t. no biggie!! :]
» not really a requirement i guess, but i’d actually really like it if you were talkative ooc! i’m honestly really shy, but i do also tend to ramble when i get into it, so you being talkative honestly really helps me warm up faster n feel a lot more comfortable!
» putting this here again, but please message me if you’re interested (including a lil introduction & your interests in your message) rather than commenting here! ><

basically just consisting of manga i’ve read!

hotaru no yomeiri
» in the clear moonlit dusk / uruwashi no yoi no tsuki
» a sign of affection / yubisaki to renren
» kimi ni todoke
» beyond the boundary / kyoukai no kanata
» ao haru ride
» kamisama kiss
» fujiwara-kun wa daitai tadashii
» honey lemon soda
» orange
» ojou to banken-kun
» tsubaki-chou lonely planet
» the more you bite, the sweeter / kameba kamu hodo amaku naru
» i won’t fall for him just because of his face
» hana to kuchizuke
» a silent voice
» basically anything studio ghibli
» something based off the manga hotaru no yomeiri! so essentially, my character - a sickly girl from a wealthy, high-status family - ends up kidnapped by some men who are going to kill her at the secret request of her stepmother; however, she’s “saved” by your character, a serial killer / assassin, before they can. in order to not be killed by your character instead, she proposes they get married… and your character accepts! this can be altered in any way of course, it’s just basically the starting point in the manga (if i remember correctly) haha!

» something taking place in a college setting! maybe your character is a flirt, and mine is easily flustered or just plain oblivious? or your character is a bad boy, and mine is a softie? i’m down for anything, really! it could even have supernatural aspects included in it!
my preferred role, if any, will be underlined!

flirty x easily flustered / oblivious
» good girl / softie x bad boy / delinquent
» popular x unpopular
» mafia x civilian / other occupation
» bodyguard x mafia boss’s daughter
» florist x tattoo artist / other occupation
» demon x angel / human
» vampire / werewolf x human
» princess x bodyguard / assassin
» prince x civilian
» soulmates
» forced proximity
» opposites attract
» romance / fluff
» drama / angst
» supernatural / fantasy
» slice of life
» college setting
» roommates / neighbors
» childhood (best) friends
» enemies to lovers
» fake relationships
» arranged marriage
» reincarnation
» love triangles
» reverse harems
» dark themes
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