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Fantasy Rat Haven (1 open spot)

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We are still accepting 1 character! Head on down to the CS thread. :)
CS Thread - https://www.rpnation.com/threads/rat-haven-character-hub.443633/
IC Thread - https://www.rpnation.com/threads/rat-haven-ic.444289/

Fantasy - Medieval - Assassins - Dark - Detailed

Mad King Yovez, in one of his paranoid fits, has ordered the immediate expansion of the Kingdom's assassin and intelligence program. Raving about the coming Third Great War, his top officials have become concerned that his mental disease is prophetic in nature and have complied with his demands. However, there is a shortage of individuals willing to undergo the grueling assassin training, and therefore Kingdom Officials have been forced to recruit from an unlikely source: street kids. These kids have already proven their ability to survive in rough conditions, and are easily lured in by promises of wealth and a place to sleep, and removing them from the streets has also become a public service. With little regard for the street urchins, training began immediately, and the vast majority met death within days. Only a few individuals emerged from the bloodbath to become full-fledged assassins, and they only did so after years of abuse at the hands of their trainers. Meanwhile, the Third Great War is on the horizon as food becomes increasingly scarce in East Uyen, and tensions across the Kingdoms are high. This new batch of assassins is about to be tested, and they only have two options: success, or death.

All the characters in this rp are going to be age 18 and older. They were apprehended living on the streets and either coerced or bribed into joining the assassin training program, where they have undergone intense training in areas such as combat, poisons, stealth and more. They are experts in their field, and each has a specific specialty. They have recently graduated from the training program to become assassins working for King Yovez, though they are managed by the Kingdom's secretive spy and intelligence agency. These characters, given their background as street urchins, along with the dark and terrible training they have undergone are expected to have a high degree of emotional complexity. Their backgrounds should be well-developed, and the rp will largely center around their exploits.

The world of Anges consists of six different continents. This rp takes place on the continent East Uyen. East Uyen has four different kingdoms which are all constantly fighting for territory and resources, but as of the last decade reached an unsteady truce. The time setting is the middle ages, before the invention of gunpowder, and mechanical clocks are the greatest invention of the century. There is no known magic in the world. East Uyen has a variety of different cultural influences as it was founded as a refuge for outcasts from other continents, so dialects and cultures vary, though the common tongue is called Ubea. The function of East Uyen as a crossroads for cultures means that weapons and fighting styles also vary - characters are welcome to have any fighting style they desire, as long as the technology they use is consistent for the times. The Kingdom the characters live in is called Coplus, and the King of Coplus is the unwed Mad King Yovez. He is referred to as Mad due to his frequent psychotic episodes, which are often violent, but they sometimes result in uncannily accurate prophesies. Coplus is a Kingdom in strife, both due to its unstable ruler and lack of an heir, but they also have been undergoing a mild famine.

For this rp I'll be looking for mature writers who can effectively portray emotionally complex characters while still having fun! I'm going to be a little unconventional for this rp as, based on the character's skill set, I will be PM'ing writers with additional world information that only their character would know. This way I hope to make the rp interesting for everybody as assassination and intelligence collection work depends heavily upon information known. I'm hoping to keep this a smaller group, with five writers at most, and each person will be limited to one character. However, additional spaces will likely open up because I plan to be very strict on activity levels - and assassins are very easy to kill off! That isn't a threat, I promise. ;) I expect around two lengthy posts a week (two+ paragraphs), and I also plan to be pretty strict with character sheets. Once I get a few people interested I'll post the CS thread!
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@LyannaM @Ramjammer @slayerslade666 @Miss Mack
Here is the CS thread!

I will hold a character spot for any CS PM'ed to me, even if I ask for modifications before I permit you to post it. :) Please ask me any questions you may have! My characters will be up soon-ish.


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We have two character spots left! Preferably males to get a bit of a balance, but we can have a full female assassination squad if you guys so desire. :p


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We’re going to be starting tomorrow, but will continue to accept characters until all spaces are filled! Check out the CS thread, people. :)


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The RP has started, but I am still holding the last character place open for any applicants! :D

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