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Multiple Settings Rapunzel Inspired OC Rp? OPEN | Fantasy/Realistic

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Cause my long hair just can't cover up my red neck
So I can play any character in this, either Rapunzel herself, the witch, the woodsman/prince, or any side characters we may choose to have. So basically you tell me what roles you'd like, if you like any of mine and want a certain character for one, tell me. So for example-

Hey I'd like to use my oc for Rapunzel, and I think Verbena as the witch and Purdy-Roy as the Prince would be super cool!

So yeah, hope that makes sense, I'm okay with any combination so even if you play majority of the roles or just one, I'm up for it:D

I really like darker themes involving delusions and general mental issues, traumas, etc, so if you are interested in that. Let me know, but if not, I'll keep topics simple.
If I end up using Ponderosa for Rapunzel though, depersonalization is a big aspect of her character so if that's triggering, its best you play the role of a Rapunzel instead.

The way I'm going to structure this post is going to be story and what I'm looking for, characters, and then some things about me.


I'm not looking for an exact accurate retelling of any Rapunzel rendition, rather a combination of themes and ideas within stories of the nature. In summary and at it's base, the story will be of a child taken away by a witch, due to the deceit or foolishness of the parents. The child is raised in the ideals of the witch, who selfishly uses the child's gifts for their, or their groups wants. One day, either younger or older, a prince(of any gender or nature) discovers the child while the witch is away, and either honorably or selfishly rescues the child. This can lead into a hunt taken on by the witch to find the child, and the dynamic of the prince character can vary.

We can add onto that, alter as we go, or keep or relatively basic(but with my characters is bound to change slightly at least) but yeah. I'm just looking for a partner who can get replies in maybe once every three days at least, personally I strive to get one in daily and usually have an open enough schedule for that. I'd like you to be open with me as well, and not control my character, but also don't be to scared to just make things happen. Generally I go about a push-then-punch method of deciding this. Basically if I punch your character, and you have him hit back harder and take it well, I'll understand my character to be weaker, and if I want a win I'll say something, oh and of course if your character just lays out or acts in a way that'd infer mine to be stronger. Then there we go. Mistakes happen, and if you're unsure I've got the idea you're going for, let's talk about it and usually I'll come to a compromise. But no killing off characters without notice or talk, I'm iffy about that.


I don't have my little bank post or whatever you'd like to call it set up yet, so I'll try to keep it short here haha-

Ponderosa- A genderless but usually female appearing person of wax. With a heart carved out an angelic tree she was cared and love by a childhood friend. A boy who in pain, found comfort in the talking tree, and then as he aged. Was too in love to leave it, so he tore it down and store it's heart. Shaping a body out of wax and breathing into life. She's incredibly naive, and all too trusting. Although depending on the witch, she will try her hardest to stay away from the prince and convince herself not to give in to curiosity. I'll change pronouns depending on her looks, since she is moldable. Her 'gifts' would be clarity for sure, but reversing aging is something I can believe for her too. So if the witch suffered from an illness that made their mind fractured or faded, Ponderosa's gift of clarity would give the witch the ability to think clearly and naturally, and if you wanted to go the route, allow her mind to access some other dimension of thought or being, whatever you want that to mean. She is open for a relationship, any gender, but I don't like to force romance so, if it happens it happens.​
Lowell- A werewolf boy, cursed by his own mother's unfaithful habits(she cheated on a god, but was kinda tricked by her it's a little complicated), he may in this scenario be given as no more than a slave to the witch from the god. His 'gifts' likely being labor. Hidden from the world because of the hatred towards his kind. I do not follow the omegaverse- type, like alpha, beta, etc. I don't do that with my werewolves sorry, they're outcasts and forbidden to group up. Lowell is also a much softer secretive character, a little like Norman from The Promised Neverland and even Ray a bit, but only slightly. He's incredibly timid, but outspoken, all bark hardly bite. Anyways a relationship with him is fine too, any gender again, but it'll be rocky.​
Verbena- A seemingly good natured woman, but horribly twisted and perverse. She finds comfort in others discomfort, and like a good witch, eats children to stay alive. She can kidnap the Rapunzel in hopes of using them to lure other children. Either being sworn into keeping the child alive by a deal she'd tried to fool the parents into, instead getting fooled herself, or maybe she keep them alive for more personal reasons. My first thought would be a resemblance to her missing sister, who I can make a boy if you like this idea but have a male character.​
Kelly- Mother of 6 already, she's never even tried to be nice. Most likely she would have taken the child in for labor, less of a fantastical witch, and just a nasty woman on a farm deep in the woods. The prince could be CPS! Just kidding.. but she's harsh and ill in the mind. There's an au where she's a cannibal along with her kids, and if you want a mystical element, she could be using the child to aid her mental and physical pains, or if you have other ideas, with Kelly it almost always works. She's as evil as it gets, but there's some things under the surface.​
A incredibly broken and twisted man. He definitely would not be your Flynn Rider, I honestly question if I could even use him on this site, mostly because of his backstory, and I'm sure many doubt my ability to portray a character of his nature(which is fine). He suffers from obsessive tendencies, and a deep rooted need for a motherly figure, and a light want for a partner to love him when he can't love himself. This would be more excusable if he wasn't destructive to himself, his property, and others. Always riding the sharp wave of his never ending mood swings. He depends on the gratification of others, acceptance for how he twists and forces people into these holes carved by his gross childhood. Wanting the perfect mother or partner, and finding it horrifically devastating when these strangers can't fit the mold. He believes the world owes him for what has been done to him, and while he has moments of tenderness and vulnerability, they are almost always followed by a desire to end himself. In these times understanding who he is and what he's done. This character is very difficult to play, as I find too often people who just want me to glorify SA or abuse, which is hard to avoid. I can promise no explicit content with his character, as I will strictly only allow him to fixate on your character in hopes of crafting a mother out of them(gender doesn't matter as long as they can pass the vibe somewhat well). Not a partner. By default the Rapunzel would need to be a full adult. 19 and up, I don't even want 18.
If he were to be the witch, he could be an ex of the mother, jealous or mournful of her leaving(either into a new relationship or death, maybe even by his cause) and so with the child, either his or not, is all he has left. So he kidnaps or has raised the child in solitude.​
If he were the Prince, he'd see the Rapunzel as an adult, be reminded of his mother, and from there it goes.​
This again is a much more realistic take like Kelly, but again I'm fine with fantasy elements.​
Purdy-Roy- He never cared for his name, but as a kid got in plenty of fights over it. He's short, and while generally a sweet guy, doesn't take anything from anybody, unless it's his folks. With an unlucky start, living deep in the woods in a trailer park, people could get away with a lot more. He was taught blood before anything, and it ruins him. From his siblings and cousins leaching off him, his deadbeat father who's barely been in the picture and only came back when he was 17(and just to reintroduce addiction to his mother), and finally to his grandfather who's begun to do the unimaginable. He's trying to make his own out in the world, but bound to a state that never did him any good, and to a town of which nobody's ever heard. If he don't take care of them, who will?​
So that's a copy paste, I'm getting a little lazy haha, more realistic again but fantasy always welcomed. He'd find the Rapunzel and go about it nobly. Not an actual prince of course, more of a woodsman lol, but I dunno not much to say. An after plot could be the Rapunzel learning the life of the trailer park, but that'd only work if you were playing that character.​
The Umbrella Man-
A grey, half mute monster in the woods with an umbrella for a head. A very nice but horrific sight. As he's covered in blisters and scars. Goat feet and broad shoulders. He wears a rain jacket, how funny. He doesn't have much to note, he'd simply help the Rapunzel and continue on with life, no matter if they followed or not. I wouldn't recommend him if you weren't playing the Rapunzel. It'd likely be a straight forward simple, but sweet rp.
About me

Well this is where the hat gets tossed, stomped, and cursed. I'm.. 16...

Nooooo!! I hear you yell. but its true haha, don't worry I'm aware that most people on this site are 20-something. I'm not worried about rping with an adult either, just don't be weird, that goes for minors too. Don't be weird, I am not my characters, and my characters are not me. If they're mad, doesn't mean I am, and God help me if they're in love with your character- c'mon.

Well if you've read past that and are still interested, message me! Being a 16 year old I have school, so that closes some of my time, but I'll get to you asap.

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