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I love Halloween so it makes me kind of irritated to find x-mas things next to Halloween items at the store, but as far as people. Meh, each their own. Not everyone likes or celebrates Halloween.


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Nope, I'm one of those people. I couldn't give two craps about Halloween so I rather skip it and celebrate something I enjoy.


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Nope! Doesn't bother me at all. Thanksgiving is in October anyway (in Canada) so Halloween and Thanksgiving normally go hand in hand in stores, might as well throw Christmas into the mix! I know some people care more about investing in one more than the other, so this gives everyone plenty of time to get the stuff they need/want for it. Personally, I think stores set out their holiday sale items way too early anyways, so I don't care if they want to mix and match them haha.


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Honestly I bully my siblings but thats mostly just calling them names....bullying either way, but honestly people leave me alone and i leave them alone 99.99% of the time. However I'm usually the one being messed with.


Not my rules to bully people.
But when I was about 13-14, I was a victim of heavy bullying in class because my mother was a teacher in the same school and everyone thought I get good grades because of that (they were wrong. she didn't even teach at my class). It mostly stopped after I hit the main bully with a chair. Deserved.

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Random question of the day:

When do developers of movie based games take too much liberty with the source material?
I think creators should be allowed a great deal of liberty. Sometimes people complain about something being too different or not what they expected, but I find that annoying. Why are you going to sit there and complain about something lacking identical nature to something else? Are we in the business of making clones? I think that a creator can put whatever twists they want on something, all that matters to me at the end of the day is WAS IT GOOD. I won't complain about somebody taking too much license unless the new ideas they bring to the table are just bad ideas.


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If we were talking book to film adaptations I’d have a different opinion, but for video game adaptations I feel that so long as the spirit of the source material is maintained, it’s perfectly fine.

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