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So what's the criteria here for "fantasy creature" as opposed to "fantasy race"? For instance, are all humanoids excluded? If there is any such distinction in the question, I mean.
Anything goes, really. Humanoids like elves, nymphs, mermaids and centaurs are allowed as answers to the question as well.
Heh I’d like to be a dragon or a fish men from one piece.
After seeing Kaido’s dragon forms I fell in love with dragons again.
So my first thoughts went to my favorite fantasy creature, a hydra. However as absolutely awesome as hydras are and even with the benefit of the original version which apparently had actual immortality and the regeneration was mostly an off-shoot from that, existence as one would be inconvenient in a lot of ways... Which is to say nothing of the possibility I'd be hunted down by people very familiar with my weaknesses.

I think what I would go for given the choice is some manner of quasi or actual divinity. There's certainly plenty of fantasy-brand types. When it comes to utility, this is certainly one of the better options. There's some anime versions of vampires and dragons that pretty much reach close to these levels as well, so those might be good as well. Heck, such dragons even overcome the being a monster issue by often having human forms they can go into.

If I were to try to pick something more down-to-earth though, my go to would be an automaton. Not sure how much this really counts, but provided I could get some understanding of it, I might be able to repair and upgrade my body and I could not only last long, but potentially transfer to another body in any eventuality.
Physically yeah. There's plenty of people working on it now, and there are if sparse cases of such a thing in the animal kingdom already. Barring some kind of massive disaster causing a huge setback I think it's pretty much a matter of time before we have the necessary knowledge to create a program capable of executing the molecular and physical repair of the effects of aging and technology that is small and precise enough to execute those repairs. There might be a limit though in terms of how young you can go, as doing anything with the brain here is probably going to be the biggest challenge and trying to shrink a brain that has already matured and formed memories after that.... Yeah....
Probably just physically. I don't think it would be possible to do it for the brain/mental capacities.
Slid down a very long set of concrete stairs in a plastic bucket as a kid. Could've gone horribly wrong, but I nailed it, just sayin' 💅
I think it's a wider issue than that, personally! By which I mean, I think people who have issues with... exhibiting higher emotion than the normal baseline, especially people who have emotional outbursts, make people uncomfortable. People with anger issues are the subject of jokes and ridicule, but people who get sad super easily, especially ones who cry very easily, also tend to get it; I'd argue that people who are too easily amused or laugh at inappropriate times do as well, though I feel like that's also less common because it already feels like they're "making a joke" of situations?

And I'd posit that this is because people are made uncomfortable by such emotional expression. If someone is laughing in an upsetting situation, it feels wrong. If someone is crying very easily, it can come with a feeling of "I don't know how to help or make this stop." If someone is having an angry outburst, especially if they have a habit of it, it can be upsetting or even feel threatening to the people around them. It's not a good response, but making them the subject of jokes and ridicule seems to be a way of defusing the discomfort and also trying to make such things socially unacceptable so they don't have to experience that discomfort again.
Depends on what they’ve done . Kanye? His stuff isn’t even good to begin with. And now he’s a nazi. JK Rowling, the terf and antisemite. No. But when it’s just celebrities fighting…. Ehh.

Look, if they are making a profit off of you consuming their media, then don’t. Wagner is dead, he won’t make money if you listen to his works. Or if you rewrite all his operas to be Jewish stories. Make the bastard spin in his grave.
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