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I think I’d rather shorts in winter. Here’s my reasoning:

  • Weather has been pretty weird here lately, often our winters end up having a lot of hot sunny days.
  • Even if it’s not a day like that, there’s more general leeway to just stay inside in the winter.
  • There are other things you can cover yourself up with besides clothes.


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It is always like summer where I live, wearing thick clothes in hotter weather will not always be as miserable if you have enough willpower and showers. UV protection from coverage is a plus as well.


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They have the money to do as they please. There are people that will watch the movies and those that are complaining, the crowd in an UPROAR over the Little Mermaid, they'll still watch the movies too. Disney doesn't care.


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Random question of the day:

Why does Disney keep making trashy live action remakes of their classic movies as well as making trashy Marvel shows knowing that people hate them every time?
It’s obviously for the money. Most of their movies now are soulless, ‘woke’ live action remakes.

I actually watched the pinocchio remake yesterday, and man is disney falling off. It doesn’t even look good. The CGI just can’t mix with the live action. There were like... Two things I liked which were Honest John (Who in my opinion, looks pretty good in the film alongside Gideon!) and the Pleasure Island design. Even though they toned down the themes in said island, like taking out the beer and cigarettes and replacing them with mean teenagers holding signs saying ‘shut up looser’.

And Figaro just looks… Weird.

And they ruined the Donkey Scene. The darned Donkey Scene! It used to terrorize me when I was a kid, and it just looks bad. The teen’s acting didn’t really seem convincing.

Plus, the raceswapping of the Blue Fairy didn’t hit me right. Just straight up switching races of a character isn’t the inclusivity we’re all hoping to see.

Pinocchio never seems to get punished, and the ’no lie😡😡😡’ moral was ruined in a scene.

+ Jokes didn’t land, but I did chuckle at the ‘chris pine’ joke. + ratio + live action remake + cope


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Random question of the day:

What real life event was the biggest waste of time (In your opinion)?
the long-term relationship I had after my ex-husband. At least my ex was just two years of my life. But the boyfriend I had after him was almost 7 years of my younger life that could have been better spent with someone else, or multiple someone elses (Or even if I had stayed single, tbh). That's all in the past though, as I'm remarried and have a kiddo, now.

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