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No answers to yesterday's question. What a shame.

Random question of the day:

Have you ever won a contest, but never managed to claim your prize? If so, did you get a compensation for that?

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As for the worst SNES game, I can't think up of one I didn't enjoy :p idk but I might remember a bad game if someone mentions a game.

As for today's question, I won a Science Quiz Bee just last year but litterally nothing happened. Me and my partner received no recognition, let alone an award, aside from those present at the event at the same day, and I had to even think hard to remember this event now that I realized it. This new school did suck at contest management when I heard kf it but it's not too terrible of a school in general.

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Any and every hand to hand fight from all Star Trek films. The TV shows were just as bad in that respect too.


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Not so much these days. Lots of things are just not worth getting angry over and it's better to concentrate your thoughts elsewhere.


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Are you easily annoyed?
Depends on what the provocation is, but often unfortunately yes. I've had anger management issues since very very young, though thanks to therapy I had with a psychologist back then I've managed to really put some reins on it.

The Pattern

There are patterns everywhere
Only when the temperature's over 29 degrees Celsius. I tend to get more emotional and generally more unpleasant the warmer I am.


Because it's known that 7 > 6

Also, is this a Little Nightmare reference? (Asking for a friend)
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Because nine ate seven.

And now seven has returned as a poop zombie...

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