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I really can’t understand when people take joy in kids suffering. Even if they are bratty, annoying, entitled, kid and whatever else. Like, I get it, it can really get on a person’s nerves, but they’re kids, they just don’t know nor could they know better if the way they are educated or their natural temperament doesn’t allow for it. So I can’t understand someone taking joy out of them being hurt, physically or emotionally.

Not that I necessarily blame people who do though, at least not in every case. If something annoys you I also understand that instinctive desire to get back at it. But I don’t know, I guess there’s just a line that takes that too far, and seeing them get hurt or doing something like that common example of “buying all the last happy meals/xburgers/etc... after hearing the kid asking for it specifically” definitely goes too far in my eyes.

Thinking about it, I guess “momentary relief” is acceptable to me “sadism” isn’t, when it comes to kids.

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Random question of the day:

Have you ever laughed at an annoying kid tripping and falling at a restaurant?
Have I ever? Actually, I have never seen an annoying kid trip in any food joint (whether it be a restaurant or fast food place). I have seen adorable kids being kids and then being clumsy and tripping into something, which warrants the need to sit them down, comfort them, and all that jazz.

A kid isn't annoying until they decide to take all the price tags from the grocery aisles and pee on the grocery store, and break the metal slide that pulls out so you may bag your insanely tall bags with ease by jumping on it. Yes, this happened. We didn't see that family for a while and when they came back, the boy was a lot more well behaved.

I'm just glad I don't work in that grocery store anymore XD


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I'm gonna be honest? If younger teens count, absolutely. Not anyone at an age that would KNOW better, but if you're 13 ad being a little shit I will snicker when you fall on your ass.


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Would it not be why can I tiptoe but I can't go tipfingering?

And why do we say our fingers have tips but we don't commonly say our toes have tips they're just toes? And why do we stub toes but we don't stub fingers?

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