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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Randomizderp, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Randomizderp

    Randomizderp Random Sandwich Lord

    Try to talk about random Dark Souls series experience.

    I'll go first. Since I have only the third one, DS3, my story will only be in that game. So I tried running a small arena in High Wall of Lothric.(dried finger, standing near bonfire and bowing.) I met many, and was victorious over all of them. About 7 different people it was. Many fought me in a respectable battle....

    Some used yellow estus(undead hunter charms were thrown), one just charged in when I was bowing. Was a pleasure fighting guys one on one.

    Was at the end of the forties in level, pretty sure that wasn't even a real pvp experience, but eh. It was fun.
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  2. Captain Gensokyo

    Captain Gensokyo SHSL Incident Solver



    Dragon Archers.

    In Anor Londo.
  3. Randomizderp

    Randomizderp Random Sandwich Lord

    Wish me (no) luck man, currently roaming around cathedral of the deep.
  4. Whisker

    Whisker One Thousand Club

    Discovering that DEX builds are actually viable ways to play.

    In the past, I always did QUAL or STR builds because smashing the hell out of everything and everyone is fun. I recently picked up DS III for my PC on top of my PS4 version to play around with. I chose Thief and was absolutely blown away at how amazing it was despite having zip for damage. Much parry/backstab/snipe fodder. 
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  5. StoneWolf18

    StoneWolf18 One Fancy Ass Wolf
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    Fixed my mess of a pyro-dex-str-whateverthefuckwas to a STR build. Now am using the fume greatsword to try and get through the grand archives while fashion souls with the firekeeper robes and dancer crown so I can medium roll.

    Oh lord.
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  6. Husk

    Husk wears heelies to escape their feelies

    I've played all three but in DS3 I did a co-op run with my partner and occasionally one of my best friends. 
    It's not a random experience but holy shit, hiding from non-summoned invaders was way too hilarious in Dark Souls 3. I was often able to clip into decorative objects and hide there forever.

    Basically I am an asshole. One time we did have an invader who came to our world and just sat down. We eventually messaged him on Steam being like, damn, you've got some serious patience. The invader, myself, and my partner all just sat and chilled together until we held a proper duel. I've also been invaded by lovely dark spirits called Donald T**** (because rump is a bad word I guess) and 420praiseit
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  7. Randomizderp

    Randomizderp Random Sandwich Lord

    Oh, I remember one more. I invaded someone in Road of Sacrifices, and found out it was 3 v 1, I was outnumbered. I found them and did the collapse gesture..... and they whipped me to death.

    Also worked as a guide for three man team in farron keep as invading sunlight warrior, gave them three embers.

    So much fun invading.
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  8. Husk

    Husk wears heelies to escape their feelies

    I wish my PC wasn't dead right now because I want to go do some invading aha, you've inspired me
  9. Randomizderp

    Randomizderp Random Sandwich Lord

    Fun thing: I dressed up with no armor+ broken straight swords on both hands. Changed to Abyss Watchers set to help them fight another invader(while I was being the farron guide)
  10. Windsock

    Windsock Elder Member

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    I'm actually palying ds2 for the first time after (in order) Bloodborne, DS1, and DS3, and wow, it's actually much better than I expected. It's got a strange difficulty curve and some choices I don't agree with, but in all honesty, I'm having a more fun time then I did in DS3...

    I dunno what's wrong with me either. It might just be because it actually runs at 30 FPS on my computer reliably while DS3 doesn't tbh lmao (I've played everything except BB on my PC)
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  11. Ophirius

    Ophirius Chin-Chin's slave

    i was invaded once in the tower that leads to the Gargoyle battle in DS2 and I was so close to winning until I fell through one of the holes in the floor and died.
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  12. St Sin

    St Sin ☾ Nycto ☽

    The dragon archers aren't very fun to deal with.

    Especially when they practically one shot you by sending you down to the pits of hell whilst you're walking across a bridge.

    Such frustration.

    Much pain.
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  13. Jellyon

    Jellyon The Little Monster


    Blighttown and the 200+ deaths that came with it.

    Not to mention the 5 pvp deaths I encountered.

    One of which died by a enemy phantom near the end.

    Not sure if that is considered random.

    More of pure hatered really.
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  14. Villeneuve

    Villeneuve Broadside Gunner

    The path to Anor Londo, I think, is the most hated area in DS3. But the Crucified Woods is close a second - this is in terms of invasions though.
    I once had 3 invaders as I was trying to make my way to Anor Londo.

    None of them would give me a proper one on one fight; even though I was throwing bow gestures in. So I had no choice but to take them all on at once.

    I managed to kill each of them. I was very surprised and kind of annoyed that I didn't have a Blue Sentinel or Blade of The Dark Moon summon to come and help me, despite having Way of The Blue equipped.
    But I prevailed and was very proud of myself to handle 3 Non-NPC's at once, although there was a ton of rolling involved. Lol.
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  15. Stickdom

    Stickdom Thank You For The Coffee

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    >be me, SL60-ish Sunbro

    >enter Darkroot Garden as human for Jolly Cooperation with Sif

    >discover that Darkroot Garden is PVP Nirvana


    >get free souls from scrubs

    >gain a few levels from scrub invasions

    >fighting shield tanks and dexrogues left and right



    >wat is that outfit?

    >wat is that sword?


    >get one-shot on a dead angle from Zweihander Ninja Knight

    >the Legend Never Dies

    And that's how I met my first GiantDad XD
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  16. Petite Rouge

    Petite Rouge Psychotic Dancer

    In ds3 i invaded someone whp was trying to get past the dragon archers. They got close, until I partied them and they were nailed by a rain of arrow spears from the dragon archers.

    I also got by butt kicked by a guy with a pick axe when I first started. Also ds3. 
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  17. Nunali

    Nunali Your Resident White Mage

    So one time I was playing Dark Souls 2 and I was in the Belfry Luna. I hadn't gotten to open the gate to the Gargoyles yet but I did clear all the NPCs on my way up to the gate. I HATE going up the ladder to flip the switch and at the time I was quite strong enough to handle a big group of the midgets! xD I was trying to take them out one by one and in the process I was invaded. First invader wasn't too bad, I beat them nbd. Second invader just stood there away like a dumb-dumb so I killed them too. The THIRD guy...totally ignores me, heads for the ladder and waits for me to go up the ladder so he and those stupid dark spirit midgets can wreck me and I obviously was NOT going to go up there with HIM up there. So I waited. He went down the ladder about half way and peeked to see where I was...then climbed back up. This was repeated about four more times over the course of a couple minutes. I eventually decided to trick him! I found a good spot, went into my inventory, and used one of the Silver Coins sitting in my inventory when he was waiting for me at the lever. He comes back down and I was turned into a brazier in the corner. I sat there, too scared to move. He walked around looking for me, he had NO clue I used the coin. He eventually got close enough to me so I could whack him a few times (probably scared the shit out of him in the process) I believe I ended up killing him but dying after the next invader came! Hope you enjoyed the story xD
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  18. Whisker

    Whisker One Thousand Club

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    Question to the audience: What is your opinion on DS bosses? 

    Who gave you the most fits? And who were your easiest bosses? 
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  19. Randomizderp

    Randomizderp Random Sandwich Lord

    I'm going through Cathedral of the Deep right now....

    By far Iudex Gundyr and Crystal Sage (you can shoot your soul arrows now). DS3 is my first DS experience, giving me tons of death at Gundyr, and the Sage was.... Well, simply annoying.
  20. Cadryn

    Cadryn Double Luck

    In dark souls 1: Easiest would be Bell Tower Gargoyles, or Moonlight Butterfly, Hardest would be Ornstein and Smough, most rage quits might have to go to either Capra Demon or Bed of Chaos. Favorite boss would probably be Quelaag. (Haven't played the dlc) 

    Didn't get far enough in dark slouls 2 to really have an opinion. 

    Bloodbourne: Easiest would have to be Amygdala or the Moon Presence, Hardest is of course going to be Orphan of Kos, most rage quits was probably the Blood-starved Beast since that was my lesson in parrying though Vicar Amelia on NG+ was up there too, Favorite boss is definitely Lady Maria. 

    Dark souls 3: Easiest boss Deacons of the Deep, Hardest boss is Storm King, though I also had a bitch of a time with Aldrich, most rage quits embarrassingly was to Crystal Sage since I was approaching the fight completely wrong for my first fifteen tries or so, my favorite fight would be between Abyss Watchers, Pontiff Sullivan, and Soul of Cinder.
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  21. Stickdom

    Stickdom Thank You For The Coffee

    My DS experience is only relegated to the first one, I own the second game but my computer is too slow to run it for more than a few minutes before crashing (yeah, it's that bad XD). I'd have to say my personal easiest boss is Pinwheel, he's pretty simple to just bash to death with whatever you have handy, a few simple dodges and he won't even touch you. Moonlight Butterfly is just an annoyance because it takes forever for it to land so you can hit it if you're melee, but pretty much tied for easiest boss. Priscilla is easy enough (But why would you do that, you monster?!) just gotta figure out the footstep pattern. 

     Ornstein and Smaugh is everyone's favorite rage-quit duo, but I tend to solo them pretty easily with the right builds, usually around SL 60 or so. My Onebro run was a nightmare though, no summons and very little gear, it was tough XD I'll tell you that my personal hardest boss was Ceaseless Discharge, but only because I refuse to use the exploit and try to fight him mano a mano. His hitboxes are so messed up, he can hit you if you're even in the area of his arm swing, he doesn't have to really touch you to get hit, frustration levels rising. 

    My favorite boss, though, is a toss-up between Artorias and Gwyn, not because of the fight, but their stories. Just wow, I almost have to stop myself from tearing up as I land the final blow on Artorias. That scream. *shudder* All he's been through and what he's sacrificed, especially when you find out is was all for Sif. And Gwyn's music gets me every time, that melody just tears your heart out as you realise just what it is that you're about to do and how selfish you really are for doing it.

    I highly HIGHLY recommend the DLC, there's not much to it, but the boss fights.... they're just too freaking good. 
  22. Cadryn

    Cadryn Double Luck

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    I really want to play it. Artorias is one of my favorite Dark Souls characters, but only recently have I had the ability to connect my Xbox to the internet and I lent out my copy of Dark Souls 1

    My friend was having the same problem. He had no trouble with Ornstein and Smough but was stuck forever at Ceaseless Discharge.
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  23. Whisker

    Whisker One Thousand Club

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    I have only played Bloodborne, DS III, and DS I as of this post. I picked up II and Demon Souls at  Christmas.

    Bloodborne was my first Souls experience and probably my hardest one give or take. I think the two I struggled with the most are Vicar Amelia and the Daughter of the Cosmos. Something I noticed that has been fairly consistent across all my DS runs is that I struggle far less with humanoid bosses than with monster type bosses. 

    Like in DS III, I struggled more with the scope of the Curse-rotted Greatwood than I did with the Abyss Watchers who I breezed through pretty easily.

    Hardest Boss: There are a lot in this category, but I think the award is going to go to Vicar Amelia who was my true wake up call in Souls. She wrecked my shit quite a bit before I 'got gud' enough to kill her.

    Easiest Boss: It's a toss up between Vordt and Seathe, the Scaleless. Shadow of Yharnam was pretty easy too.
  24. Bunny Hop!

    Bunny Hop! Activating Self Destruct Sequence

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    SCREW these guys. They can one shot you on NG+3 if you don't have good armour. RIP 30,000 souls.

    I may get skinned for saying this but easiest boss goes to Dancer of The Boreal Valley/ Taurus Demon/ Mytha the Baneful Queen.

    Worst: Aldrich, devourer of gods/ Nameless King/ Smelter Demon/ Ruin Sentinels/ Both sets of Bell Gargoyles/ Pursuer. And DUKES.DEAR.FREJA 

    I hate spiders

    (I struggle with quick moving or gank bosses.)

    Favourite bosses? Dancer of the Boreal Valley, Abyss Watchers, Lost Sinner, Scorpioness Nadjka.
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  25. Captain Gensokyo

    Captain Gensokyo SHSL Incident Solver

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    RIP my second playthrough. I got demotivated with my cosplay DEX build.

    Might pick her up again now that I've been talking about Dark Souls lately, though.

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