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r a m u n e

inconsistent heartache

hello! my name is ramune! :ghostv:
i actually was on hiatus for a while and was hoping
to find a new roleplay partner or two to get back
into writing!

||a little about me||
-i like to write paragraphs, not so much one-liners.
-i love putting attention to detail
in my work!
-i don't write like this in character! just fyi
-i only like using anime/stylized refs for characters
-i tend to be a quick replier!
-i can take on multiple side characters in an rp, it's no issue!
-i like world-building, so please always come to me with ideas!!
-please brainstorm with me i am desperate

(the role i want to play is in italics! if neither are marked than idm whichever!)
*also if you pm me we can totally expand on these ideas and change them!!*
Scratched out means I have enough of said rp :,)

- "bully" everyone's afraid of x nerd that has a thing for said "bully"
- lost kitsune x young nobleman

-forest spirit whose shrine is dying x poor soul who stumbles across it
-dragon prince whose memory is lost (has human form) x human prince who believes dragons aren't real

-Plots with more substance!-
MC= my character
YC= your character
AC=anyone's character!

-A Dragon's Promise-

is a descendent of an ancient heritage, a reincarnation of a dragon who lived centuries ago with incredible powers. When the dragon was still alive, he had another dragon who served as his friend and master. The master had trained the dragon well, but, as time moved on, the dragon noticed how longingly his master watched the humans of their world. So it was with sadness the dragon let his master revoke his heritage and instead become human. For a while, the dragon had watched over him and noticed how poorly his master was being treated. The humans, who saw his master turn human feared him and desired his power, resulting in his brutal death. With tears in the dragon's eyes, he questioned his master's desires, wondering why he would let himself die at the hands of those who hated him. He begged his master to return as a dragon before he died, but he was met with these words; "I will never hurt them. As much as it hurts, I love these creatures with all my heart."

Full of anger and grief the dragon cried, and it was with all the power and magic his master had taught him he sacrificed himself and let his blood rain down from the heavens. He promised his master that no matter what, he would protect him from that fate ever happening again. Even if it took him a thousand generations.

That same blood that rained from the sky soaked into the humans it landed on, but only the one who had felt the same pain the dragon had was able of awakening its power. Each generation from then on, one dragon was born and died in hopes that their master would find them, and it wasn't until YC's birth did what every previous dragon hoped.

MC is a prince of a kingdom on the brink of destruction after his father, the king is murdered. There could be inner issues/outside issues but when MC heard the same story tale he had as a child from his father about the dragon, he chose to seek him out. He knew that YC would be the person he needed to save their kingdom from destruction. But what MC doesn't know is he's the very reincarnation of YC's master.
(Heavily inspired by Yona of the Dawn)

-Everybody Stand Back!-

MC's always been a standout with extremely bad luck. Because of that same bad luck that's plagued him his whole life, he's lost many, whether or not it was induced by his "curse" or if they were simply too afraid to be near him. The boy's never without a bruise or scratch, almost always tripping over something. Some would say he was clumsy and unreliable, but he wouldn't care and push on just to spite them. He came to not mind it so much, but he couldn't help but feel left out when he saw other adventurers traveling together. It was lonely work. So with a clenched fist, he tried his best to be happy-go-lucky, always wearing a broad smile and crescent eyes. If it weren't for himself, it would be so others didn't think of him as a burden.

When there's talk of a monster causing trouble outside town, MC is the first to go protect the citizens that avoid him.
Even if it cost him his life. And it almost did, if YC didn't step in right before MC's death. As they continue to hang around each other, MC realizes that YC is practically immune to his bad luck.

if you have any ideas besides this i am so so interested to hear them!
thank you for reading!!

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ahh oh geez hi!! i love the first prompt, always a sucker for polar opposite couples / RPing nerdy-type characters >_<
i also prefer writing paragraphs, so if you need an example of my writing let me know and i'll DM one to you!!

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