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Fandom Ramblings of A Madwoman

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I love her lack of energy!Go girl!give us nothing!
okay i am using tabs instead of scroll boxes to make the readers life better but if it messes up I AM GOING TO EXPLODE
old Thread was looking nasty asf

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    I am Fritz or Ritz, whatever you all prefer.

    I am a 18 year old female who is a psychopath and by that I mean I’m fucking weird. Do not be afraid I’m normal, kindanotreallylol. Anyway aside from writing on here I draw! Not very well but it’s a hobby I do and I have a very weird love-hate relationship with it. I suffer from art AND writers block all the time so I’m hoping to regain my muse, someway somehow. My activity is quite all over the place as I have highschool, 2 college classes and my partime job on the weekend. I try to respond at least once a day rp wise but ooc wise, if I like you, then I will just nonstop run my stupid lil mouth. So if I had to guess I respond at least 2-7 times a week wise, I do have periods of just disappearing because I need mental breaks so I will try to tell you if that happens. Fair warning I do ghost, but if we managed to make some kind of friendship I will warn you! I’m not a fan of writing off site but if you’d like ooc offsite then I can work with that! I have discord for that ^^

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