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Fantasy Rales OOC



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Silencer Lucio Silencer Lucio is Orivin talking about Jin when he mentioned about the improperly-dressed man? Just to make sure πŸ˜€ before Jin decides to snort at the comment


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Ah, okay. I was under the impression they're were glances but yeah that makes more sense lol
I had trouble describing it without it getting too long-winded. Dahlia was staring at her without turning her head, but so constantly that it was still obvious she was doing so.


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A quick question. Are there herbs in the pouch and what is the significance of the arrowhead spear amulet to her?

Her wish and the contract would need to be stated as well. Like the others.
I'd certainly hope that that there'd be herbs in it. XP Nothing magical or amazing though. (Not that kind of HERB!) Most are to flavor food, and the remaining few are medicinal to calm nerves, or stave off minor infection or fever. The spearhead is her brother's, and the last thing of her family. If she really wanted a spearhead, she'd find and make a new one before using her brother's. Not that it's even sharp anymore. Can you imagine tossing in your sleep and get spearhead lodged in you?

Her contract and wish was going to be explained in the introduction post, but if you want in the CS, I'll amend it.

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