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Fandom raindrops on roses. [multiple fandom search // doubling friendly ♥]

Sub Genres
Anime, LGTBQ, Romance


❝ meet me under the mistletoe. ❞
disclaimer: i only type in lowercase caps for aesthetic, and can assure you that i am literate in rp. thank you!

w e l c o m e !
about me

i’m 22 and have been roleplaying for about ten years.
i tend to get busy irl, but i will still try to get back to you as soon as i can!
doubling up is strongly preferred unless you prefer to just take on a canon character.
i’m actually nice, whoa! i love to chat ooc with people; i won’t force you to talk, but feel free to drop the discord question on me or just spam my inbox with headcanons and stuff!
i’m into a myriad of genres! but romance is a must, as it keeps me engaged. i’m a romantic sucker, what can i say?
i can write between 1-9 paragraphs, possibly more if i’m really inspired!
i generally prefer to write as a female in m x f / f x f pairings.
i can write any gender for your half! male? female? m x m / f x f / m x f? genderfluid? non-binary? i’m open! just please, bear in mind my preferences for my side.
i am very flexible on where we rp!

partner preferences

at least 1-2 paragraphs. maybe less if you can still give me enough detail. quality over quantity; but please, just give me more than a single line of text for a whole post.
please be patient. if i don’t reply in a day, feel free to ask, but don’t poke me every hour i don’t respond.
do not be rude!
feel free to give me any ideas you have! i love plotting together!
i would prefer to double up in oc x canon, please. no canon x canon/oc x oc.

favorite genres & au's

romance is a must. whether we start with the ships in a relationship or develop it in the rp.
i enjoy a good fantasy or modern rp from time to time!
drama is enjoyed.
action is enjoyed.
horror & mystery are enjoyed. especially psychological horror!
slice-of-life is enjoyed.
soulmate au’s aren’t required, but i’m weak for a good soulmate au rp. i have tons of soulmate au’s.
college or high school au’s are fun, too!
i’m open to other au ideas! au’s aren’t required for the rp, but i find them fun.

note: fandoms in red are cravings !!

avatar: the last airbender / legend of korra
i'm still on season 2 of LoK, but please feel free to ask who i can/can't play!
my love interest(s):

who i can play as:
pretty much anyone! just ask ~ ♡

black butler
my love interest(s):
sebastian - joker - dagger - alois - soma - baldroy

who i can play as:
teen/adult ciel - teen/adult elizabeth - beast - charles phipps - finnian - mey-rin - pluto - claude - agni - doll - baldroy - undertaker - ran-mao - ash

my love interest(s):

who i can play as:
catherine - katherine - erica - ishtar - jonny - toby - orlando

deadman wonderland
my love interest(s):

who i can play as:
ganta - shiro - minatsuki

demon slayer: kimetsu no yaiba
my love interest(s):
inosuke - tanjiro - zenitsu

who i can play as:
pretty much anyone (except inosuke, sorry!), just ask ~ ♡

diabolik lovers
my love interest(s):
ayato - laito - kanato - shu - yuma - ruki - kou - azusa - shin

who i can play as:
reiji - ruki - richter - karlheinz - yui - shu - yuma - azusa - carla

disney / dreamworks
my love interest(s):
naveen - li shang - prince eric - john smith - hercules - jack frost - diaval

who i can play as:
pretty much anyone, just ask if i'm comfortable writing as your preferred love interest!

my love interest(s):
izaya - shizuo

who i can play as:
kida - mikado - anri - shizuo - aoba - shinra - kasuka - seiji - kyohei - kururi - mairu

genshin impact
my love interest(s):
kaeya - diluc

who i can play as:
pretty much anyone! just ask ~ ♡

jojo's bizarre adventure
my love interest(s):
dio - jonathan - joseph - caesar - jotaro - josuke - kakyoin - kars - giorno - mista - fugo - narancia - buccellati - diavolo/doppio

who i can play as:
speedwagon - erina - lisa lisa - joseph - polnareff - kakyoin - straizo - vanilla ice - koichi - okuyasu - rohan - yukako - reimi - keicho - tonio - aya - kira - narancia - abbacchio

marvel cinematic universe
my love interest(s):
loki - steve - doctor strange - peter quill

who i can play as:
bucky - bruce - tony - clint - natasha - valkyrie/brunnhilde - wanda - vision - gamora - peter quill - peter parker - pietro

mystic messenger
my love interest(s):
jumin - zen

who i can play as:
jaehee - 707 - yoosung - v - unknown - rika

my hero academia
due to there being high requests with this fandom, i'll only be taking plots/ideas that highly interest me right now! i'm also open to oc/oc here!

my love interest(s):
bakugou - midoriya - kirishima - shinso - togata - ashido (fxf) - sero - dabi - fatgum

who i can play as:
(the list was too long, so here’s the basic idea! just ask!)

most of class 1-a (except bakugou, i can never nail him)
all of class 1-b
the big three
all of the pro heroes
all of the villains
+ shinso

ouran high school host club
my love interest(s):
tamaki suoh - kaoru hitachiin - hikaru hitachiin

who i can play as:
kyoya ootori - takashi morinozuka - honey senpai - haruhi fujioka

soul eater
my love interest(s):
death the kid - soul

who i can play as:
soul - maka - blair - spirit - black star - tsubaki - liz - patty - stein - sid - medusa - arachne - asura - marie - free - eruka - mizune - justin

stardew valley
my love interest(s):

who i can play as:
pretty much anyone! just ask ~ ♡


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