Work in Progress Ragnarok: Twilight of the Gods

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  1. Ever since the beginning of time, Ragnarok was destined to come, this moment marks the end of the Norse mythological cycle. And the beginning of a new one, it is currently the 21st century, Norse mythology is all but real but no one knows and now the only way the world has a chance to be saved is from a select few being called forth to work to fight in the battle to help end it once and for all, the event akin to Armageddon and Judgement day is almost upon the world, those who are chosen must stand together to push back the threat that threatens to end them all!

    1. First a 3 year uninterrupted winter known as 'Fimbulwinter' and during these 3 years humanity will turn on one another, becoming dangerously selfish and will turn into all out warfare with people killing one another.

    2. 3 roosters in the different areas of the 9 worlds will inform the giant's Ragnarok has begun, they will also inform Hel, the goddess of the underworld to bring up her own army of the dishonorable dead to fight with the Giants to destroy Asgard. And with her armies approach leading other foul natured spirts like dark elves to join in. And a bunch of other big people who will fight and kill. The last one will inform the gods of Asgard that it has begun and to commence the final battle.

    3. A huge battle will ensue on the survivors in Midgard and at Asgard with many gods being killed. And Midgard will fight a giant with a flaming sword who will burn the world alive, while having support from other smaller creatures. But in this case Odin will be receiving extra help that may just save the world both their worlds and stop Ragnarok.

    No, for this RP no one will be playing as any god's you will be fighting as smaller but possible pivotal roles that may just end up stopping Ragnarok. That is up to all of you. 5 max altogether for each role which means at most the whole party should be consisted of 15 people if that's the max we hit, and this will be a brutal no bars held back RP where death is entirely possible, over the course of the RP, so don't complain if you end up dying... And once this starts you cannot create another character even if you perish.


    Men and women selected, by Odin and his Valkyrie's who have fought heroically and have died the same. These soldier spirits, were selected to help prepare to defend Asgard and Midgard and Odin for when Ragnarok comes. These men or women are selected from any war, any year (Not cavemen! As far as ancient Sumer to now) armed with anything from their historical period and what they carried. So you can finally have a Soviet soldier from WWII fighting alongside a Roman legionnaire to prevent the world from being destroyed. They may have not have believed in the Norse faith but now they fight for it. And to save both worlds.

    The Uncorrupted:

    These are innocent seemingly normal teenagers whom were lucky enough to not be corrupted during the course of 'Fimbulwinter'. These individuals although are special in that they have innate powers that were meant for the purpose of assisting in the defense of Earth once Ragnarok began. These powers are based in skill sets like magic or skill in weapons like swords, daggers, bows etc.


    The all female choosers of the slain in wars they pick whom Odin wants, but in this time of need they know combat and will be utilized to assist our uncorrupted, the Einherjar, and Odin and fight to the last breath.

    This RP will be a casual to detailed in length, a minimum of 1 paragraph, so no one liners.

    It will all come down! The end is nigh and all shall perish! The Twilight of the Gods has come!

    (What do you guys think of this? Do you believe this is good, would you personally be interested? Is there anything I should add or say? Any constructive criticism will be accepted and taken note of!)

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