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Idea started from a thread in RP discussion by redraider redraider .
This is a thread for only me to have IC interviews, the rotation thread is in character showcase.

If you’d like to ask a question as an Oc of yours, add a <Calling in> tag to the beginning of your post

Once page two is reached, and depending on flow of the questions, Call In Interviews will be available.
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A transmission feed comes on screen. The video feed is blurry and shaky, the device likely moving around a lot. Nothing is clear enough to be made out but there is audio heard.

“—on! How d’ya work this Light damned thing, piece of—“

There’s a thud and the video part of the transmission shorts out to black screen with ‘NO DEVICE FOUND’ in bold white lettering. However, the audio still works.

A male voice hisses,
“Damnit, Autumn’s gonna kill me!“
and it sounds like he’s far from whatever is picking up sound.

He groans and there is silence for a few seconds, then some very loud shuffling.

“...Well since the mic and broadcast is still workin’ I might as well continue?”
The man is louder now, more clear. He clears his throat before taking on an obnoxious announcer voice.

“This is the Lucifer’s broadcast comin’ to you live from under the oppressive, suffocatin’ air of CC, I’m your host, the one, the only, Fiery Star Flame—“
He bursts into laughter and then continues with his normal voice,
“Oh Cursed Light I swear... I tried, how in the six shades of Darkness do those people do that with a straight face!? Heehee”
He lets out a few trailing laughs.

“...in all seriousness, this is Flame, member of The Lucifer’s resistance, and I’m taking questions from Flurmere outsiders that hopefully can pick up the connection.”

There is a click, and a typing box prompt pops up. The creak of a swivel chair being leaned back rings out before what sounds like a record needle being placed. Soft jazzy music begins to play faintly in the background of the audio.

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The Lucifer? I hate to say it, but I don't think you're going to inspire anybody to your cause with that name. What made you pick it?
Answer #1
The Lucifer? I hate to say it, but I don't think you're going to inspire anybody to your cause with that name. What made you pick it?
There’s a brief snort.

“...I guess without context it sounds a bit bad.”

He pauses and the clicking of him fiddling with a pen can be heard.

“See here’s the thing, we picked that name ‘cause CC believes that since we’ve got wings we must be Angel’s,”
There’s clear venom and bitterness in his voice,
“And anythin’ that doesn’t fit their image of Purity must be Demonic, if you show those Demonic traits, they need to be either expelled either from you
he grits his teeth,
“or you from them.”

He takes a deep breath, he must have leaned away because he next words are quieter.

“Lucifer, the Angel tossed from Heaven for his rebellion to God.”

He pauses again.

“...Pretty fittin’ for the name of a revolutionist group under a ‘Angelic’ Purity Cult If ya ask me.”
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<Calling in from the Makhnovshchina. A young woman's voice begins to speak a low tone, her English accented heavily with an almost Russian but not quite lilt. i hope I'm doing this character thing right>
"Greetings comrades, sent from the Ukrainian free territory. tell me, have you heard of the American magazine 'Lucifer the Light Bearer that shares many of the ideals, as well as the name of your movement? it was a historical anarchist and Free Love newspaper that got in a great deal of trouble for talking about sex and sexuality, a violation of the infamous Comstock laws."
Answer #2
There’s a ping picked up by the microphone then clicking of a computer mouse.

“Oh? So that program is working right!”

He does something with whatever he is using and the audio message sent in plays.
<Calling in from the Makhnovshchina. A young woman's voice begins to speak a low tone, her English accented heavily with an almost Russian but not quite lilt. i hope I'm doing this character thing right>
"Greetings comrades, sent from the Ukrainian free territory. tell me, have you heard of the American magazine 'Lucifer the Light Bearer that shares many of the ideals, as well as the name of your movement? it was a historical anarchist and Free Love newspaper that got in a great deal of trouble for talking about sex and sexuality, a violation of the infamous Comstock laws."

“Greetin’s and thanks for your message, but I don’t know of that magazine, haven’t heard of anything like it...”

Flame is silent for around a minute afterwards, with keyboard clacking and clicking heard instead. Eventually he hums, then starts speaking again.

Interestin’, I can’t find anythin’ on it, could either be too old for the World Wide records and didn’t make it over when the records combined, or blocked by CC’s censors.”

Him tapping his fingers on a hard surface can be heard as he pauses.

“...it’s likely the latter, but a lot of records were lost during that merge.”
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The Program gives a loud ping and a text box pops up on screen.

- Do you have anything else to say?

You can hear the faint scratches of Flame drawing with a pencil while he hums and quietly sings along to the lyrics of the music droning on in the background

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Copy pasted from ICI thread #1
Can you walk us through what an average day in your life looks like?​

“An average day?”

He hums in thought.

“Well it depends, but usually my days go like this, Wake up ‘round in the afternoon, grab an apple or fruit from the kitchen, then fly out to Outer Arc where I can find some odd jobs for work,”

His chair creaks loudly as he leans slightly back in it, resulting in him aborting the action from the loud volume.

“Actually, I managed to keep steady job for six months as a delivery person once, people growin’ food needin’ to send it to their customers, before I got caught with my magic again. That’s usually what ends any stable job I get.”

All throughout his answer, he taps the pencil on the desk to the beat of the music in the background. Briefly, his attention is caught up in the song before he remembers he’s supposed to be answering a question.

“Yeah, anyway, my average day. After I do whatever jobs I can and get paid, I usually stop for groceries for me and my brothers. Oak’s real nice, he’s part of the Lucifer’s, and gives us a discount in exchange for Autumn turnin’ a blind eye to his plant magic.”

He pauses again, tapping the pencil more rapidly.

“Then…. after that? Uh....? Usually I drop the groceries off, eat somethin’, then go see if Rise is taking care of themself and not overdoin’ it at the clinic they work at before curfew hits. Or If Rise is home I go and check on Star and maybe play a few songs with her, James, or Bezel in the basement she’s dug out with her magic and sleep there for the night if we end up singin’ and Dancin’ right past curfew.”

He sighs, and him shifting to settle with his head resting on his arms is picked up.

“Wish we could play up at a restaurant or somethin’, the acoustics suck down there. But yeah. That’s my typical, uneventful anyway, day.”
Copy pasted from ICI thread #2
You say magic gets in the way of you maintaining a job. Is there no market for magic users out there?​

“Oh there is a market for magic, most certainly, everyone of my race can do magic, we actually have to or it builds up and makes us sick.”

He pauses to take in a breath and grumbles,
“it’s why CC usin’ blockers on people is so cruel,”

Then switches back to being chipper,
“But! That’s a whole other mess I’ll get into later.”

However, there’s a subtle, a deep set, angry tilt his voice in that sentence.

“The reason why it’s hard for me to find a job is ‘cause I can’t use my magic in a legal form.”

There’s a swish as if he waved his hand.
“Air, Water, and Healin’, that’s all that CC allows. And to those who may be pickin’ up the signal that are also of a magically inclined race, I’m sure you already know how insane that is.”

There’s a silence as he lets that statement settle.

“The average Porcilavian can only do two unrelated forms at most, and considerin’ how vast just the different forms of elemental magic are,”

He snorts,
“it’s a crazy law to have been made an’ expected to be followed. So that’s why ya Lucifers are here!”

You can practically hear the ear to ear grin from just his tone.

Copy pasted from ICI thread #3
With so much of the population that cannot use magic - especially suffering from horrible chronic illness as a consequence of not using their abilities - I'm surprised there hasn't been mass protest and revolution! You wouldn't be willing to disclose if there's one on the horizon, would you?​
“Oh we’re workin’ on it that’s for sure. Trust me, we’ve got somethin' planned to run.”

You can hear the creak of his chair as he sits upright again.

“Problem is, people are scared to fight back.”

He sighs.

“If people protest and get caught, they’re gonna land themselves with at least three months of,”
He sneers the next two words,
Purification time.”

There’s a series of quiet chirps and trills that sound like a pissed off songbird. When he switches back to spoken language his words are openly hostile.

“Sentences longer than six months nearly always kill 'cause CC uses blockers to prevent inmates from usin' magic to fight against enforcers. I’ve had a six month sentence. Only reason I survived was ‘cause I had pushed myself into Overuse before hand. And the only reason some of the other Lucifer’s made it out was 'cause their Type of Magic was more resistant to Buildup!”

He stops and takes a deep breath, presumably to calm himself and to wrangle his emotions.

“I get why people are scared.”
He says without the heated force in his voice,
“But I want to live in a world where I don’t have to go through that again, I don’t want my brothers to have to wonder if I’m ever not gonna come back from a sentence that was given 'cause I need to let out my magic,”

But his tone grows dark and angry again.

“I’m sick of havin' to deliver news of death to people’s familys whenever I’m released, so yes, we’re most certainly workin' on it“

His voice is distant now, but he semi-shouts to make up for it, you can hear him fiddling with the now silent record player.

“That’s why I’m talkin' to everyone listenin', to garner outsider support!”

Copy pasted from ICI thread #4
I see. My condolences for all the losses accrued by the tyranny you find yourselves trapped under.

How can the average Porcilavian help? And how can those outside of the jurisdiction contribute to your cause?​

When he finishes placing a new record on, instead of jazzy swing, rock that leans a bit to the metal side plays a little too loud. He does something and it's volume is lowered to a faint level.

"Thank you, Autumn says the government before CC wasn't that much better, but this is what i grew up into and remember the most of. It means a lot to have people agree its horrible."

He says earnestly once he's turned back to the mic. Then, he grows heavily serious and his voice is firm. It's a form of voice that makes others want to listen.

"Creatin' safe places for people to use their magic and not snitchin' on their neighbor, Is what both me and Autumn recommend and urge supporters inside Fluremere to do."

He taps on the desk a single time to further his point.

"Fightin' back against enforcers if you're caught or reported just raises a sentence time. I've learned that the hard way. Run if you can, but don't harm. Autumn is tryin' to minimize supporter deaths in both positions 'cause some enforcers are supporters as well but are forced to follow orders for their own safety."

His tone grows exasperated.

"I'm all for action, don't get me wrong. But while me and my older brother do disagree on a lot of things, this isn't one of them. I know from experience that fightin' back when you're caught never gets you anywhere. And i've got the cracks to prove it."

He pauses briefly to give himself breather room.

"As for outsider support? For now, helpin' get food, supplies, unregistered tech, etcetera, in safely. Along with helpin' harbor anyone who manages to get out, and learnin' Spawn if your race has the vocal capabilities for it. But if it comes down to a potential fight to take over Center, we need people in our corner. "

The mic picks up him shifting uncomfortably.

"I don't think it'll come down to that, but Autumn wants to be prepared."
Copy Pasted from ICI thread #5
What do the two Cs in this "CC" government/tyranny stand for? Are there any other nations/outside factions in your region/continent, and if so, what are their relations to this "CC"?​

“Oh! Its not an official term, CC is just an abbreviation for what everyone in Lucifers calls it based off of where CC operates, Cult Center. They call themselves Angels of the Enlightened.”

He continues on into a ramble.

“And Yeah there are other nations, but Flurmere was a faction under the Keylia Union. According to Autumn and others that remember, before CC, Flurmere was a huge trade and labor power ‘cause of our magical inclination, but did not let non-porcilavians live here ‘cause we had an enormous population problem which lead to a lot of xenophobia that CC now drives their fear mongerin’ with. There was a lot of labor traffickin’, people on the streets, apathy towards people worse off than you, even kids.”

There’s a sigh.

“I have a very, very, very, vague memory of a workhouse from when I was really young, barely older than a newspawn, before Autumn took me and Rise in. Rise remembers stuff from when we were younger better than I do but I try not to ask about the really early stuff just based on what I remember.”

He switches topics and starts listing off different lands. The way he speaks makes it feel like he’s the type to be lifting fingers with each name.

“The other places i know of that were under the Union are, Harjewel, Blitigore, Swishec, and Beatuplo”

“Harjewel’s farther north and past the mountains, it's mainly populated by races that can burrow, but anyone looking for riches through shiny things lives there.”

“Blitigore is the most advanced in technology and is in the warmer lands down south, but it’s known mainly for its highest diversity ratio with over a hundred different registered races amongst its citizens and its capital Blitzety– er, Blitz City, the Music and Entertainment Capital of the world..”

He’s wistful as he mentions Blitzety.

“Then there’s Beatuplo, population mostly Insectborn’s, and heavily dominated by those of Bee or Ant species. You can only become a resident there through legal marriage if you arent of insect descent. Lotta fields, forests, and flowers.”

“Swishec is basically all the oceans and is underwater except for the coastal trade cities, mostly aquatic races for obvious reasons, but the coastal cities rival Blitigore in diversity. Lotta tourists like traveling there.”

He clicks his tongue when he ends the list.

“As for CC’s relations? Before CC rose to power, the Cult’s followers got the previous government to build a circle wall around Flurmere, then once they took over, they cut off trade with all other governments and isolated everyone. No one gets in, no one gets out.”

His sly smile could be heard through his tone,
“But, thanks to Autumn and other Enforcers on our side, we have our ways around that.”
Copy pasted from ICI thread #6
Have anyone you fancy in your sights?​

He sputters unpreparedly at the question.

"I- well- maybe? Sam's told me Holly likes me, but it's not- it's complicated? She's on our side now but it wasn't always that way, I liked her when we were friends as kids, but that bridge was burned a long time ago. Then, both Star and Bezel, on separate occasions, has told me that James has been tryin' to get my attention, er- in a certain way, and uh, while he's really nice,"

his muttering of,
"and I wouldn't mind bein' in a relationship with him once this all is over,"
is just barely picked up by the mic.

"I dont think Star's explained that our race as a near whole isn't really interested in that? And I don't want to have to be the one that explains it to him."

There's a pause before he abruptly and embarrassedly adds,
"But that's not the type of question this was for!"

You could tell his face was red from the slight raise in pitch.

(no question shall be turned away by the way)
Answer #3
where are you, currently?

You can hear him mutter faintly,
“Thank shades, a normal question”

Then there’s a creak as he leans back a little,
“if you mean the land I’m in; Fluremere, Outer Arc to be specific”

He must be tapping on something glass because there’s a steady beat of two glass items being hit together alongside his words.

“But if you meant where specifically I’m broadcastin’ from in Fluremere,”
his tone becomes cheeky,
“I’m broadcastin’ from one of our locations that have signal maskin’ and encryption so CC or anyone with CC approved, and by proxy, coded tech doesn't pick up on the broadcast”

He then sighs with a bit of a laugh to it.
“I’m not that reckless to do this without it, or to give out my exact location.”
it feels as if he rolled his eyes by the way he says ‘that’.

The tapping stops when he grumbles,
despite what my brother may believe, I do in fact think of the risks of things.
Answer #4
Why are you doing this broadcast? Do you have anything better to do?​

“To anyone new, I’m doing this broadcast to garner support for the Lucifers, we are a non-violent resistance group against the Cult that has taken over our government and is doomin’ many people to their deaths every day.”
He replies, carefully downplaying his offense.

There's a strain to his words where he seems to be struggling to not snip back with a reflexive insult, and he practically sneers,
No, i don't have anythin’ better t’do than try to help free myself, my brothers, and innocent people from death by buildup of magic and executions.”

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