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Hello there!

Thank you beeing interested in my search!

I'm Nebyulaen, but feel free to call me Nebby, Neb, Jackass, Nebu; whatever you'd like, honestly. I've a bit of downtime right now so, what else could I do other than making a few RPs? Please bear in mind I am in college, so that downtime can fade rather quickly. I'll do my best to ensure that it does not get in the way of RP though!

Apologies for any RPs that I have failed to respond to! I just escaped the grasp of a severe case of writer's block!

What to expect from me

-I am a very descriptive writer. Usually, I have a hard time making short responses. As odd as that sounds, I do realize that writing in such a way is a deal-breaker for some people, which I completely understand. Sometimes reading entire novellas for an RP is a bit much. I am working on it though! I can safely say that my responses vary greatly; I typically respond in 2-8+ paragraphs. However, my average would normally be 5ish paragraphs. If you want me to write less, tell me, I won't be upset and will try to do so!

-I make some silly mistakes. Sometimes, I write two sentences at the same time without realizing it and the result is an odd mixture of words that make no sense. My grammar, punctuation, and spelling are like anyone else's; the occasional mistake, nothing big. (I have a distinct love affair with semicolons though.)

-I'm a college student who's working part time. I can't spit out replies every hour. It doesn't fit my writing style nor do I have the time for it. Typically, I can respond once every day or two, depending on time zones. I'm in EST if that matters?

-I enjoy writing a variety of characters. Anything from an anti-social archivist to a thieving cut-throat. Because of this, some of my characters will be rather foul in their language. So if you don't like cursing, tough shit. w o o p s

-I don't care about what gender my characters are. I can fill either role! I do, however, have certain personalities I enjoy; snarky, sarcastic, witty. I do tend to insert hints of such into all of my characters. In addition to that, in my pairings listing, I do have specific sides of a pair I will want to write, some male, some female.
-Right now I'm more inclined toward Female Roles. I really only ever get asked to play Male roles. I wanna play my girls too : (

-I prefer MxF when it comes to romance. Nothing against MxM, FxF, etc. It's just personal preference.

-Going off of romance, I kinda really like it. A lot? I think it adds an interesting dynamic between characters. Like, I kinda want it to be a main point in the plot. Also, I'm a sappy romantic.

Rules : (

Before we get started, I should lay down a few ground rules. I'd rather not have accidentally wasted someone's time because I wasn't specific enough in what I wanted/expected!

-No one-liners. Wow, I felt so original writing that. But yeah, like a lot of other people on this website, I don't like one-liners. Just not my cup of tea. That's pretty much my only length requirement. As long as you put effort into your response, it'll be golden in my eyes.

-No minors. Sorry about this, and although I know it's a tad hypocritical coming from an 18-year-old, I'm just not comfortable with RPing with anyone under 18. I don't care how old you are if you're over 18.

-Talk to me! Plot with me! Tell me what's going on in your life, any issues you have with the RP, any ideas you'd like to interject! I hate it when one person does all the plotting, whether it is me or my partner. Let's make this a joint effort!

-Make the RP effort equal! Don't make me take the lead, nor do I expect you to take the lead all the time! This applies to the sub/dom dynamic. I have no idea why this is even a thing. I find it so strange, I can't really RP with this kind of dynamic. I find it that weird. Just write a character, not a role. I like making strong characters, and I like interacting with someone else's strong characters. It feels more alive; more realistic. That and beta characters are extremely boring to me. I love it when a character is able to hold their own.

-Age characters appropriately! I know this is a bit of a strange rule, but it's a minor pet peeve of mine. Y'see, I like to keep RPs as realistic as possible. So, if a character is an achieved military man, it'd make sense for them to be a bit older; mid-twenties-ish. Not eighteen. Give characters time to actually achieve things. That being said, I do have a distinct preference for slightly older characters. Feels less weird. Twenty plus at least.

Pairings and Themes!

Light Fantasy
Slow burn Romance
Slice of life (Not modern)
Contrasting Life-styles
Slow burn Friendships
Nation building/ City building
Basically anything where I can write rogues

Bold =
Role I'd like
Underline = Craving
Strikethrough = taken
*** = Super Craving
~ = Plot below
Italics = Not 100% into it right now, will need a really good plot/partner that I have chemistry with

~F!Knight X Prince~

***~ F!Thief/Rogue X M!Guard Captain~***

~F!Healer X Idk?~

~M!RoyalGuard X Princess~

***~Mercenary X Royal-Heir~***

~ M!HalfElf X F!HumanHunter ~

I am open to other medieval fantasy plots! Let me know if you have one you're really craving!


Plot 1: Expectations (M!RoyalGuard X Princess) (This could honestly work with F!Knight X Prince as well)

During a time of intense political strife, the ruling Queen of the Kingdom fell ill, leaving behind her eldest heir, YC, to attempt to fill the place she left behind. Seeing how vulnerable her child was, the Queen decided to evoke a once-dead tradition. A personal guard, bound by blood, would be assigned to the royal heir, instructed to do naught but protect them. Even if it would cost them their life.

(I'm mostly looking for a dynamic of equals? For some reason, I keep getting rps for this where the royal is kinda beta and I just can't keep my interest in it, ends up seeming boring for me. Strong personalities is a must for this.)

Plot 2: Fickle Motives (F!Thief/Rogue X M!Guard Captain)

This is going to look like a hot mess, which it rightfully is. Truth be told, I don't have a specific plot in mind, just my ramblings. I've been wanting to do a F!Rogue X M!Guard Captain forever. I just love the idea of two people from completely opposite sides of a society coming together. I think it would be best played out if the two came together begrudgingly; they were forced to. Over time, they'd evolve as people, coming to understand each other and the other's situation/standing. Their own views would be challenged due to the friendship(something more?) they've developed.


Plot 3: Stranger in a Strange land (M!HalfElf X F!HumanHunter)

YC has been in a small village for the entirety of their life, far away from any signs of large civilization. Sure, there's a village here and there, but they're exactly like your own. Nothing exciting happens, merely the day to day chores. Until recently. During a short hunting trip, something creeps into the corner of your eye. YC came across a wounded and unconscious man, taking him into the village so he might recover. It wasn't noticed at first, but there was something off about the man. Too tall, too angular, and the very obviously pointed ears.

Plot 4: Good Intentions (Mercenary X Royal Heir)
Long story short, the King is dying and his heir is in the unfortunate state of being single. Kingdoms need strong leaders and a lonely ruler doesn't really promote the best image. Whether or not the Royal really wanted him to, the King devised a tournament of some sort; competitions of wit, competitions of strength, competitions of wealth, etc. in order to locate proper suitors for his daughter to chose from. Nobles both prestigious and forgettable entered the competition best suited for them in the hopes of catching the heir's eye. Though not all decided to do so honorably. A particularly prestigious noble wanted no hint of failure, and so decided to have another secretly compete in a tournament of strength in his name, a lowborn mercenary. The mercenary wins, yet the princess finds out his true idenetity one way or another.

Now for this plot, I have a really odd character concept. I really want to play a half-orc. I have this idea of the mercenary half-orc agreeing to compete in another's name in order to progress the social standing of all half-orcs in a society that would condemn them.


Plot 5: Blind Spot (F!Healer X IDK???)

Alrightly, this is also a bit of a ramble. Mostly me wanting to play a specific character. A blind healer with a strong inclination toward the life domain. Though, not a pathetically weak healer; rather, a person fully capable and not to be trifled with despite being blind. I don't really have a plot for this, but I can garble up some ideas. Wounded soldier? Royal wanting a powerful healer? Someone from a different walk of life from a blind hermit.


Thanks for making it this far! I hope that this wasn't too long. Please PM me if you're interested, and say what you're interested in! Give a bit of your own ideas, and I'll give you brownie points. Please include a writing example in the PM too! It's not neccesary, but it's nice to see how you write.

If you have a cool plot idea that lines up with my interests, send it my way!

This is subject to updates as time goes on!

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Hello! If you’re fine with doubling, I’m certainly interested in this! I’d like to try out the M Mercenary x F Heir plot along with the F Healer x M ??? (I’m a sucker for multiple couple dynamics lol!)
Hello! If you’re fine with doubling, I’m certainly interested in this! I’d like to try out the M Mercenary x F Heir plot along with the F Healer x M ??? (I’m a sucker for multiple couple dynamics lol!)
I'm not really a fan of doubling. Don't know why. I like there to be a main focus on a single pair of characters. Though I do adore making side characters.


Wishing on Words
oh! I think it would be a lot of fun to write with you! I'm very interested in your MercenaryxHeir plot and I love the idea of a half-orc. I'll send you a PM shortly with a writing sample and all shortly!


stars and above
hi!! I may be interested in the half elf x hunter, but I'm also open to discussing other fun fantasy plots if you want! I can shoot you a PM?

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