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Realistic or Modern r o s e s a n c t o r i u m ¬ Lore



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The Sanctorium
(contains mature themes, continue at your own risk)​

Originally USCR (United States Chemical Research) created in 1946, after WWII, by the US government it's main purpose was to create and research chemical weapons. After thirty years of operation it was quickly privatised, the US government not wanting to take any sort of blame for the research and creation of the weapons it was taken over by an American business man, Harvey Rose. With the privatisation of the field, Harvey Rose began selling the research back to the US government under the guise of medical research.
Harvey Rose transformed the business into a secretive, need to know facility and started spreading his operations throughout the United States. What is most peculiar is that whenever this happened, each town or city in which the facility opened up in, many apparent suicides occurred. Eventually people started noticing this trend and they themselves turned up dead.

The Sanctorium discovered in 1990 a chemical compound which could meld with certain genetic structures in biological creatures. Starting clinical trials on animals, the genetic structure they were searching for was not possible in these animals. Only by accident did they find the perfect genetic structure in a human. Patient zero almost ruined the Sanctorium. Being tested on and remembering everything, when her powers started revealing themselves, she fought back. Killing many researches, the powered woman was put down. Much to the disappointment of Harvey Rose, they needed a live subject to properly replicate the genetic structure. For the next thirty years the Sanctorium tried to re-create the genetic structure found in Patient Zero. Throughout their years of studying the Sanctorium's research led them to find that early genetic altercation was the way to go. Children under five years old were taken in secret, operated on and returned. Within the next ten to fifteen years they were taken back to the facility for a final operation in which the successful chemical compound was melded with their genetic structure and again returned with no memory of what had happened. The failures would die within twenty four hours, their deaths being covered up by local law enforcement being controlled by the Sanctorium. With no successes since Patient Zero the Sanctorium was en-route to bankruptcy however recently their test subjects have stopped dying. The backing from the US government has returned and the Sanctorium is coming for these test subjects.

Rose Sanctorium - Research Facility Timeline

1946 - The USCR was created.
1950 - The USCR created a modified version of Sarin.
1961 - The USCR corresponding with their British counterparts started mass-producing VX nerve gas.
1968 - The USCR began slowing down chemical production.
1973 - The USCR started talks with Harvey Rose, a potential buyer for the research facilities.
1976 - The USCR disbands and merge begins with Rose Enterprises.
1977 - The research facility closes its doors as Rose Enterprises begin renovations.
1989 - Rose Enterprises officially takes over the USCR, creating Rose Sanctorium.
1990 - Rose Sanctorium discovers a chemical compound named RE7.
1993 - Rose Sanctorium begins testing trials on humans.
1994 - Patient Zero is created.
2003 - Harvey Rose dies of pancreatic cancer, his eldest son Victor Rose takes over as CEO.
2009 - Rose Sanctorium begins mass expansion throughout the United States.
2017 - Rose Sanctorium starts on the road to bankruptcy, stakeholders begin pulling out.
2019 - Rose Sanctorium reports first successes since Patient Zero. Tactical Response Teams are briefed and dispatched to retrieve the successes.

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