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Fandom *Quirk Analysis Arc* My Hero Academia: Go Beyond, Plus Ultra!! (Remake number what? 100?)

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Jacki Fleitcher
Location: Leader's House
Interactions: Sophie (@pbtenchi)

Jacki had stayed silent through out all of the transport and walking, granted she was constantly making quips about all of the other people she saw through out it. It was when they were introduced to the leader, Jacki's face turned into a mixture of her usual grey and an angry red as Sofia began to talk "Hahahaha, your fucking taking the piss, right? Alright I'll bite, yes there are no mutant type Quirks and while yes I come from a privileged background, do you want to know my Quirk? I copy other people's fighting styles, now do you exactly know what that means for me? It means that every single day, I had to train and train and train without giving myself a break from the intense training, I don't have super strength, not black flames of time slowing, no all I have is the power to copy others, so come and tell me especially ME, how our class is unequal? Another thing before you assume my parents didn't pay a single damn cent to get me in to the school, I bit, scratched and clawed my way into the situation I'm in." Jacki yelled small bits of spit flinging from her mouth

"From the first time I saw heroes in action I knew it's what I wanted to do, not for the fame, not for the glory, not from the money I had the potential to earn" Jacki continued to yell "No, I chose to do this to try and protect others and Mrs. Great or whatever you go by now, no matter what you try to do, break every bone in my body, anything you try and do to me to make think otherwise will be fought with resistance every single step of the way" Jacki said growling "Fun fact about me, I as a general rule dislike villains but the people I find absolutely deplorable are the people that have given up on society, yeah so what if heroes have sinned, I won't deny that. So I don't give a fucking damn about your weight on your shoulders" Jaqi continued to yell "So if all that went over your head, here's the Tldr, I don't give a damn about your philosophy and I will FIGHT you in every way I can." Jacki yelled "And that goes for all of you not just Sophie, I will fight each and every one of you, even my classmates if they agree with her stupid ass" Finishing her tirade, wiping spittle from her chin, nostrils flaring from all the seething rage still pent up inside her.
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Clementine Citrine
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Location: Leader’s House

Eyes widening as she seems to come to her senses Clementine puts Mako down in on arm, going to spin and try and get in the way of the blades directed towards Ferryn though luckily Aaron managed to intervene before any attack could go off. Breathing a sigh of relief the sudden rush seemed to have pushed the last elements of the drug to be metabolized into her system, stopping and turning back to the old woman in the bed.

Turning to look to the window for a moment she seems to think for a moment before putting on a smile with a faint chuckle "I mean sure its a bit gloomy but the sun always comes out again and looks a lot brighter when it breaks through once again, though not sure why you would want to tear it down? it seems a bit silly to throw away something important for a better one" shrugging slightly more before glancing back over "I really don't know what you mean by an extreme mutant though? you mean like the cute animal quirks?" sure her quirk was a mutation but really the term extreme was a bit confusing, one of the help head a penguin head so that might be a bit more than normal....and a cleaner had those tentacle legs? Arms? Hmm, she never wanted to be rude to ask but what would you count them as?. Putting the thought away for another time the rest of the topics didn't make as much sense to her either, she had heard the privilege thing before but that was confusing too, she mostly had started hearing it off to the side more once she started school but that was more simply heroes being allowed to use there quirks more than others she thought...which did kinda make sense since it would avoid a accidents with people using things they weren't trained for.

"I mean for the last part though, I really never had any intention of doing this as a profession, Its fun and I get to help people it's not really that heavy since everyone just does what they can and helps each other...not sure why you're thinking its all on yourself? I mean I guess those popularity polls is kinda an election...but doesn't mean there is any particular leader of heroes is there? when you think about it if its anyone its the government who you register with so it would be them....but then it's the people who elect those so is the boss the people? I mean its why your doing it so that might make sense" going off into her musings once more before shrugging "But anyway since your the former number one you really don't have to worry about that anyway" letting out a final innocent. chuckle.



Age: 15

Height: 5' 1"/155cm

Quirk: Perfect Storm-- (Weather emitter)

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Ferryn Evans

Ferryn's face hit the ground first, Aden's hand holding her head still. Her nose throbbed, feeling numb. She writhed a bit before realizing just how hopeless it was; Aden was a third year. One of the Big Three. He had trained long and hard and there was no way this wimpy girl with the emitter quirk in her first year (first week, in fact) was going to escape his hold on her. Her small tornado had dissipated, anyway, loose papers floating harmlessly to the floor.

There's usually a point in a tantrum when the angry person realizes how immature they're being, and Ferryn had reached this point. She was angry, yes, but she was perhaps more angry at herself than the situation now. She felt babyish. No pro hero would act like this. No pro hero would be shaking and crying as much as she was right now. Jacki was losing her cool, too, but it was a different kind of losing it. She was mad and she was speaking her mind. But she was still very much in her right mind. Ferryn had dropped all thoughts and caution to unleash her emotions. If I live past today... I should just drop out. I've got a neat quirk, but I don't have the guts to be a real hero anyway. We won't even survive this anyway. Aden's probably the strongest student in our school and he got kidnapped too. We're all goners. And so Ferryn cried bitterly into the floor, trying not to drown in her own tears, wallowing in the hopelessness of life and heroism and her own pathetic failure.

Location: Leader's house

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Probably George

Голова дерьма
token_1 (1).pngIn a lone room empty with the exception of a couple people. One tied up to a chair and another towering over him. Eyes still burning, Kyta kept them closed. Even if he was to open them, it'd be impossible to make out anything from the sheer damage from the crystals in his previous fight. The echo of his heavy breathing was breached when the ape man spoke up. "It's just gonna get harder Mr. Sao. Tell us what we want, and this'll be much smoother." Kyta brought his head back up, squinting in the direction of the monkey. "I'm a fucking P.E. teacher... What makes you think I know shit?"

Supported with a sigh, the latter man approached even closer. "My bosses think otherwise. If you know something, speak up. If not, then I'm sorry. I'm just doing my job. I don't want this to hurt more than it has to." Before Kyta could respond, another voice ringed in from the other side of the two sided glass. "Bullshit! Lemme in there, I'll make him squeeeeel~." The ape turned to the glass and told Kyta to hold on for a second. As he made his way through the door a purple arm tried making it's way past. "Hey, cut it out!" The ape replied to the attempt.

Now past the door, the man was able to talk with the purple boy. "Listen, Mr. Violet said to let me handle the interrogation. If you go in there, you'll kill the man."
"No shit! Why do you think I joined? I'm the trash man!" The boy replied.
"Do I have to call down Mr. Violet to resolve this? I'm pretty sure his purple pupil trying to go against his orders would upset him." Before the boy could respond, the ape covered his mouth and shushed him, listening to the uncanny quietness. He got up on his hind legs and started letting out grunts. "Something isn't right..."

Not a moment to spare, the door was kicked down and a group of heroes made way through the door. Assuming that there might be more, the ape grabbed a hold of the purple boy and shoved his way past the group, making their escape.

While all that was going on, Kyta tried to make out what was going on. "C'mon, cut the bullshit. If you're gonna kill me, cut the suspense." Right after his comment, the door to his holding was opened and he was carried off by the heroes. At first, he thought his comment was being taken literally, but then he heard one of the men call out on the radio "Primer is secure. Red team will continue the search. Sending Blue-1 and Blue-4 back with Kyta." The words brought relief to Kyta. He'd fight on for another day. That's when a thought came back to his head. "Wait... The kids, where's the kids?!"


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2af0d4612b85b41c1b3c2a819968ffc7.jpgMako Glass
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Mako stayed silent, doing her best to crush the numerous questions threatening to spew forth from her mouth. Just accept it... just accept it.' she repeated over and over in her head, willing herself to push past the confusion. The last time she'd seen Mrs. Great on T.V. the possibility of something like this couldn't even seem feasible. What happened? Why did it happen? What could've happened to someone like her to make things turn out like... this? Mako didn't have those answers, and she would just have to live with that. She could feel her jaws start to calm down, but being this close to Mrs. Great, they stayed tense out of sheer caution. She'd seen what this particular hero was capable of, and now they were an enemy.

Clearly Ferryn didn't seem to care, as the revelation of their opponent's identify seemed to drive her into a bout of maddened rage. Mako's eyes widened considerably as she saw Ferryn attempt to use her quirk, and her jaws flexed as she saw the Plague Doctor guy move to counter her. Luckily, Aden seemed to understand the gravity of the situation and immediately tackled her to the ground. Mako gave an exhausted smile underneath her mask. Her other classmates gave much more restrained reactions to Mrs. Great, well... as restrained as they could be Mako supposed.

Mako, for her part, let them finish. She wasn't about to join in Jacki's tirade, for as much as she wanted to denounce that ideal as well, she could recognize that she lacked perspective. She had to be a hero, otherwise the only option for her was...

Finally pulling away from Clementine, Mako stepped over to Ferryn and Aden before leaning down and giving Ferryn a pat on the shoulder. She wanted to do more to console the crying girl, but this wasn't the time or place for it. Instead she nodded to Aden, "Nice save there, man."

Standing tall again, Mako stuffed her hands into her pockets and turned her attention back to Sofia, "Okay Ms. Goodwin, I guess I'll roll with this." She looked to the now open window and reached up to pull some of her hair away from her face before fixing her cap "Hero Society isn't perfect... gotcha. It can be abused, misused, taken advantage of... Okay. Break into the Academy and steal a bunch of their kiddies, I get that too. Bring us over for a personal once-over, someone like you certainly has the ability to do so."

Putting her hand back into her pocket, Mako gave a look around the room "So... what now?"

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Xander 2nd.png

Xander chuckled nervously as all his friends reacted and Mrs. Great confirmed their statements, that she was in fact the leader.

"Kaha... Haha. Ha..? C'mon guys!? Yer all in on it right... Mrs great wouldnt do somethin like this!"

He ran to Mako and Clem with a desperate smile and sweat on his brow, looking down to Mako and back up to Clem

"This is all a trick, right!?!? Haha Mako, Clem. You guys score high all the time! Yer in on it right? Right?!?!"

His speech got more sputtered and flushed as he latched his massive muscled hands around Mako's jacket, lifting her up to his face effortlessly, as tears welled up.

"C-c'mon Mako! Say it.. Please just say I'm right!! This is all... ITS ALL AH TEST RIGHT?!!? Please... Say its alll ah test"

Releasing her to the ground he turned to face the rest of his class mates, seeing their reactions abd faces was all too much. Ferryn did him over, he'd never seen her in such a state, and put him over the edge. His fight or flight started taking over- emotions taking over his wits like they so often did.

Turning back to Mrs great he kept his shaky smile "m-my hero wouldn't... She wouldnt do this to a bunchah kids!! No.. No no no... My- my hero wouldn't hire..... SHE WOULDNT HIRE MY BROTHER'S MURDERER!!"

he shouted in anguish, Xander smashed a massive fist into the ground, smashing a dent and crumbled stone into the floor, he shouted angrily and smashed a hole into a wall. He was slowly going into complete berserk.

Darius Phillips.png

Darius dove down to help Ferryn off the ground, frowning angrily at Mrs Great. Slowly raising her back to her knees, he grabbed one of her hands, half to calm her and half to calm himself.

He thought were a mixture of saddness and anger, but with no instruments he had no way to express this, so he simply stared at the women- the retired #1 hero: with fury and rage.

Out of the corner of his gaze he saw something out of the window, what seemed like the sky had lit up for a moment, and dimmed in an instant. Soon after the slight rumble and the sky once more lit up, as the sound of metal got closer he knew who was coming.

A slight smile made its way to Darius's face as he squeezed Ferryns hand patted Aden on the back

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Bushido was finished with this little gane of hide and seek, his mercy was wearing thin as was his patience, these MONSTERS had kept his students for long enough.

The trail of sliced bodies was long thick, and their wounds grew more sevier as the destance from their entry point lengthened, some even had the rare lost limb as he cut them aside. Hagane didn't care what the public though of his acts here. Anything to save his kids.

"HYAAAGH! Mrs. Fletcher! Right flank. Captain Sky cover the left! Sèitheach I already know you'll cover my back. GYRAAAAHH!"

Slicing down two more as he ran foward, his othet four blades cutting down any ranged attacker and even slashing through some ranged attacks. He zipped around with electricity as fast as a lighting bolt. There was a reason he was rated number one world wide for 'Severe croud control' proven by a test in his early carreer he could single handedly take down and army of 150 in twelve minutes.

" The magnetic pull his stronger this way, come one, let's move!!"

And there he saw it, an open window, he heard familiar voices echo from within and could feel his magnetic connection with Ferryn.

He raised his blade forward and thrust it down and to the left, lunching two sweeping waves at the wall, crashing into it and leaving massive gashes.

"Pray that you release my students before I break this wall in two!!"

He continued his assault as his comrades covered him.


Great Old One

Christopher broke off from the rest of the group. He was simply faster with his mobility quirk. At breakneck speed, he rushed around a corner. His eyes widened as he saw North. “Bram!” He exclaimed.

North turned to him. “Christopher.” He replied calmly with a nod, like acknowledging an acquaintance he just happened to bump into but didn’t have time to chat to.

BRAM!!!” Christopher screamed.

CHRISTOPHER!!!” North screamed back in furious reply.

They charged each other, burst enhanced fist swinging towards flame covered claws.

Sofia Goodwin
Interaction: Students
Leader’s House​

Sofia smiled as she listened to Jacki’s tirade, and seemed to legitimately feel sorry for Xander. “I’m sorry. We don’t turn down any members of the league unless we must. I wanted to give everyone a voice, no matter how fallen they might be.

You probably want to know why I abducted you. I’ll be honest with you. I’m old as heck. The only reason I’ve lived this long is force of will and the Doctor’s quirk. But this won’t last. I simply don’t have enough time to change the world… If I was only 60 years younger… When I die, the NLV will fall into North’s hands. That man can’t fix the world. His heart is too full of hate. So, I was left with a conundrum. Who to leave my throne? At first, I thought about another pro hero… But I couldn’t find a worthy one. But students? Still filled with hope and ambition, yet to be crushed by the cruel nature of reality. At least one of them had to be worthy."

"Let me tell you a secret. I was born quirkless. But I was chosen by a hero before me, as I’m choosing one of you now. I can give you the power to change the world. With it, any of you could easily become the number one hero. Now the only question is which one of you it will be. Jacki, you seem dissatisfied with your current quirk, and remind me a lot of my younger self. Clementine, Xander. You two seem to have warm and caring hearts. Mako. You have a sensible way of thinking, I've heard you also have great difficulty with your quirk as well."


Different timezone, who dis
Interactions: Sophie (@pbtenchi)

Jacki looked to her left and right at the others before speaking up again, most had stopped Ferryn from going to nuts and flinging stuff around "Hehehahahaha, I'm not fucking dissatisfied with Quirk, I was just saying that unlike everyone else in this room I didn't have the luxury of an amazing quirk to fall back on, I can't control the elements, I don't have super strength, nor mouths to eat everything in my path" Jacki said quietly stepping forward towards Sophie her unbroken hand clenched "So listen to me, right now, I don't care if this supposed gift you would give one of us is a trap" Jacki said calmly, even though her nostrils were flaring "I nominate myself to receive this perceived power, not because I want the extra oomph to my abilities, no, it's not because of anything like that, The only reason I'm nominating myself is because if it is a trap, then I'm the best option to spring the trap." Jacki said before spinning around to face the others and showing off a cheesy grin "Hehe, is that ok with you guys?" Jacki "But then again, I wouldn't actually want to be on your throne, as I would LITERALLY tear down this NVL bullshit or whatever as soon as possible" Jacki said calmly, all anger seemingly gone from her face "So, Ms. Sophie, I'm willing to make a sacrifice on the chance of what your offering MIGHT do something good for the world, but are you willing to give your power to a person who doesn't share your core values and is absolutely prepared to reverse all the damage you guys have done ever." Jacki said calmly with a calm cute smile on her face looking at Sophie

Interaction: Bushido (@Captain Lycanroc)

"Mr Bushido!" Picturesque yelled out as she axe kicked a villain square on the head forcing him to collapse "My hero name is Picturesque, please stand to correct your words next time please" She continued as she leapfrogged over Bushido and covering him "My dears, please don't make me punch, it'll ruin my manicure" She said performing a round house kick, pure fury on her face "Now normally, I would listen to you Bushido however my daughter is one of those captured..." Picturesque started before noticing the open window and her daughters voice yelling at someone "Ok so I'm assuming we've got a way to get up there" She said as she dodged out of the way of a bunch of needles "Let's continue on then" Picturesque said as she ran on ahead of everyone else "I'm coming sweetheart, just hang in there for a bit longer. " She thought to herself as continued on running, leaving behind the other heroes, as she pressed on, focused on two things, the safety of the kids mainly her own daughter and beating the absolute crap out of the people who decided to kidnap all these kids.


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Clementine Citrine
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Location: Leader’s House

Looking over the old woman a little more she ponders her words for a moment though confusion still present across her features, her mind was at least mostly clear now "I mean that sounds nice...but is it really needed? The number one hero subjective really outside those polls...really not sure how you would define it but popularity doesnt really seem right" cupping her chin as she thinks it over "Most people saved? then you get down to how they were saved...and where, since theres bound to be heroes better at saving in one place than another, saving people before they are even in trouble or after too....like doctors you mentioned or even those cool singers making people happy and motivating people, thats more smarts and practice than anything else....Strongest? that's more rock paper scissors at times...but alot of that comes down more to the person than the quirk really, outside specific times it could be more useful...." shrugging again she scans the room "People were changing the world for centurys before quirks came along, it really seems silly to think just one person can do it given how big the world is....or there is some magic shortcut to fixing everything. It sounds nice but saying we need it to achieve our goals is same as saying we're not good enough without it, and I dont think deminishing peoples efforts like that is a good thing"


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2af0d4612b85b41c1b3c2a819968ffc7.jpgMako Glass
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Mako couldn't do anything once Xander seemed to get hit with realization, she merely gave him an even look as he seemed to devolve right in front of her. He turned on her and Clem, desperate for reassurance. It wasn't something she could do for him. She felt his hands on her, pulling her up, manic pleas begging for her to change the truth. Her eyes tightened, seeing someone as headstrong and willful as Xander just fall apart like this was not helping her deal with it any better.

"Xan..." she said, her attempt at reassurance dying once he released her. He shouted out what Mako was feeling, that there was no way for someone like Mrs. Great to team up with the same people who attacked the Academy. But she knew she couldn't back that hope up... neither of them had the perspective to do so. Xander didn't seem to get that, instead his emotions seemed to boil over into outright rage. Mako's eyes widened, this was far worst than having Ferryn try something. Xander was up there with Clementine as the class poster children for raw power, and as good as Aden was, Mako wasn't sure he'd be able to hold him down as effectively.

And Mrs. Great wasn't helping either, her explanation of wanting to give everyone a chance might've made sense to Mako, but to one of those people's victims? Mako shook her head and kneeled down next to Xander before wrapping one of her arms around him as he screamed "I know man... It hurts." she whispered into his ear while tightening her grip on him "But we need you to keep it together, we need all of us to keep it together. You were one of her greatest fans, right? Then you probably know as well as I do what'll happen if you lose it right here."

Voice rising, Mako's other hand came to rest on his other shoulder "I know you, Xan, and I know you care about others. So think about us before you try anything, because we'll both agree that not a single one of us need to see you getting ya'self killed, you follow me?"

Before Mako could continue trying to reel him back from whatever rage-induced madness he was slipping towards, Mrs. Great just kept on talking. And suddenly, this horrifyingly tense situation seemed to grow almost twice as confusing... at least for Mako. She started hitting them with a whole lot of information real quick. Mako might've been grateful for the onslaught of relevant knowledge, but the knowledge they were getting seemed to come straight out of left field. She needed one of them to keep the New League of Villains on the correct path? She was originally Quirkless? Someone had just given her all the power that made her number one? Just like that?!?

Mako kept her stance tight, looping both her arms under Xander's and pulling him back to his feet whilst trying to stew on all the bombshells that had been dropped on them "Come on, man. It's not manly to be on the ground like that."

Holding him up at first, Mako listened as Jacki immediately went about continuing her tirade, and then Clem just started openly questioning the necessity of it. Mako couldn't help but sigh, as they both had points.

"Geez guys, you're too honest." She murmured before looking to Jacki "You couldn't pretend to see eye to eye with her? Not for ten minutes? You didn't have to offer yourself up to take the fall for us, Jacki, we would've known... I would've known."

Turning her gaze back to Mrs. Great, Mako shook her head "Yeah, you're right. My Quirk has possibly been the single worst thing that I've ever had in my entire life. It took away so many possibilities for me, so many possible relationships. Friends, family, love... I've had to put a stop to most of that, had to focus on handling it. I went to Free State because I know that the only thing I could do with a Quirk like mine is force it to help someone... anyone."

Reaching up with her free hand, Mako pulled down her cap, "I'm not stupid, my Quirk could be absolutely devastating if I were to ever lose control of it. And that's probably the greatest reason I'm on the fence with something like this. Because if you're telling the truth, and you're really planning on giving one of us the strength that made you... you. Well, if I were to lose control with both that and my Quirk then I don't think anybody would be able to stop me."

Lowering her hand to her chin, Mako rubbed at it through her mask "Then again, maybe the power of something like this would help me finally stifle my Quirk, control it. Being able to master my quirk and gain your power all at once, I... I'm scared of believing in something like that. I spend a lot of my time hoping for the better while preparing for the worst, but if something seems too good to be true then it usually is. I could just jump straight into using my Quirk to save countless lives, to make up for everything it made me do in the past."

Her hand went up to her eyes and wiped at them a bit, drying the slowly forming tears before they had a chance to fall "Which is why it's not fair. Dangling my dream in front of me like this, when there's so much at stake. I trusted Mrs. Great... not you, Ms. Goodwin. But... you were her once so..."

Shaking her head, Mako merely pulled herself closer to Xander before letting her gaze fall to the ground "I'm... just gonna go with whatever. Pick me... don't pick me... I'll manage, just like I always have."
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Xander Malker (2).png

Xander felt like he was in a dark room, alone, with his childhood hero in front of him. truly giving meaning to the phrase: 'Don't Meet your heroes' this was one of the hardest things he'd come across so far, it was like having a teacher you always thought liked you boot you from the class and say they didn't care. but suddenly, a light in the darkness- Mako, lend a calming and warm arm- snapping him back to his senses a bit, looking to her with eyes lit with rage and fire, fists clenched ready to swing, but when he saw her eyes- he stopped and stared for a moment.

as she spoke reassuring words to him and hugged him tighter Xander noticed the tired look in her for the first time: the markings under her eyes, the slight dimness in the way she looked around- She'd been through a lot more than he had... hadn't she...

"R-right... You're right... no use in startin' a fight I ain't winnin'" He stood up with her pulling him- Chuckling at her comment about manliness. after listening to Clem and Jacki say their peace, Xander turned to mako to listen to what she said, trying his best to hang on every word and understand it as best he could, slowly but surely coming back from his rage.

Listening to Mako's words made him a bit sad, but also made him thankful for what he had, sure there was trouble along the way, but he'd always have people to fall back on- It didn't seem like Mako really had a choice in that. He pulled her tight to himself with a massive arm, placing the hand on Mako's shoulder before looking up to Mrs. Great- no, Before looking to Ms. Goodwin. Who was no one more than an old woman in a bed to him now.

"Ya' Know Goodwin, Maybe yer' right... Maybe I got it on easy street cuz' I won some sorta' genetic lottery- er whatever. and I also agree that some folks ain't treated as well as other... Heh- I know first hand in fact- My mah and pop weren't the most pleasant to look at, Kahah!" Taking a second to pat on Mako's shoulder and look down at her he smiled and looked back to Ms. Goodwin.

"To be honest with you... I think things are setting themselves straight- sure it ain't the fastest thing ever. but didja' really think forcing some 'New world order' on everyone would change how they REALLY feel towards each other? Heh... I don't..." He gave a large shrug and shook his head

"too be honest, Ms. Goodwin- I ain't the smartest person in this hero school- Heck I'm probably not very smart compared to most people- but I do understand emotions, goals, Dreams. My dream is a simple one... I wanna help people out who can't help em selves, And I think Mako wants the same thing in a way If I ain't wrong- She just Can't get it as easy as I might be able to. and ya' know what- That's okey."

He slouched down to be closer to Mako's hight and patter her shoulder softly, hoping to return the favor of comfort she'd offered him earlier.

"Everybody's gonna have different struggles an' stuff no matter where or who they are. 'Different stroke fer' different folks' Ya' know? Only thing that stays the same is we all can ask for help to get to those goals n dreams, Working together makes everything easier- Sure some people don't like being around others, and that's sad yeah... but look at me 'n' Mako here- When I first met her, Well, to be honest, she was really scary- and I tried to keep my distance, but now that we've been around each other- I know she's great! real carin' and nice!"

Shaking his head again he stood back up, still trying to keep close to mako to stabilize himself. chuckling softly

"Maybe I don't know what I'm sayin' er' talkin about- Just some food fer' thought I guess. just thick about what's really going on in people head's- There might be more to them than whatcha think- would'nt that be sumthin'?!"


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