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A Quick Roleplay Search

I won't pretty this thread up or make it long as it's just a quick search to help me grow as a writer.

I'm looking for someone who would let me play as their male muse and I'm looking for a roleplay that has a fxf pairing.

For plot and details, let's discuss it over pm.

I'm only going to be accepting one partner of each and I want to be serious this time so may I ask you to supply a sample of your writing? I don't want to sound overly intimidating but sometime there are just types of writing that don't align with mine and that's okay! I just want to be able to enjoy the roleplay to the fullest since that's what we all want don't we?

So yeah, that's all :3 Let me be your male muse (if you don't mind a female playing a male) to a fxm roleplay or a female muse in a fxf roleplay.

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