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Discussion in 'Spooky Writing Contest 2017' started by RpNation, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. Alright, good to know. Won't post any spoopy Halloween adventures. :)
  2. All raaaht!
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  3. just posted a spooky story.

    can you have as many stories as I want?
  4. Question was answered earlier :3
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  5. I have many a scary story that I've already written down. Can I submit more than one?

    EDIT: Wait nevermind, yes I can
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  6. Is there a certain length that shouldn't be crossed for these stories? I have this story that I'm working on for this contest that, already, is almost four pages long.
  7. is this still open?
  8. Nope. Can be as short or long as you would like, as far as I’m aware!

    Yes, the contest is still ongoing. Feel free to submit!
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  9. Thank you very much!
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  10. I can't wait for the judgement day. Man it's gonna be sweet when John Connor overthrows Skynet and we find out the rankings for the stories.
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  11. Question! Do the stories posted here for this contest become property to the forum? As in, if I am submitting this story for publication elsewhere, would this conflict with that?

    Neat contest though! Regardless, I'll have to edit my short story to censor some of the gore, as that's not allowed per forum rules. I think I can do that before the 15th! :P
  12. It's not that we take ownership (it's our stance that works posted here belong to their creators, anyway) but what you should remember is that once something's on the Internet, it's pretty public. I don't know what that will do to your publishing rights, but it you're concerned about it, you might want to submit a story you weren't planning to publish elsewhere.
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  13. Is it possible to use a scene in a RP I created? I want to use that scene and add more to it. The RP died down due to inactive members, and I really want to either complete the story (not using their characters or any of their works, of course) or write an open ending to it.
  14. So, ah, I rewrote my story because I thought it was crappy and I was wondering if it would be preferred if I just edited my current thread with the rewrite or posted the rewrite separately for a comparison kind of thing. 0-0 I don't want to cause any confusion or whatnot but I know some people take interest on how things shift and change so I thought I'd ask before going through with one or the other.
  15. I'll let @Gilzar answer that one!

    You may edit as much as you like before the submission period ends. Just not after. (And there will be a post here at that time, so there's no confusion.)
  16. @Svadilfari

    So long as the scene is changed enough to the point that you didn't just copy/paste it, then I don't see any problem so long as the entire story is not set around that scene.
  17. What time and what time zone will the judging begin, and will we get to see our scores/critiques?
  18. @Error 420

    Judging will begin promptly after story admissions is closed, which will be at 12:00 AM Eastern Time (US). We will need roughly a week properly judge every story. As for scores, judges will have to keep them confidential. No judges will be able to give out any critique on your story while we are still scoring over the next week, as that could hint to what we've scored the story.

    If you'd like critique on your story you're more than welcome to post it in the creativity section when we finish judging. At the moment we'd prefer you keep your story strictly in the contest section so that we can avoid confusion when running checks for plagiarism. I hope I've sufficiently answered your question!
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  19. touching on the plagiarism thing. the story i submitted is a edited/updated story I made a little while back on another website. so just in case that pops up, then letting you know it's me and i'm not plagiarizing myself.
  20. Along the same lines as the one above me: I posted mine on tumblr the same time I put it up here so that I could share it with friends. Will there be consideration for that?
  21. I posted my second story on Wattpad and I shared my first multiple times. The second was originally intended for the thing we had last year (I think it was last year, anyway; not quite sure), but I never submitted it. So there's that. No plagiarism.
  22. You filthy casuals drawing inspiration from various sources. My stories have never been seen before!! >=O
  23. I wrote half of my story the night before the deadline...
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