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Boys? Ugh!
Does anybody else read other people’s roleplays? Like go to the 1x1 page and just read other peoples roleplays? It’s like I’m reading a blossoming love story and it’s just beautiful.
I do to improve my own writing, but rarely for the purposes of reading a story. I also have a little text document where I type people into along with their style of writing and such, while essentially stalking users who are really good at writing or write in an interesting way.


The Pun Tyrant The Gif Hydra
I do not, but I love the thought of someone else being able to enjoy the stories me and my partners write.


literate forest creature
It's very rare for me to get invested in someone else's RP, but when the writers and characters are compelling enough, I absolutely love it. I would be so flattered if someone read my RPs for that reason!


Witch of the Wilds
Sometimes I go take a look and I see an interesting idea and I can't help but check it out, I don't religiously follow anything per se but I've found some gems for sure :^)


Life. give me lemons
Actually, the thought of someone other than my RP partner reading our RP used to make me terribly anxious. Once, an outsider liked my 1x1 post and I got so embarrassed.

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