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You can post such information in your private workshop, or where characters are posted in each roleplay you join as you join it. Just in case you are used to those forums where you use universal characters, be aware that this isn't one of those.

That is a safeguard against spambots and other malicious users who want to use the site for advertising, spreading viruses etc. instead of roleplaying. It's a lot harder to do that if you don't have access to those features.

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Where can we post our roleplay character(s) information?
Generally speaking, people don't post characters here, they find games and make characters (or use characters). The Looking for Group and Looking for Partners forums have games you can ask to join!

Also, I was wondering why I had to post 10+ things before I'm a member of the community and allowed to post new threads, pm, edit account, etc.?
You don't! You only have to make 10 posts to start PMs or post statuses. You can post in any roleplay threads, discussion threads, etc before you reach 10 posts. You can also create threads now.

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