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Help Question about creating multiple threads for the same RP


You can call me PD
Hello! I've searched a bit but can't find anything about this, so I thought about asking. I made a group roleplay, and a lot of people signed up. We were discussing character interactions and came with the idea of hosting many mini-threads where a few characters can have some private bonding moments without the rest of the cast having to wait with nothing to do. So for example, in the main roleplay we could be advancing the plot, and a mini-thread would be about character A and B getting into a discussion before class and would be closed once that scene was over. It would be considered canon as in happening at some point in the main rp but most likely be only a few pages long before ending.

My question is, where would we post these? Would it be okay to put them in the Extra Section, or should we create them in the 1x1 or Group sections depending on how many characters are in the scene?

Thanks for reading!


If they're actual roleplay threads, then Group or 1x1, depending on how many people participate.
You can link to them from your main thread.

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