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Fantasy Quest to be Battle King



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Milennia Phoenis


After her fight, Milennia helped Estego find some first aid. She took him to the infirmary/nurse's office. Then she shouted to him, "Get better, bhai Estego! I'll talk to you later!!" Before she raced away, feet pounding in the hallway. The blonde couldn't miss these fights!

Okay, good! She had managed to run back in time to see most of the next fight, missing just a little bit! That was good! As she watched, the girl's green-eyes glittered like emeralds as she watched ecstatically.

She found herself impressed by the little white-haired girl's powers, but then she ran away crying. "Ah!.." Mil reached forward as Goetia passed by her. But the other girl didn't stop and the blonde frowned sadly. But the fights continued.

Next was Ryuga versus Guri. That one really got Mil's blood pumping! Her eyes widened as she really took in their fight. She found herself feeling antsy! Barely able to keep herself in check and not just run right in there and jump right in the fray! Both of them had awesome powers and they gave Mil the impression that fighting them would be epic!

Next was Lyrica and Olivia. Curiously Olivia fell asleep, then a big weird-looking creature took over for her. Lyrica's transformation had Mil fangirling. WHOA!! This girl just did a transformation!! That was awesome! But then the bear picked her up after some magical pink attacks and set her outside of the ring. Aww! The fight ended too soon!!! "Good job, behan Lyrica! Behan Olivia!" Or, at least Mil thought it was Olivia... Now who was next??? Milennia couldn't wait to watch the next fight of her classmates!

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Several other opponents had come and gone before Claire took to the ring with her hands behind her back. “Alright I guess it’s my turn.” She stepped in, her hands in her pockets. “So which one of you is going to take me on?”

She gave a toothy grin, showing a little more enthusiasm than she had previously. At least some action seemed to bring out a little effort from her.

“Val, Val, are you okay? I’m sorry, I don’t know when I should be killing people yet, I’ll learn, I promise!” Daemon muttered to himself like he always did, speaking to the entity inside of his head. His introduction probably upset Val again like he always did, and his friend has gone off to sulk. But soon he saw a person step inside the ring drawn in the dirt and asked someone for a fight, and that sparked an idea in Daemon.

He walked up with a raised hand and exclaimed: “Me, me, let me try!” Along with a bright smile and cheery tone the young man walked into the ring towards the other student named…Klare, or something like that, letters weren’t his strong suit yet. Daemon’s real body landed on the edge of the ring as he commanded the illusionary form into the center.

“Hello, I’m Daemon, and I’ve never been in a fight before…I think. I don’t really know what counts as fighting!” He shouted happily, Daemon didn’t really care (nor understood) what the school was trying to do, all he knew was that whenever he would get into a ‘fight’, Val would pop up and tell him what to do no matter how upset he was before. This was a good chance to force him to come back and maybe learn something else about this ‘fighting’ ordeal that everyone seems to want to do.

“Damn, never been in a fight before? Boy I can’t believe I’m that far behind. Well then I suggest you watch carefully!”

At that moment a bolt of lightning flashed from the sky, which was cloudless just before, striking Claire. What was left in her place was a similar form, covered in fur and charged with energy. “Hit it, teach.”

With the teacher’s mark, Claire lept toward her opponent, swiping at Daemon with clawed hands, confident that her strike would connect.

“Ah.” Daemon tilted his head as the other student leaped at him, it appears that she was the type to fight with physical contact. That was an issue, as Daemon’s illusionary body isn’t exactly solid unless he specifically makes it so, and Claire’s leap was fast and unexpected enough that Daemon didn’t have time to weave a touch based illusion into it.

Claire, as a result of this, would simply just dash right through the (image of) the young man as if he was some sort of mirage, Daemon felt a little bad about that. The person in front of him haven’t wronged him in anyway, so it seemed a bit unfair to have this happen to her. He turned to the other with a slightly awkward smile. “Sorry, sorry about that, I forgot to let others to be able to hit me, let’s just try that again and pretend it didn’t happen, okay?”

“H-Huh?” She stumbled forward, not really sure what happened. And then the pretty boy started mocking her. “Oi, you trying to piss me off? I don’t need your permission to hit you in a fig-” She pounced this time, of course falling face first into the dirt.

"Permission?" Daemon took a moment to remember what that actually meant. "No, it's not permission it's because…uh. I can't explain it. I'm not allowed to." A distinctive troubled expression was on the young man's face. Val had always told him to not tell others about what's going on with his body, an illusionist's best quality is deceit after all.

He finished weaving in some touch based illusions into the mirage like body, his opponent would probably feel like they've hit something in the next attack, but the other tried to attack again and once again phased through.

"Umm, I would help you get up because Val told me that's the polite thing to do, but I can't right now because it's taking all of my energy to let you hit me." Daemon added another seemingly nonsensical phrase as he extended a hand to Claire, this time one that would feel solid at least.

That made Claire pissed. This dude was acting all nice and shit? Like this? Oh that two-faced jerk!” To which Claire kicked him and sent a jolt of electricity through her “opponent.” Still not even beginning to imagine she was fighting a fake.

“Got you that time!” She celebrated her first successful attack

“Yeah, that’s right. Hmm…what was a person’s reaction to being hit by electricity again?” Daemon thought to himself, he’s seen trees that were struck by lightning before but not a lot of people, trees didn’t move but people did, so it can’t be the same, though trees did give off smoke.

A small puff of smoke rose out of the faerie’s illusionary body, although the rest of the body was totally unchanged without any charring or damage, and the whiff of smoke that rose up was severely delayed, as if it only registered damage when the young man remembered to register it. He still looked a bit lost in thought.

“Can you hit me harder or do something really dangerous?” Daemon asked after seemingly spacing out for a bit, since Val only comes back out if something dangerous is happening.

“Hit you harder! Uuuugh! You are really getting on my nerves, but if power is what you’re looking for…” Claire crackled with lightning and electricity. “Remember that you asked for this one…” Claire lunged forward again with the intent to pin him to the ground. And sure enough she felt something, before she started beating it with her fists. Of course…

“Winner is Daemon.” To which Claire looked back in confusion “What?!?”

She looked back seeing that she was outside the circle and was, in fact, pounding dirt. To which she sat there stammering and stuttering. “But… But I, he was right… uuuuGH!”

Daemon sat on the edge of the ring drawn in the dirt, he tilted his head and looked at the girl run right through his illusionary body and out of the circle. Both the fae’s real and false bodies stretched out and yawned, with a confused look.

“Ah…uh, I didn’t mean that hard. You didn’t have to run that much…”


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All of his students had finished their bouts. Kan nodded in approval. "I hope you all learned something from this. But now I want you to watch one last bout.” He slammed his broom against the floor. “May the Red Wolf who has been watching us this whole time please step forward.”

Koji paused mid bite of a donut as he was called out before slowly taking a piece out of the confection, as if doing so with care would make the old man believe he misidentified something and leave him in the clear. Alas, that seemed not to be the case.

“Aha~ I guess stealth isn’t my highest stat,” He mused aloud.

Dismounting from the branch of the tree, he made his way towards the group, sword at his hip and bag of sweets in his hand. “I was just having some morning donuts, but then you all seemed to be doing something interesting so I figured I’d watch,” He remarked, followed by a short chuckle.

“Haha, oh you underestimate an old man. You learn to pick up on the most subtle of secrets in my line of work. Now then, clearly you have seen what has just transpired. Care to take a shot? I have one last pupil that I think would suit you perfectly.” The old man did not look back at Koji, keeping his eyes shut. “In fact she should be finished right about now.”

Just then, from atop the school’s roof, a woman with a powerful and imposing build leapt down. She wore a sweater tied around her waist and a bandana around her head. Furthermore, she had a burn scar across her right eye. “Sorry I’m late sensei. I’m still not as fast as you are on that exercise.”

The old man laughed. “Haha, no need to worry my girl. I am far more the master on that subject. Now then...” For the first time, he looked back at Koji, smirking widely. If this kid was here then Kan may have some use for him. “What say you, Red Wolf?”

“Oh?” Koji hummed at the insinuation, taking another donut out of the bag and biting into it as the woman appeared. He seemed to look up at her in some awe, though it was difficult given his eyes still hadn’t revealed themselves. She looked like the template warrior, much in contrast to his own slender build and average height. “Mm, well to be honest I’m not all that interested in fighting to fight. I could’ve stayed with the rest of the wolves for that after all~.”

“Well then… How about fighting for your own amusement?” Kan looked over at the new girl. “Mina! To the ring.”

“Osu!” Mina took to the ring, and held out her hand to which Kan threw the broom at her, as she took up a somewhat traditional stance, one frequently seen used for quarterstaff combat.

“Well then… Still looking to decline? Do I need to make this any more exciting?”

“Depends on how much more exciting that is, right now the only prospect is getting shoved around by a… broom?” Bringing a hand to grasp his chin, Koji supposed that after seeing a spoon and a robot at play, it wasn’t the strangest weapon. “Huh, I guess that’s pretty interesting. I guess I’ll bite, so long as you keep my snacks safe from any scavengers.”

“Tell you what, win this and I’ll personally cater your snacks from now on.”
The woman this time spoke. She spoke earnestly, no sarcasm or snark in her voice. “But I warn you, that it may not be as easy as you’d expect.”

She took in a breath, centering herself before her eyes stiffened into a stern gazed. When both fighters had set themselves in place, Kan raised his hand. “Begin!” He shouted, initiating the bout.

Koji laughed a bit at that. An interesting woman indeed.

He set the small bag down slightly outside the circle before stepping in. The sword at his hip swung loosely and his overall stance was nonchalant and open comparatively. Either he had something under his sleeves or wasn't taking this all that seriously, his left hand lightly resting on the scabbard.

"Reflex check~" Suddenly, as the gong was sounded so to speak, Koji moved in a blur toward the woman, dipping his body down slightly as if going for a low attack.

Mina’s eyes followed Koji, flowing with his motions. She of course noticed his sword by his side and felt something was wrong. Even if he wasn’t taking this seriously, she needed to treat every opponent as if they had every intent to take her down. Not taking any chances, and prepared for a feint, Mina dodged back a little, taking her broom and swinging the bristled end to where he was heading

Koji’s left hand pulled the scabbard up vertically to intercept the broom before he spun clockwise, allowing it to glide off the sheath as he did so. Then, his right hand grasped the hilt of the sword, but rather than draw it completely, he instead battered the woman with the pommel, half-unsheathing and resheathing the sword.

With a swift, but solid blow to the gut, Mina let out a grunt as spittle dripped from her lips. However she grit her teeth, and pulled back her broom, the flared end, catching Koji’s leg as she pulled, this time flowing around Koji, and whacking him with the butt of her “weapon” of choice.

"Oh," Koji hummed aloud as the woman quickly moved on from the pain and continued into a counter. He felt his foot lose grounding and then a firm whack. "Ow~," He whined, stumbling forward a bit as a hand reached to rub his back. "Well, I guess it would feel like getting hit by a bokken… Ah…" He commented aloud, leaving his back turned to her and himself rather open.

Surely someone who has made it to the Red Wolves knew better than to turn their back on an opponent in the middle of a bout. The fact that he was doing it felt like such a disrespect. It made Mina frustrated, enough to move back to the offensive, swinging the bristled end like a long club at Koji’s back. She demanded his attention, and because of her brief lapse in judgment, she neglected to account for a farce.

"Fujin Tate," Koji murmured, quickly grasping the hilt of his sword and drawing it. His swipes flowed like water around him, and while none directly aimed at Mina, currents of air followed to surround him, forming a barrier of sorts to intercept and force back an attack. "Oh come on, I thought that was pretty obvious… not that the hit didn't hurt… ow…"

Mina was blown backwards by the whirlwind which repelled her attack. She centered herself again, taking a deep breath. “It got you to fully unsheathe your sword now didn’t it?” There was no real previous agreement, but that alone felt that Mina had accomplished something great, reinvigorating her. “I am Mina Rinin. And I will knock you out of the ring within the next 3 strikes.” She slammed her broom on the ground, placing her foot on the head of it, and giving the stick a twist, leaving her with a simple, more balanced wooden dowel.

She took up a stance, keeping her weapon behind her mostly as she focused her energy, her spirit. As she did a flowing stream of water seemed to form behind her, with pearlescent bubbles floating inside. She took a step forward, and with it the strands of water lurched forward, a tendril seeking to strike at Koji, striking the hilt of his sword and coating it in the slick, soapy liquid.

Koji let out another soft chuckle as the blade slid back into its scabbard. “Haha~ I suppose so,” He commented, turning to face her. “Koji Kazama.”

However, the smile disappeared slightly and instead an expression of curiosity landed upon his face seeing the water. He believed her to have a good form for a polearm, and wondered why she was using a broom instead of a normal weapon, but it seemed she had some real techniques behind her choice. His gaze tracked the tendril, moving slightly to evade the whip directly, but it still landed on his weapon, its apparent true target. Touching it briefly with his left hand, he recoiled slightly. “Oh… Well that’s not good,” He commented aloud. Koji could already tell what would happen if he tried using one of his techniques now.

He was now playing Wii Bowling without the safety strap.

Instead, he rested his hand at the pommel of the sword, opting to instead maneuver it like a joystick. It was limiting, but he would otherwise be unarmed as he waited for a follow-up attack.

She had indeed hindered his abilities. It’s amazing how simple it can be to hinder someone’s actions with some well placed soap. This was what her training thus far had been. With her practice of uneven footing, and her technique that she and Kan were perfecting together, she could turn many bouts into dizzying dances for her opponents.

With her plan in action, Mina took a step forward, one which should only have resulted in a small advancement, but the water floating around her moved underfoot, causing her initial movement to slide her across the ground, which combined with the explosive force of the palm strike made for a quite sudden attack.

"Hah?" Koji murmured out, once again taken aback by the strange technique. Now the floor was wet to boot, making his foundation unstable. He brought his right arm to block the strike, the sting of it sending him backwards toward the edge. It would have a ring-out, though he put that at bay by pushing the end of his sheath into the outside ground to prop him.

Mina moved quickly though not giving Koji much more time to react. The used the water to avoid sinking into the wet soil as she jammed her stick into the ground and swung around it, striking Koji from the side with a round house kick.

As the kick made contact with Koji, he was thrown dramatically backwards, his feet leaving the ground and landing on his back outside the boundary of the ring. He laid flat for a bit, before seemingly perking up again with the same pleasant smile. "Haha~ I've never seen a style like that before. You might be better off using an actual polearm though, even if it doesn't match the theme," He suggested, apparently of goodwill.

Mina returned to the broomhead, screwing it back into its spot. “Perhaps you’re right.” She walked up to him, held out her hand, and pulled him back to his feet. “But we don’t have that luxury in the White Doves. Not unless you had it from the start.” She made her way out of the ring, resting her broom on her shoulder. “Maybe I’ll see about using one after we steal them from the Red Wolves.” She smiled back at Koji. It was only a matter of time, but sure enough a clash between both schools would take place.

After the final fight, Kan spoke to the two of them. "Well fought Koji. You as well Mina. And to most of you the same, save a select few." With that Kan gave a side glace toward Bam and Claire. One of whom gave up before the fight even started really started the other let their emotions dictate their fight and resulted in them defeating themself with out her opponent even fighting back.

He looked back at everyone, his broom handed back to him by Mina. "Now then, this is Mina. She is my grand niece and my pupil since before the schools were established. And like you, she was thrown into this class to flounder and ultimately fail. But I'm here to work against that.

He slammed his broom into the ground and called out to everyone once again, with intensity and gravitas. "My name is Kan Rinin. I am the Janitor of Battle Castle. I possess no fighting experience nor abilities. However, I assure you that I'm the best God-damn teacher on this entire island, and I aim to guarantee that at least one of you becomes Battle King and that the rest of you may take the role of "Battle Court. This concludes our lesson for today. However Mina here has a wonderful bonding activity to share with you all at your dormitory. Mina?"

The woman in the comfortable clothes and bandana stepped forward and bowed. "Thank you Sensei. If everyone may follow me." Mina waved everyone to follow as she made her way around the school building to another building. It looked like cheap apartments in the slums of one of the cities on the mainland. Mina however suddenly seemed to procure a gigantic supply of brooms, mops, buckets, soap, any cleaning supply imaginable in the brief moment that she turned the building, throwing them all on the floor in front of them.

"Alright everyone, since we are a class, a team building exercise is likely the best thing for us. A common goal to bond over. So, pick up a mop or broom and lets get cleaning. I promise you there is a lot to be done. Hope none of you are afraid of spiders!"

With that she stood there smiling. But that smile conveyed emotions far more than glee. It was oppressive and heavy. Claire immediately took a few steps back, intimidated by her.

Estego, however let out a bellowing laugh as usual. "Of course! Allow me to start." He took up a broom and held it in both hands. "After a day like today let us work ourselves to exhaustion! Then when the time for rest is to come we may rest with all our hearts." With that he ran inside the decrepit building, with a battle cry and immediately began sweeping piles of dirt into massive hills.

Claire took a cloth and a spray bottle. "I guess I'll take the windows. Seems easy enough... Damn... I wasn't expecting this whole school to be a complete bore..." She was absolutely looking for a chance to slack off out of the eyes of miss bubbles. And it seemed the easiest job she could think of.


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Milennia Phoenis

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Red Wolves? Like Akobo? That was another school, right? What was he doing here? Ah, if he was here, then that must've meant this next fight was going to be something special!! Milennia couldn't wait for it to begin! She didn't care one iota that this person wasn't in their class. Any strong fighter had her attention! She was on the edge of her seat already! AH! It's beginning!

Mil's eyes glittered as she watched the duel. This newcomer seemed to be a swordsman. -Milennia had plenty of experience with swordsmen. Although her fellow Asura were typically the moderate type, there were still many who practiced martial arts, or other forms of fighting styles. And they were all quite formidable. Especially those that brought their battle styles from past lives, honed and honed over many lifetimes. That's where Milennia's training mostly came from. Though her people tended to be nonchalant and even a tad on the lazy side, they always gave her earnest fights. And never slouched in training or sparring sessions. Perhaps it was the blonde that brought that side out of them once more. Its where most of her scars came from. Her days had been filled with getting pummeled into the ground with a laugh and smile on her face. Up until she began to win, of course. That's when she departed and found her way here.

Still, the swordsman before her didn't get to use his blade too much. His opponent used some sort of weird technique that seemed to deter him from doing so. Whatever it was Milennia found herself fascinated. So there were people that fought like this, too! Most of her training partners fought her earnestly, and many overwhelmed her through sheer technique or power. She was unfamiliar with those who played "dirty", or attempted to mess up their opponent's game-plan. That made Mil smirk. She couldn't wait to fight someone like that! She'd barrel through them, too!

"WELL FOUGHT! Bhai Koji! Behan Mina!!" Milennia echoed the words of their teacher. "Yes! Teach us all you can, Kan Rinin sahib!" she said with a bow to him. "Though I will be Battle King! Heh!"

"HAAAA!! This is just another battle!!"
Mil excitedly exclaimed after Mina tossed out some cleaning supplies. With green eyes glittering she immediately picked up a broom and a mop, splashing the mop into one of the buckets. "I'll win," she said in a hush. "AH! Bhai Estego! Are you feeling better?? That's great!!" The blonde shouted. She took off in a burst of speed, entering the building just behind him. Milennia was just as eager to 'fight'! Immediately, the blonde began to clean. She did some advanced moves like a spin with her broom, to quickly kick away the dirt from the ceiling, walls, and floor. Only for her mop to touch all those surfaces right after.

"Mhha haha!" Mil laughed exuberantly, as she dashed through the building, cleaning with this incredibly efficient technique! "Like this, I can't lose! Mha haha haha ha!!" She continued laughing, 'slashing' the floor in an x-pattern with her broom, then racing back through using the same 'attack' with her mop this time.

Goetia Betwixxta

Goetia hadn't ran too far. The short white-haired girl was still within viewing distance. She tentatively had been watching the bouts after hers from around the corner, peeking out with her gentle white gaze. When she saw the teacher call them all to round up, she gave a soft paused, but then made her way over with gentle steps. She was still sniffling by the time she returned to the circle of students, hiding at the back.

The self-proclaimed goddess-prophet looked down at all the cleaning supplies. Her face furrowed. Cleaning? Her?.. Huh? She hadn't ever done that! Thinking back in her life, everyone always meticulously cleaned the area in which she lived for her. Her sheets and clothes were washed. Even the skin on her back was gently scrubbed by some attendant. Her hair, too. Though, she had gotten independent enough to wash herself. Or perhaps, its better to say, as a girl, she actually preferred maintaining her own hygiene to her own specifications, but cleaning some shabby building? That was unheard of.

She reached down and just before picking up a mop, her hand stalled then twitched. Then she grabbed it. She didn't even know where to begin... It was subtle -or perhaps it wasn't- but there was a concerned frown on her face. She looked up as the wild blonde said something in her overly loud, energetic way and raced inside. Even from here, Goetia could see how excitedly she was cleaning. It almost made Goetia feel pointless and, frankly... left out. After resolving to help, any amount of help she could provide after Milennia only seemed to be a hindrance. This made Goetia feel foolish. She wasn't happy with this unsettling feeling.


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Gurimu Gouketsu

As the matches finished, there was little else to do, or so she hoped till even more people showed up including a janitor. Not that she minded much, but why in the hell were they cleaning up for them? Ah well. They gave her a place to stay so it was the least she could do to make it livable. Following behind the excitable one that led the charge to sweep, he would likely leave plenty of spots for finer cleaning in his rush. Estego wasn't it? Then the blondie arrived, she was doing much the same but mopping as well, though both of them seemed to lack one key understanding... That being of Common sense.

"Heh." With that she follows in behind the pair and uses her magic to concentrate and pull the dirt around her fists, eventually she could just gather enough to fire it out a window. Till then might as well let them go at it. There would still be a need for finer details of cleaning and to check out the common living spaces, though she figured well before then Estego and Mil would run out of energy and enthusiasm. As to the others, she wasn't too curious in what they were doing, but she had some modifications to do to her weapon having seen what they all were made out of.


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Ban the Maverick
Time: Too early in the morning for this.
Mood(s): Tired, Sly, Dry, Calm
Location(s): From Outside to The White Doves Dormitory/School
Mention(s): The Collab Fights, Koji Kazuma ( EmperorsChosen EmperorsChosen ), Daemon Lavenderwind ( Cresion Breezes Cresion Breezes )
Interaction(s): Goetia Betwixxta ( Thalia_Neko Thalia_Neko ), Claire ( ReanimatorSpuds ReanimatorSpuds ), Mina Kannin ( ReanimatorSpuds ReanimatorSpuds )

" . . . "

Ban paid the occasional eye and ear towards the fights, noting each person and the abilities they had shown. Not to mention, their personalities they displayed as well. If his eyes did not fail him as well as his common sense, it seemed everyone was more than willing, more than motivated, to give these fights their all. A glaring difference between himself and the others. One that might work to his advantage. Despite the instructor not liking Ban's tactics. Oh yes, Ban caught the not-so-subtle glance sent his direction as the troublesome student made his way to the hill and the prize of the donuts.

And, while Ban's thoughts briefly flitted upon the fact the instructor's niece was quite cute and his reputation amongst his fellow classmates, Ban listened to the next set of instructions as he began perusing through the bag of donuts. His gaze snapped to behind him, examining his classmates. It seems a few were already cleaning their new home, or, at least attempting to. Shrugging, Ban simply picked up the bag. The man was not greedy, and he did not need the whole entire bag nor did he plan on eating it. But these many donuts for one person? Ban felt himself doing a favor for Koji Kazuma's health, particular for his arteries and sugar levels.

Walking down the hill while carrying the tupperware in one hand and the bag in the other, Ban made his first destination towards the supposed goddess herself. Goetia Betwixxta. She seemed to be in a spot of bother. Ban shook the donut bag in front of her to get her attention.

"Truce. And this isn't an apology. You won that match, by the way. My forfeit superseded you stepping out of the ring."

Offering the bag to her, Ban kept speaking, "Grab one. Eat it. After you're done eating, if you want my help with sweeping, ask and I'll give it. Otherwise, if you want me gone, I'll never offer my help again."

Those were the terms. And they would also be on her terms. If she wanted nothing to do with him after consuming her sugary confection, Ban would accept it and move on, but there was the added angle that she should never expect his help again. But there was a certain strategy to making allies, to burying the old hatchet so to speak. This was one attempt of many. Making an enemy of everyone would not do him good. In fact, there were a few others he would like to make allies with.

His eyes settled on Claire next as he walked towards her, moving away from Goetia. He ruffled the bag once more, hoping to catch her attention as well. She was one of the losers, a fellow fighter who lost their bout. Just like him, and, in a way, Goetia. A certain pattern found itself. One Ban would pursue until he focused on a few others. However, there were many in this classroom he would avoid and keep away from making into allies, if only they would be more trouble than they were worth.

Claire did not seem to be one of those people. In fact, the opposite. Much easier to handle and, if need be, manipulate. But that was not the agenda. The agenda was to make a few more allies. She happened to be on the list of promising candidates along with Goetia. If anything, his fight with the goddess earlier and his observation of Claire's fight with Daemon made all three fighters quite the interesting individuals to be on good terms with. Besides, how did the old adage go? Keep your friends close.

And your enemies closer.

"Here. Grab one for yourself. Just one. I think your bout was kinda cheap. Figure you could use a pick me up."

Two down. Two to go. Ban would stick around and talk with Claire, and, if Goetia decided to be particularly troublesome and decided to pester him, he would humor the goddess as well. Not like his earlier conversations with Ryuga and Guri earlier. These people would be the foundations, the brickwork of creating a sort of alliance. One that would cover his back and keep him out of the spotlight as much as possible.


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Eien Hiai
Eien's, frankly, passive observations of his peers continued throughout the trials. These mock battles were a decent starting point for seeing what everyone could do. Unfortunately for Eien himself, a mock battle wasn't really the place to show his abilities. At best putting on a show for them in terms of his limited physical abilities was all he could muster. He couldn't very well make any of them severely ill or worse, now could he? Even just taking off the mask would put them at risk, and that wasn't a viable strategy. So, for now, if only for his own peace of mind, he would keep his abilities to himself. Not like they needed to see his face to be able to trust him or anything. Right?

Eien was jarred from his inner thoughts when the cleaning supplies were dumped in front of them. His head tilted as he sighed, patting his knees as he sat on his butt in an effort to recover from his own little bout, such as it was. The blue haired boy stood up, grunting in effort as he began making his way towards the supplies. He could agree with team building, and cleaning together, he supposed, did show comraderie. But jeez some of these guys were way too enthusiastic about it. Well, about everything, really.

Then, he noticed Goetia, the scary girl hesitating. His stride stopped a few feet from her and he leaned in a bit to get a look at her face.


The look on her face was puzzling and a little difficult to read. Confusion? Sadness? Frustration? A feeling of being lost? Sheesh he understood all of those things. Wait, didn't this girl say she was a goddess or prophet or something? Had she ever done something as mundane as cleaning before. The way she gripped the mop suggested she had not. One of the other boys approached her too, speaking with her about her fight. That was smart. Basically salt in the wound.

"Hey, just put it out of your mind and focus on what's in front of you." Eien offered, smiling under the mask as he fought the urge to dart away from her.

Eien reached down and grabbed a mop and a broom as well, gesturing towards a more untouched part of the area.

"Come on, I'll show ya. It's easy, and sometimes even kinda relaxing." Eien's voice wavered a bit the longer he looked at her face.

She was cute, but, like, scary cute. Plus he had seen her moves and they looked painful. Maybe she could curse people too...The boy gulped, hoping he was making a wise decision.
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Daemon walked off the court humming to himself, he was getting used to using his human body around people. Previously he only pulled it out when he needed to deal with others, but times are different now and the prospect of living with these strange individuals. As he made his way back he tried to recall the battle, was that what counted as a battle? It didn't involve pounding hearts or anything like that though. The girl he fought with earlier seemed pretty upset as she was approached by another person in the class.

He remembers this other student, he was one of those people that talked a lot while fighting, maybe his powers were related to talking. Val always said that he uses 'the magic of persuasion, which seems to be a way to kill people by talking. It did hurt when the student said that battle was cheap though, he was trying really hard to emulate what fighting was like as he saw the others do, but alas, it had no effect. Slowly the fae snuck up on the other student and his former opponent.

"...Cheap? I thought I put a lot of effort into that though, to try and do a 'fight' or something like that." He said in a bit of a gloomy tone, being quite confused as to what even happened exactly.

"Hmph. A hormone-addled simpleton has no right to criticize our methods, get your chin up, stupid fae." A familiar voice echoed throughout Daemon's mind.

The young man's face suddenly lit up, although the others in the conversation have yet to react to his words, it was clear that something was happening inside of his head. "But that's okay!" It was a clear and sudden tone shift. "I think you're the real winner Klare, I forfeit! Just like that simp over there!" Daemon smiled brightly while pointing at Ban. He didn't really know what Val meant by a simpleton, or remember the entire insult, or understand that it was meant to be an insult.

"What did you just say to that man? Stupid fae." Val muttered inside Daemon's head.

There seems to an announcement about cleaning or something similar to that, though Daemon knew he couldn't clean anything in the outside world, he was simply too small to actually make a difference, and the brooms were oh so heavy. An elderly human once tried to hit him with a broom because he was mistaken for a bug, that was why he had this human disguise in the first place.

"Well, I can't clean because the brooms are too heavy for me to lift up." He said, although he twirled his metallic-looking staff a few times so it made the statement utterly unconvincing. "So I'll just stay here!"


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Saucha wasn't sure why exactly the elders had her running errands, but she supposed it was only fair. She was a student here, after all. Once a servant of the people, always a servant of the people. It wasn't glamorous work, but neither was spending most of your time guarding a shrine. In ways, at least she could stretch her legs and see more things than just her home. Plus, taking in all the new smells and sighs was almost intoxicating. The sight and smell of the food made her stomach growl, but that was nothing unusual for her. Now, on her way back, she had several bags of foods hanging off her arms, a fairly large bag hung over her shoulder, and another large bag in each hand. It likely looked silly thanks to her small and rather petite frame. The list hadn't been super long, but how could she resist buying even more than what they asked for? Even if it was out of pocket, she had to make sure they had enough to survive. Of course, she had to be constantly reminded that food sources were never very far away in this place. From her village to get supplies it was always days of travel, survival was more of a challenge. The guardian's mind finally settled back into the present as her destination came into view. She was almost back at the school.

Stepping into the surprisingly crowded area, she noted there were several others here, most of which seemed to be about her age. It looked like they were beginning to clean? Interesting. Her bright eyes caught Mina, whom was definitely one of the elders of the area. She approached her calmly, gesturing to all the goods she carried.

"I have procured the supplies, Elder. Where should I put them?"
Saucha asked quietly, her voice high and floaty, her single horn glinting in the light of the sun as she turned her head to glance at the other students.


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Goetia's eyes were forced to look up at the one who annoying obstructed her vision. Which made her glare a bit. Eyes like two angry fixed stars in a constellation. Ah! It was him! The annoying fiend -no- gnat that wouldn't stop buzzing around her! What did he want this time? She wondered, glaring. He claimed she had won?? Apparently his forfeit superseded her mistake? She didn't trust this man, so she didn't believe him, and it wasn't like she felt any satisfaction that way, anyway. No one wanted a win by their opponent forfeiting for no reason! But whatever, a win was a win.

She beamed, hands placed on her hips. "But of course!" Goetia began in a hoity voice, playing tough. As if agreeing that he lost, despite not believing him. "It is only natural to fail when confronted by such divine splendor!" She took a donut. "Your offered tribute is satisfactory! This one will allow you recompense!" She was about to hand off the broom when Ban left to go engage another student, leaving the prophet hanging, and feeling a bit dejected.

It was a tad annoying he offered to help, only to leave. What sort of offer was that? Goetia found herself growing a bit agitated once again, thinking about it. That's when she was pulled from her thoughts by another voice. One muffled through a mask.

"Huh?" Goetia frowned a little at what he said. Easy? Cleaning? "Okay..." She followed him. Then she let herself grin. "Ah, yes, I see. You intend to elucidate the prophet on this trivial matter of cleaning? Very good, masked manservant. This one will allow it. Begin." The short girl stood there, her eyes like stars watching the masked boy, nomming on her acquired sweet and puffy tribute.


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Olivia, when she woke up, remembered all the details of the fight Fosc had with Lyrica. It went about as well as a delicate girl versus a strong teddy bear could have gone, but Olivia felt terrible remembering the girl starting to cry. Was it strange to see her tear up from a forehead bump than broken ribs? Yes. But Olivia still felt like it was all her fault! She wondered what she could do to make it up to her. Lyrica looked the type to like cute things, but... Seeing Fosc, Lyrica's definition of cute probably differed a lot from Olivia's. Maybe someone in class could help her come up with something?

Her brother was unconscious after his battle, so she couldn't exactly ask him... Well, she couldn't really ask anyone else here since none of them looked to have an idea for cuteness or "love", as Lyrica liked to say most of their fight.

'Maybe I can just give her a piece of candy.'

Still, a new person and their teacher came up to give them their new task. Cleaning the cheap apartments that was supposed to be their home for the duration of their time at the school. Olivia herself didn't see any issue with this. Cleaning was less painful and would warrant a pleasant result in the end. She was actually kinda excited to see the fruits of everyone's hard work~

If her brother and his new... friend didn't wake up soon, then she'd have to see if he was okay or not with the pretty green healer that was here earlier... For now, cleaning.

For now, she picked up one of the brooms then turned to look at her classmates. Ryuga, the one with the scary face, and the new, slightly less scary faced lady. "Let's clean up the rooms. Faster it's done the faster we finish." She smiled.



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During the battle, Sage was able to wait by the sidelines for the battles to be over, each one more fantastic than the last. Sure a few battles were... disappointing, but that didn't matter~ One error in the career of the future Battle King or Queen would not be enough to sway them from their rightful place. It could also just be a devious plan to keep their potential abilities a secret until they felt the moment was right. One could never know for sure.

He had to take at least two individuals under his care. One being the large, blonde, loud person who, when asked for his name, was Estego. Sage gave the larger man some soup and he was back on his feet in an instant. The other one was a cheery woman who wouldn't look at him. He handed her a plastic container of soup as well, explaining what it did, and let her enjoy her food in peace. She should be fine now if she ate her meal. Or not if she didn't; he couldn't force her to do anything.

After Jericho's battle with Leor, Sage asked for help from Estego before bringing those two into one of the common places for the new apartments. It wasn't an ideal place to heal someone, but it was better than nowhere.

There, he'd go ahead and sit Jericho and Leor up. Since Sage didn't want to undress them in front of their classmates, he'd go ahead and tilt their heads back a bit before feeding them spoonfuls of soup broth, then tilting their heads all the way back so they'd swallow. It wasn't the most conventional way of feeding someone, but he needed them to either swallow the food or wake up sputtering so they could eat it themselves.



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Lyrica was so excited, her eyes were beaming with exuberance. "A class bonding exercise? That's so exciting! I love cleaning!" She excitedly let out. After all that battling, Lyrica would still not tire out, after all this was her first time in a long while being outside of the farm for so long. She was excited and brimming with jubilance. As she made her way toward the cleaning supplies, her excitement would soon die, as a spike of pain bolted in her ribs, she felt fine, but her ribs did not. "Lyrica!" shouted Lalabel, "You're supposed to be resting! Go sit down, I can help in your steed!" Lalabel called at Lyrica as a mother would to a misbehaving child. Lalabel couldn't do much due to her inherently small size, but what she could do is carry and throw small pieces of trash and garbage into nearby bins.

Lyrica sat down by a nearby wall and watched as everyone began to continue with their tasks at hand. With her hand against her cheek, she pouted as she boorishly sighed. Two people were bright and eager, making a contest out of this as they competitively cleaned. That looked like fun! But Lyrica wouldn't last, she likes taking her time and slowly making sure that she had properly cleaned every little space within a room. She found it therapeutic, but she could see how those two would find it fun. Lyrica looked around a bit more and spotted that weirdo delinquent-looking guy giving the goddess girl doughnuts... or something like that. Were they making up? How nice of him! But seeing confectionaries made her crave something sweet as well.

"Ahh, booh. Why couldn't I have been born with the power to materialize sweet things instead?" Lyrica stood with a determined smile as she clapped her hands, "I'll make my cake, and eat it! Simple solution to all my cravings!" She excitedly told herself in a psyching manner before sitting back down and giving into the pain from her ribs and shoulders. Someone then suddenly gave her soup. It smelled nice. She looked at it curiously, as this same person explained what it was and what it did. Lyrica looked up toward this person with a smile, "Thank you so much, Mister-" she stopped herself as she made direct eye contact. His hair. That garish green hair. She stared blankly still with a smile on her face. Was that his natural hair colour? His hair looked nice, yes, but why green? Is he a plant? Chlorophyll? Can he photosynthesize? That's so... "Cool... Ah, I mean, your hair is u- Uh I mean, it's quite striking!" Lyrica blurted out, trying to correct herself with a nervous smile.

She then chugged down the soup to hide her face and expressions. Did he hear that? Did he see that? What would he think of me now? I'm a disgrace to etiquette, that was so rude of me, I should apologise. I'll bake a cake of apology! Everyone likes cake, so maybe he'll forget everything if I make a cake. It's not his fault he has green hair, even if it's green, it looks kind of cool... But it's green. Maybe his favourite is green, maybe I should make a green cake. Lyrica thought to herself as she drank the soup. It was good. She stood up with a cheerful smile, she should be fine now after all. "I should thank that person later! And apologise! And tell him his hair is not ugly and really really.... earthy." Lyrica said to herself as she slapped her cheeks. First, of course, Lyrica had to begin cleaning, a cake can wait late. The girl took a bucket and a mop. As Lyrica began to chipperly clean the floors while humming a melody.

"100% accurate visual representation of Lyrica's reaction to Sage"​


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Estego was already well engaged in his activities when Milennia joined him with just as much gusto. "Incrível! Inspiring you are Mil. Let us hope that our passions drive forward the others." He took up a similar approach, gripping a second push broom, and sprinting full speed down the halls, yelling as he chased after Mil

Of course as he and Mil ran by attempting to one up the other, they kicked up just as much dust and dirt as they cleaned.

Claire, Ban, and Daemon were caught up in the dust devil as the simpletons sped through. Claire started hacking and coughing before she was even able to respond to Ban. "HEY! You're supposed to get rid of the dust not relocate it!" She groaned as she turned back to Ban. His peace offering unfortunately ruined by the competition of the Oni and the Himbo. "Thanks anyway. Though its kind rich having you come to comfort me. You turned tail at the first sign of trouble." She chuckled though remembering how flustered Goetia got. "But I gotta give credit. The way you got under the Priestess skin was pretty funny Your Holiness."

Claire turned back to cleaning the window she was on when Daemon also pulled up. He had to just be daft. She didn't believe that could be possible, but in the span of only a few hours, just about every person here has challenged her preconceived notions to just how unhinged people can be. So she tried her best to ignore Daemon, for his sake as much as her own.

Or at least she tried... Until Daemon called Ban a simp. That made Claire chortle as she looked back at Daemon. "I don't know what your problem is exactly but you know what? Keep those coming and we may actually get along."

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Mina, meanwhile was watching her classmates talk and engage with one another. In that regard the exercise was a success! Even previous tensions seemed to be mended. In regards to cleaning the dorm room however, it seemed more a disaster. "Huh... Well, I suppose I'll clean it after everyone has gone to bed..."

Suddenly Mina was addressed by the adorable Saucha. She has sent her on a grocery run, and she had provided.

"Thank you Saucha, but please you don't need to refer to me as Elder. We're equals here." Still she took the box and started making her way toward the kitchen when she heard the pink haired magical girl being scolded by her pet... partner?... The cute... cat? Whatever it was. "Well if you're still wanting to help without tiring yourself out, we need to get dinner started. Why don't you help? You too Saucha."

Mina made her way into the kitchen, and tied an apron around her waist. There were enough for the other girls as well. However, unlike the rest of the dorms, the kitchen looked spotless in fact, including a stack of dishes, pots, pans, cups, you name it, that reached all the way to the ceiling. "Forgive the disarray. I was cleaning this while most of you were fighting. I wanted to make sure we had a place to cook when all was done. Now then, what ingredients did you get Saucha?" Mina bent down as she started looking through the box.

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Back with the spirited grappler, Estego had lost where Mil had gone, not really sure where she was cleaning, still he was cleaning at full sprint when he bumped into another classmate. "Ah, desculpas, sorry." When Estego looked back he was staring at the blazing dragon from before. He glared at him for a moment, remembering his bout with the spoon-wielding goat. Suddenly, the two neurons miraculously connected and Estego realized something that made him burst out in laughter.

"It was you! Haha I must say thank you for the wonderful bit of endurance training." He gave no further context.

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So many fights, so much data to compile. He didn't have time to properly review each and every fight properly, so for now, a surface-level assessment should suffice. Other details can be revealed later on his helmet.

The first fight was Mil and Estego. Once again, he would find the yellow-headed boy to be incredibly familiar. It seems like the horned lady was a flame type as well, surrounding herself with flames was different from normal fires. Likely of magical origin. Despite Mil's physical strength and heat, Estego was no slouch either, repeatedly trading blows with a red girl. But for now at least, in this bout, it seemed Mil had the upper hand due to her earlier proactiveness. It was difficult to tell how much either side was holding back, or how close their combat stats were. But one thing's for certain, both of these individuals were forces to be reckoned with.

The next fight to review was Lyrica and Olivia. Their powers were...interesting to say the least as they were magic-based, something he had minimal experience with. One of them looked like a protagonist from the magical girl genre and had the attitude to match. She was all bubbly and excited about fighting someone...who immediately fell asleep and summoned a teddy bear to fight in her place and now seconds later the bear would throw a punch that immediately caused visible discomfort to the girl. The two seemed awfully casual with one another despite this being a proper fight. After watching the two fight, he was tempted to give the Lyrica girl how to properly fight,

Goetia and Ban's fight left a lot to be desired. The fight had ended prematurely though to some unconventional tactics used by Ban. To attack someone mentally was an interesting technique that few would consider. But for more mentally sturdy fighters out there, this likely would not work. In the end, he was somewhat disappointed by the results as he didn't get to see both of their capabilities.

Now and there was perhaps the most interesting fight of all, Claire vs Daemon. He always found this Daemon character to be a strange one. He seemed a lot smaller than he appears..quite literally the heat his body gave off felt it's supposed to come from a significantly smaller individual. Daemon's fight seemed largely one-sided, with Claire being on the back-end for the majority of the fight. Claire's attacks seemed to simply pass through the man. Perhaps his power was permeation, which would explain what he was seeing. But even when he was struck by an attack as strong as a lightning bolt he remained unfazed. In the last second of the fight, Daemon had somehow managed to trick Claire into pouncing onto the outside of the ring while repeatedly pounding a body double. Hmm, Ryuga will have to review the footage on his helmet later.

And now, their next assignment was upon them. A team-building exercise that is sure to strengthen a sense of camaraderie between them....cleaning up their dorm together. While, this wasn't his first time doing an activity like this, with a team no less, he did expect the battle king's schools activities to have something with a lot more sting to it. But no matter. Perhaps this was an acceptable activity nonetheless. But at the same time, was this bonding really necessary? After all, at the end of all this, they would still likely have to fight each other right?
For now, she picked up one of the brooms then turned to look at her classmates. Ryuga, the one with the scary face, and the new, slightly less scary faced lady. "Let's clean up the rooms. Faster it's done the faster we finish." She smiled.

He pondered over the thought with an intense look in his eyes, but was swiftly interrupted by the girl constantly looking sleepy. His expression softened as he smiled and accepted the broom from the girl. "Very well." Ryuga manifested his tail to grab another broomstick before heading towards the room they wanted to clean. "Huh...Not as bad as I thought it would be.. I was ready to sleep in a cave if needed." He said out loud as he began sweeping with both his arms and his tail, clearly something he was fairly experience with this method of cleaning. "So....your bear only comes out when you're asleep?" He decided to break the ice with a little small talk while cleaning.

"It was you! Haha I must say thank you for the wonderful bit of endurance training." He gave no further context.
While cleaning he somehow bumped into Estego of all people. "Uhh yes. Its me...Estego was it? Have I met you before? You just seem oddly familiar and your response only reinforces that we've met before in the past." Endurance training? What on earth could he be referring to? Maybe he met him on one of his missions? He didnt seem like he wanted to kill him, so he most likely wasn't one of the enemies he faced.


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"Kheh! Yah! But I won't lose!" Mil replied to Estego, holding her mop up, gripping its handle firm.

Mil saw that the stirred up dust had disturbed some of the others. She dashed over and smacked open a window. Then she took her broom and spun it behind the dust cloud, like a turbine, quickly blowing all the dust outside. With a satisfied smirk she didn't miss a beat.

The blonde splashed her mop back into some clean solution and faced the hall once more. "TOTAL VICTORY... WASH!" With an impressive burst forward, and inhuman acrobatics, she spiraled down the hall after launching forward. Her mop sliding along every surface of the hall. Sliding to a stop outside at the end she stomped on the end of her mop to squeeze out the remaining water, and she followed up her "attack" by repeating the same motion back through the hall. The mop reabsorbing the free moisture. Landing beside the bucket she squeezed the mop out once more, all of the grimy water splashing down into it. All of this lasted but a brief moment, and seemed to come out in one fluid motion. Then she looked back over her handiwork.

With a big grin she spun her mop with a flourish and struck the ground, casually leaning against it. "Pristine! Spotless!" Indeed the hall glittered and gleamed. "That's fit for a Battle King! I win!" she claimed proudly, gazing at her work.

Mil set aside her mop and broom and instead grabbed a duster. Immediately she dove inside the nearest room and with another incredible burst of speed she was like a flash of gold through the entirety of the room. She zig-zagged and zipped from one end, to another, almost making a lightning bolt type shape, her duster moving at a frenetic speed. In another swift motion the room was dust-free. Another smile brightened up her face, then Mil dashed into another nearby room to repeat the process. Her pace never let up and was dizzying to observe.

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Eien Hiai

Eien was a little dumbfounded at her reaction, but he supposed given the way she acted, it could have been a lot worse. She could have called him a fiend and threatened him or something. Even if she wasn't really a goddess, those abilities of hers were certainly real enough. Divine splendor, huh? She certainly had a high opinion of herself. Sure, she was cute, but come on. Then again, the whole goddess thing really just makes it more understandable. The other guy seeemed content to give her something then wander off to talk to someone else. What was that about?

As the girl followed him, he chuckled nervously, leading her to less involved area. This entire place really did need a good clean. His eyes darted back to her as he chose a spot and began to sweep, ensuring that she could see the proper motion.

"I uh, I have no idea what that word means...and I'm not a servant, okay? But, anyway, yeah, I'll show you. Just do this and focus all the dust and debris into neat piles so collecting it and removing it is easier. You'll get the hang of it in no time."

Eien spared her a smile, though it was hidden by the mask. He was confident that her grasp on this sort of thing was limited, but someone with such a strong confidence must surely be capable of mastering simple skills in no time. His gaze did linger a little long, but he was sure to look back at what he was doing as soon as he noticed.

celinka 1 chibi.jpg

Saucha furrowed her brow and wrinkled her nose at Mina's words. Not call her Elder? Equals? Seemed kind of bizarre. Plus, the sleepy looking girl asked her if she wanted to help out with the cleaning, which she would have been happy to do. However, it seemed that Mina had another task for her. The guardian bowed her head to the girl apologetically.

"I apologize, but it seems my duty is currently elsewhere. I hope your task goes well." Saucha offered in her signature high voice before turning to follow after Mina.

It seemed that the plan was to now prepare some of the food for consumption. Her stomach again rumbled, as it often did, while she looked from Mina to the food. A faint smile crossed her lips as she drew out a variety of ingredients.

"I selected many foods and ingredients. So many varied aromas and textures, I simply couldn't choose just a few. There are fruits, vegetables, fresh meats, packaged foods, dairy products, sweet treats, salty snacks, aged cheeses and meats..." The horned girl's voice trailed off as she continued to set the items on the counters or in their respective locations.

Saucha looked to Mina and the other student that was accompanying them. The colorful and energetic young woman. She hadn't caught her name, but the energy she exuded was vibrant and almost chaotic.

"Hello, we haven't met. My name is Saucha. It's a pleasure to meet and work with you." She said with a polite smile and a friendly bow of her head.

"Also, I think it is only fair to warn you, I have never cooked food before." Saucha's voice took a forlorn tone.


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Olivia wasn't too bothered by Saucha needing to be elsewhere. She wouldn't ask nor would she expect the less scary girl to explain anything to her. Instead, she smiled and waved her off when she bowed then left. She supposed she and Ryuga would make a good team. Olivia then went to pick up another broom, noticing that Ryuga seemed to have taken to the task with flying colors. With a broom in his hands and another in his tail, Olivia wondered briefly if he would even need her help, but didn't want to make assumptions, so she would go to the other end of the room to sweeping.

"Mhm." She confirmed. "His name is Fosc. He's been my Guardian ever since I was a tiny girl, and he does a great job of it. Everything he remembers I remember too, so go ahead and tell him all your secrets, okay?" She smiled at Ryuga to communicate that it was just a joke. Olivia didn't expect anything from him; they'd just met after all.

Now it was her turn to say something. "Your powers are truly somethin'. Closest I've ever seen to somethin' like yours is in a storybook. Fighting's pretty good too." Albeit aggressive, but she wasn't going to tell him that. He seemed like he already knew. "Have you been training your whole life to be Battle King or somethin'?... Oh."

She fell silent after that when she noticed Estego come up and start talking to Ryuga. They could always pick up the conversation later.

To try and not eavesdrop on the conversation, Olivia quietly hummed to herself and focused on the cleaning to avert her attention elsewhere.

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Since Estego seemed to be a bit tongue tied at the moment, Ryuga took the opportunity to answer Olivia's enquiries. "Thats an interesting symbiotic relationship. But doesn't that mean you've never actually seen him before?" That also meant that she'd only be a real threat if she was asleep. Which also meant she was a sitting duck. But that wasn't an appropriate conversation topic. "Secrets huh? If I told you any, I'd probably have to kill you." He said with a stern and serious look. "I'm joking." He knew that the military men like him tend to get a bad rep, so he thought he'd have a little bit of fun.

"As I said before I don't really know much about the Battle King title, much less trained for it. I guess...." he thought about the best way to describe his line of work without sounding intimidating. Being a person of mass destruction wasn't exactly something you would declare proudly to everyone you meet. "I've trained my whole life to be a soldier. I am treating this battle king training and tournament as a special training program. Honestly, I am not sure what I am gonna do if I do end winning." It seemed silly, but Ryuga often didnt think too much about decisions made outside of missions. He wasn't given any additional instructions about what to do if he wins, so he'd probably have to cross that bridge when it comes.

"But enough about me. What about you, Olivia? What are you going to do if you win the Battle King tournament?" He didn't remember hearing her say anything significant during her short introduction probably because she was sleeping in class most of the time and chowing down Leor's buffet. Though from what he can deduce from her fight with Lyrica, she was a kind soul. Or at least Fosc was. He knew a lot of people who would curbstomp each other the moment they saw an opening.


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She gently shook her head. "I saw him many times when I was younger, before I became his host." It was a nice little memory of hers. Though she was just a child back then, she grew to adore and trust Fosc with everything she had. That's why she trusted Fosc with her life; literally.

Olivia felt a shiver of fear roll through her spine, but she relaxed after it was confirmed to just be a joke. It wasn't that she couldn't take jokes, it was that, well, after witnessing first hand what Ryuga was capable of and how he treated his opponent... You couldn't really blame her for thinking, for just a brief second, that Ryuga might make good on that promise.

But what did intrigue her was his motives for being here. Olivia thought she and her brother would be the only ones here for reasons unrelated to being the Battle King. People like Estego and Mil were the ones that seemed most likely to take the crown and the island. Jericho and Leor also stood just as much of a chance, even if the former had enrolled for traveling purposes at first. Olivia herself? Well, Fosc would technically be the Battle King if that happened, since his entire goal was to protect her.

"Well, if you did win, you'd have plenty more opportunity to train with all the challengers that'll want a piece of ya. And you'd have this island to do whatever you wanted with it. Could make it a personal training ground." Ryuga did seem the type to like to fight. If he was here just for training, he could technically forfeit the crown after he won, couldn't he? He'd have the title to show his training was successful... But... Why use the Battle King tournament as a training regime? What could Ryuga be training for if not to become the Battle King?

The conversation steered to her, and Olivia had to give her answer a bit of thought. "I'm... not sure honestly. Fosc would be the Battle King since he does all the fightin', I'm just his host. And, like you, I'm not all that interested in the crown. Jericho and I came here cause it was our chance to see more than just grass back home, and cause we like a good fight. The crown would just be a bonus."

Now that she said it aloud, it was pretty... the opposite of motivational or inspiring. You'd think the Battle King would be loud, proud, and eager to show everyone what they were capable of like those knight story protagonists. A lot of people in this class would make for great Battle Kings and Queens. There was always the Battle Court too...

"What if you lost, Ryuga?" She asked. "Would you be okay being in the Battle Court? Would you challenge the Battle King until you win? I'm curious how far you'll take your training."



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As the building got cleaned and claimed bit by bit Guri found her own way from the others, she wasn't so sure she would care to be part of some battle court, depended on who won and what she was paid or got out of it. Otherwise not interested, just as she wasn't in talking with the rest for here and now. On that note as soon as Ryuga and the blonde lunatic went off on their own or had another to pull them away for conversation, the goat horned and eyed girl smiled. "Heheheh. Now to find a space all to myself, let's see.." Wandering around she eventually found a subfloor and basement that was mostly meant to hold utility items and various amounts of storage, she would just build herself a space in one of those rooms and then do her tunneling, a nice little homebase free from the rest least they came down here to be noticed.

Which made her think back on the Battle Court offer, she constantly left teams as most people just didn't mesh well with her, or she with them, just like now she was establishing a base rather than friendship. Heading back up the stone steps, she pondered and set about moving a bed from one of the spare rooms and the basic furniture that would be allotted to her. Whistling a tune to herself there were more rooms than people. Well, shared rooms in most cases, this place was pretty run down though, she also needed to find the common areas, such as where they ate chiefly, see what the old man or whoever had furnished them with.
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Oliva's response was perplexing. If she could summon him while she was awake back then, why couldn't she do that now? Wouldn't it be more effective to fight alongside the bear? interesting questions for a later time.

" I guess that would be nice, as long as it didn't get in the way of my duties. " If that was the reward of being battle king, then perhaps it wouldn't be that bad if he won. But would probably use this island as a base of operations for the military. It would also make a good logistics drop-off point for more dangerous cargo. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to claim this small island for his country. He could do that right? After all, he would become the King of said place.

His thoughts went back to Olivia he talked about how she technically wouldn't be battle king even if she won. "Yes, but you and Fosc are inseparable are you not? So you would likely be ruling beside him, should you win. Two sides of the same coin, as they say." He explained himself while finishing up on cleaning the floor. The walls had stains that were much more difficult to remove. Taking a bucket to a nearby bathroom, he would fill it up with water and some cleaning liquid before placing his hand into the bucket. It may look strange at first, but he was actually heating the water up with his dragon hand. "So essentially, you two came here cause you guys were bored at home?" it wasn't the worst reason to come to the tournament, but still on the more mundane side.
Olivia's next question, didn't require that much thinking since for him it was fairly obvious what he would do next. "It is likely that I will continue fighting until I bested all of my opponents. Either that, or until headquaters calls me back to return to homebase. Whichever comes first." His objective right now was to get as much valuable trainning as he could. Until the people back at home send him additional orders, it is likely that Ryuga will continue doing so. That being said, it might be better to for him to just be part of the battle court, which likely required less attention on "ruling" and "commanding". He prefered being told what are his objectives instead of thinking about what is the objective, such is the result of his maker's programming.


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