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Fandom Queens Hero High(currently full) - Daily life thread


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Hello folks and welcome to the Daily life thread! This thread includes all small daily interactions inside the school, including: Daily Classes, Comedy Skits, Romance and similar interactions not related to the plot.
Reply time is set for 3 weeks and the timeline is set to up to current main arc time, preferably not too much into the past. Here are some guidelines:
- As a rule of thumb, if you think the current interaction will impact other players of characters, bring it to the main thread instead, even if it is as a flashback.
- What happens here is cannon, unlike the side rps. Keep that in mind before doing something crazy.
- Attend classes by asking/answering questions, taking notes or simply thinking about what's being said. our players controlling teachers are working hard to deliever us a true school experience, so show appreciation!

Current class in session:
Miz Kount - Interrelations class (ft. Officer Angel)


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"Alright now, for those of you attending my class, please sit down...now then, ahem: can someone please tell me what is a huge difference between someone having a Quirk and someone not having a Quirk?"

said the teacher Miz Count, starting off her class already.

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B Storm

B glanced to either way to his sides after silence fell in the classroom. Maybe he wasn't the fondest of answering questions, but he was even less fond of awkward silences. And besides, it was such a basic question even he couldn't mess up if he tried. He rose a hand, with his other one keeping his chin from falling to the desk, and said:
"The quirkless are... Bullied a lot?"
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"True B but that's only part of the question, the answer is...is because those without Quirks are considered "the previous evolution of humanity" and those that have Quirks nowadays vulgarly try to display "dominance of status" for which they have no right whatsoever to base claim upon...those with Quirks and those without Quirks...they both make up society, you can't have one without the other, it is...a balance, look to the concept of Yin and Yang, for every Quirk, there is every non Quirk...in other words: everyone i personally believe exists to balance out one another, those with special traits and abilities...and those with none, i implore the students here to think about my words on the matter, now then, we will be having special students join our class, please pay your respects to them and try to all get along, students! you may come in!"

said Miz Count, as she then invited certain students into her classroom.

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Alita Lawrence

Alita walked in quietly alongside the five other studends. She was wearing a white sleveless button-up blouse, a black skirt, stockings and sneakers and she held several A3-sized white paperboards with something written in them. She was clrearly anxious, her eyes jumping from face to face as she tried to gauge her crowd. Once prompted, Alita's extression turned serious as she walked in front of the class and held the paperboard in front of her so everyone could see what was written in huge letters in front of it:
With her expression still dead serious, Alita proceeded to switch around the cards in her hands, showing one by one each one of them:
After that, a short pause followed.
"How do you feel after seeing these words?" Alita asked. "Does it remember anything good? It doesn't, I bet. And yet, these things are all around us, all the time, trying to ruin our days and even our life. And a hero is a blessed individual with the power and the will to stop protect you from all these. I couldn't name a more noble cause to dedicate your life to, there is no true reason to not take this job if you have the qualifications for it." After that, Alita's voice began to falter as she added: "I... I feel so accomplished to even be here, at Queens Hero High, amongst the best of the best..." She glanced at the teacher and said: "I'm sorry, got a bit lost there. Anything else? Oh, yeah." She turned her face back to the class and added: "My name is Alita Lawrence, nice to meet you all. My superpower is sending things flying. Like this!"
Alita lifted the paperboard plaques with her hand and activated her quirk, which manifested as a purple shockwave spreading from her hand. The plaques darted through the room and hit the wall in an instant, making up quite a bit of noise as they bounced off of it and fell into the floor.
"...I better go get them back." Alita finished as she went to pick her plaques back.

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Upon seeing Alita go, Ryder couldn’t help but feel a little bit anxious. Those words she had wrote on the board... they had brought up thought that he hadn’t had to remember and didn’t want to remember. Ryder had promised his mom he would try and make his chance at Queens High count, he’d been given the opportunity of a lifetime and he had to take it.

I worked my ass off to get here on a recommendation, nows not the time to be afraid.
Ryder told himself.

Manning up, Ryder stood up and walked to the front of the class, fighting a blush of embarrassment off of his face. Ryder never wanted to be at the complete center of attention, but he wanted to Ben a hero so he’d have to get used to it.

“H-Hi.” Ryder started with a quiet voice, then he cleared his throat and started again, with a little more confidence, “Hi, I’m R-Ryder Kuroshiro. My q-qirk,” Ryder shakily held up a hand and the entire room turned pitch black, “Is c-called Penumbra, I can manipulate d-darkness and light, I can even bring the p-particles close together to create a solid object.”

As Ryder spoke, the room gradually became lighter until it was at the same brightness it was originally. Ryder made two orbs of darkness and light in his hand and then they morphed into many beautiful shapes and symbols that flew around the room in a dance.

“A-And I want to be a h-hero to let people know that it’s okay, even I-if they’re too far away for me to save.” Ryder said, face a bright red. All the others were so mature compared to him... they probable saw him as a naive child. Ryder walked back to his seat face down and a bright read blush on his face. He was especially nervous as it was his first day, he couldn’t believe he couldn’t even finish a sentence without stuttering.


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B Storm

B certainly didn't expect new students to join so soon, and he didn't expect them to make such an effort in presenting themselves. Then again, they probably had some catching up to do when compared to the rest of the class. The second one to join made his entire presentation like someone was pointing a gun to his head, for whatever reason. The boy called Ryder ended up sitting just next to B and it seemed as if he had a few precious seconds before the next new student walked in. B glanced both sides and took a deep breath before whispering:
"Hey kid. That light show wasn't half bad." He leaned in a bit more and added: "I'm B. Call for me if you need anytthing."

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"Everyone else wish to speak up?"

said Miz Count, asking about the other new arrivals to the class.

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MalloryMallory stepped in next. She didn't know how well know her parents were in the US but the y were a major deal in the UK so she was worried someone would recognie her last name and assumme something. Neverthe;ess, she knew that she'd be able to count on the teachers to help her out if needed. After all, she was here mainly to become a hero and escape her parents. Anything else was just a plus.

As she stepped into the class, she looked around the room, looking at the faces of everyone present.. Taking a deep breath she stood in front of the room and curtsied, "My name is Mallory Sanguis."

She scanned the room, but no one's face seemed to light up in surprise. Internally sighing, Mallory grabbed her arm. Whenever she felt nervous, her previous wounds began to throb, making it a slight annoyance, "I look forward to working with all of you."

As she talked, she grasped her right arm in her left hand. Had she not finished the sentence when she did, she would have drawn blood. And considering the circumstances, that wouldn't be a good idea, "I apologize, but I am under strict instructions not to use my quirk until further notice due to circumstances.

As she talked, Mallory incidentally locked eyes with the wolf girl. That must of been the girl who didn't react well to blood. Ms. Pixelada didn't go into details but she made it clear that using her quirk around her was an extremely bad idea.

Sighing deeply, Mallory walked over to a desk next to Ignis and Gray and sat down. Ignis immediately turned to her and smiled, "Nice to meet you. I'm Ignis Flare. If you need any help, just let me know."

Mallory smiled genuinely as she replied, "Sure. Thanks for the offer."

As Ignis turned back towards the front Mallory couldn't help but think to herself, Maybe this won't be so bad.

IgnisIgnis was intrigued. For her and Gray transfered, and now there were even more transfer students. After the nervous boy finished, Ignis leaned over and whispered to her childhood friend, "The class is really getting bigger. Do you have an idea for why they're adding people in waves?"

However, right after she finished asking the question, a girl walked in an introduced herself before walking towards her and Gray. Ignis smiled, excited to make a new friend. As the girl sat down, Ignis immediately turned to her and smiled, "Nice to meet you. I'm Ignis Flare. If you need any help, just let me know."

Ignis was happy that the girl actually seemed pleased by her offer, "Sure. Thanks for the offer."

As Ignis turned back towards the front, she shot Gray a look, one she was certain he learned over the years that they knew each other. It was th elook she gave him when she was attempting to make a new friend. After all, she was always a bit more outgoing than he was

UnknownAlthough mallory couldn't tell from their face, there was one student who definitely heard about the Sanguis'. Interestingly enough it was only in passing as his father talked about his business trip to England and the events that transpired, including the capture of the biggest villains of England. Gaku made a mental note to ask her about it later. After all, he was curious what it was like to be raised by villains.

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As this chat was being made. Officer angel was walking through the hallways of the school. He was currently on patrol as he was going to do his speech beforehand. He was, of course, listening to his music. He was also wearing full uniform. Badge and all as he saw what seemed to be a student in the hall without a hall pass. "Hay you there. Why you in the halls? Arn't you suppose to be in class. come on you" He then begun to drag the student to clas. OF course eh went willingly of course and eventuly he made it towards the hero's class. He took a big sigh before knocking with his left hand. The hand that was stabbed by the farther Christmas guy just a few months ago. It's still a bit stiff to be fair but it was fairing better than when he just recently got the injury.

"miss Count it's Nick!" HE said in a more relaxed tone this time as he waiting for the teacher to let him in and introduce him to the class.


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Minori excitedly watched the introduction of students, SHEWASSOEXCITED!!!! She was basically bouncing out of her seat. "THAT"S SO COOL!!!" She exclaims after the first two students went. Her tail was swinging back and forth. FAst enough that one might think it would break if it was a toy. "SO, you can Like repel things?" She asks excitedly. before not waiting for an answer and moving on to ger next question, "And like, you can mess with lighting????!????" She continued, bouncing, hands on her desk. "Oh, oh! Can I touch your hair?" She asks the lighting kid, reaching her hand over, She wasn't all that interested in hair, but his looked exceptionally soft. Then again that could also be because she could smell cat on him, and that's how she processed it. She froze, her ears twitch when she hears another student approach the room. She looks right at the door. She sat back down, suddenly silent, watching the student enter the room. She listened to her present. But unlike thought, there was one student who reacted, but not in surprise, in excitement. She smacked her hands on her desk in excitement. "So-SO, ARE YOU RELATEDTOTHEAMAZINGAWESOMEBRITISHHEROSRDRDRDKTFTRDJTRCTES?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?" She began jabbering so fast that she was unintelligible. THat's just how excited about it. She was a hero buff, she knew like, all of them, and they all excited her. She continued to bounce excitedly, tail waving. She began trying to talk to Mallory quickly and excitedly, even though the officer just knocked on the door. She was even more excited about this. she needed to know.

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Beatrice Oogami

New meat has arrived in the school, but not literally meat. Beatrice gave a good watch over the new students, but the last one, Mallory, seemed to be...odd. When their eyes meet up, Beatrice suddenly felt her neck pierced by a blade. Something is off about this Mallory girl, but she doesn't have the confidence to find out herself. Soon enough, she hears someone knocking on the door and it is Officer Angel. Wonder what he wants at this time of hour?

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As soon as Mallory sat down, a cat girl suddenly hit her desk and exclaimed, "So-SO, ARE YOU RELATEDTOTHEAMAZINGAWESOMEBRITISHHEROSRDRDRDKTFTRDJTRCTES?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?"

It took her a second to comprehend what she was saying, but after a few seconds she realized the girl was asking about QuickFlash, "Well, not by blood. Quickflash did adopt me though..."

Mallory was so concerned about her actual parents, she didn't realize that her adopted guardian would have been even moreso popular over here in the America's. After all, she is the number 1 hero in England, meanwhile her parents were only known throughout England as the most terrifying villains. It wasn't surprising that she'd of told everyone that she was taking guardianship of someone so the fact that students may have heard of her never crossed her mind either, although it should have.

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Gray turns to Ignis and shrugs at the question about the wave of transfer students. He thinks to himself why there are so many transfers, QHH should of had everything set already, then again he himself was a last minute transfer.

He then looks at Mallory and waves.

"Heya I'm Gray Rynestar! Need help ask me if ya want."

He then looks back at Ignis and returns a stare wondering how she is always so outgoing.

Bone Marrow

Samson carefully watches the students, there is an awful alot of transfer students, he finds it wierd. But he keeps a sharp eye on everyone, especially this Beatrice. She seems easily triggered, and might be a trouble maker, but seeing how everything is calm now he simply leaves the classroom as he has other duties to see to.

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Jason Livius

Jason yawned as he slowly walked into the room, avoiding eye contact with everyone. All the talking, the light show...words that he was so adjusted to that they no longer provoked thought...all of it a waste of time. Shoving his hands into his jean pockets, the boy let out a soft, subtle sigh, and took his seat at the back f the class room. Then, suddenly, he kicked his feet up onto his desk and placed his hands behind his head, leaning against the wall. "What I thought when I saw those cards...?" With a small smirk, he let out a scoff and shrugged. "I thought 'now why are the cute ones always the boring ones'. But hey, we can't all be winners, can we?"

He closed his eyes and returned to simply listening. Listening to his new cohort. Listening to who he knew he wouldn't like and who he could just find bearable. He doubted anybody in there had any actual experience with a 'hard life'. Jason overheard that one of the students was the daughter of a pro-hero. Lucky her. The first girl, the one he had already talked to-which was against his own judgement but decided the class would focus on him more if he didn't speak-almost teared up by the thought of even getting into the glorified police academy that made glorified cops.

He unbuttoned the top few buttons of his white shirt before returning his hands to his pockets. Livius was wearing a white shirt, with one sleeve slightly shorter than the other due to a tear, a pair of blue jeans and a pair of black sneakers. His white hair fell messily over his forehead as he laid back against the wall once more. "When do we get to the combat training?"

"Right...compulsory stuff..."

With a small groan, he rolled his eyes and announced the following in a monotonous voice. "The name is Jason...quirk is Momentum Charge...and my reason for being a hero is because, well, what other option is there for someone who didn't go to school?"
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"...It sounds like you don't show respect for this school or the lessons it teaches."

said Harvey, suddenly getting up from his seat and confronting the new student Jason about his demeanor before then speaking out against Harvey's actions was the teacher Miz Count:

"Mister Brooklyn that's enough, sit back down!"

said Miz Count whilst Harvey started eyeballing Jason before begrudgingly a few seconds later deciding to sit back down.

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"I'm the great mad scientist, Hououin Kyoma!"
Sensing a tension in the room following the outburst, Kibou decided to speak up.

"Well, looks like it's my turn!" he says, rather overly enthusiastically, shooting up from his seat and making his way over to the front of the class. He smiles, casually natural and carefree, even as he stands in front of the entire class, taking a moment to idly smooth out his clothes before turning his gaze back onto them, giving the class a once over before clearing his throat.

"So, my name's Kibou Aikyo!" he says, giving a little bow. "My quirk is called Memento! I can make these projections based on things I remember! It's pretty cool, look!" with all the excitement of a puppy, he's grabbing his empty chair, and pulling it in front of him, then he takes a few steps back and to the side. His brow furrows momentarily, and then, as he strikes a rather striking pose, pointing at the chair, seemingly out of thin air a humanoid figure appears, not bearing any distinct features other than a frame that was definitely male. The figure lunges forward, kicking at the chair, sending it clattering into a wall with a thud, before dissipating.

"And why I want to be a hero- well, I just wanna be like my big brother! He's a pro hero now, and he's good at like, everything he does!" he rambles, for at least a good minute, his poor reasoning for being a hero apparently being forgotten, before he decides to wrap things up by taking his chair and returning to his seat.


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Jason Livius

Things were getting interesting. Somebody actually called Jason out on his behavior and, honestly he didn't expect that. By the look of things, the person who called him out was an elder. "Funny..." He hummed, still keeping his eyes closed as his smirk grew wider. "Careful now, Brooklyn, don't want you getting a detention...or breaking any bones." Opening his eyes, he quickly sat up and stared down the student known as Harvey. "What, should I be scared of the likes of you? Don't make me laugh..."

Just then, another student quickly walked to the front of the room. Jason let out a loud groan. "Way to kill the mood. Just as things were getting good." Jason sat quietly, listening to what this person had to say, and when it got to his reason as to why he wanted to be a pro-hero, Jason scoffed once more. "Really? Really...wow, talk about original. Ever thought about writing a book? I bet an auto-biography would kill...literally, that's the most boring stuff I've ever seen."
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Alita Lawrence

After picking up her plaques as sitting down, it seemed though as if all hell broke loose before Alita.
First off, the presentations. She marveled at the light shapes, intrigued herself at the Sanguis girl (could she have the same vestigial quirk as hers?) and stared curiously at the policeman at the door, wondering if the school had regular from the police like those. There were so many interesting things happening simultaneously that not even her best attempt at keeping up seemed feasible, but they couldn't stop her from trying. After that, a girl who looked like a cat asked her about her quirk. Alita smiled and begun to say:
"Yes I can! I've been training it ever since..." But she quickly realized the girl wasn't interested anymore.
By the time Alita turned her back to the front of the class, two of the students seemed to be already figthing over something. She glanced from one to the other, trying to make out what was happening and what could she do to stop it. It was certainly the one presenting now that she saw it, just a few words from him and she was already frowning at him with intensity. She was ready to get up as well when someone did it for her:
"Well, looks like it's my turn!"
All of a sudden, it didn't seem like things were so chaotic anymore. Even though the two students were still arguing, Alita was now focused on the new student, Kibou Aikyo, and his amazing memory-based quirk. She was so absorbed that, when he finished, she got up and started clapping loudly up until the moment she realized she was the only one to actually do that. After that, Alita giggled nervously and took a seat again.

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B Storm

B slouched at his desk and watched the discussion between the students silently. If one cared to stare at him, they'd notice him discretly gulping at Jason's bold claims.


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"Why you! -"

"Brooklyn, that's enough!"

said stopping Harvey in his tracks was Tenma, of whom proceeded to speak up against Jason:

"Look pal, cause a fight all you want but i promise you that if you start a fight here, you'll be greatly outnumbered, do you really want to go through the hassle of that? think about it, if you want to make an enemy out of everyone that's fine but do you really want to engage in a one man war against all of the classmates your going to be studying with from now on? i mean, really? the way i see it, for now, why don't you make an effort and please the people around you instead of just outright showing mood swings, kay? same goes for you Harv."

"...Sigh, fine, whatever you say Tenma..."

said Harvey, agreeing to Tenma's words before proceeding to sit back down, as Tenma follows, having said her peace on the matter.

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Karlos Sumato

Karlos was supposed to be a normal kid. (He wanted to be a normal kid, even.) Well, besides the quirks. The point was, he didn't really want a quirk. Okay, so that's not entirely true. He didn't really know what he wanted. He was torn, especially as he aged, and yet still didn't discover any kind of quirk. Did he really want a power? Did he want to be labelled like that? Did he want to be mundane? Was that the label he wanted? He didn't know. Sometimes he simply doesn't want to think about it.

And yet, here he was, at the gates of Queens Hero Highschool. What a name. They made it sound like a prestigious school, for only the richest and snobbiest of gifted losers. Karlos could even describe the gates as pearly. What a word. It described a gross color- in Karlos's opinion- but it had such a posh, regal connotation behind it. Ugly, stuck-up, rich white. Who would want that for their gate? Whatever, the gate wasn't important. What was important was the entire school it was guarding.

Karlos stepped through the pearly gates, inspecting the architecture of the building. The entire thing was similarly posh and regal, much to Karlos's dismay. So much so, that he audibly sighed. Did the school have any more regal connotations to flaunt? Who knew? Not Karlos. E-either way, he continued up the path, to the building itself. Again, regal as fuck. No surprises there. Except, there was one surprise that Karlos had noted.

Where was everyone else? Wasn't it, like, the middle of the school day?

Karlos began panicking. Where was he supposed to be? All he had gotten in the mail was a schedule and a bunch of silly welcoming gifts. But he didn't know how these rooms were ordered. Where was B217? How was he supposed to know? Speaking of, he removed said schedule from his pocket, inspecting it more intensely. B271, actually. How could he make that mistake? On his first day, no less? This was only going downhill.

After a few minutes of wandering the halls in a somewhat-panicked manner, Karlos ran into someone else, who also seemed to be wandering the halls aimlessly. He wasn't sure if he wanted to greet the other person, or just walk by them without saying a word, or give a little wave, or perhaps a reassuring smile? His quirk subtly activated, and time seemed to slow down. The clock down the hall began ticking slower. Karlos could use that to measure how active his quirk was.

Tick... Tick... Tick... It was hovering at around ten percent, he reasoned. He could hear the slowed pace of the clock, but he couldn't discern the pauses buried inside each tick, so he couldn't be accelerated too far, right? He would have to calm down before his quirk induced any of the undesirable side effects. Karlos snapped himself out of his own trance, made eye contact, and said to the person, "Hey, are you lost too?"

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Yuudai Kita
The door creaked up as a figure stepped right past a certain cop and into the room, completely ignoring him. A dark blue haired boy stepped into the room, his dark blue hair standing up like ears almost, and wearing a long red trench coat that covered the bottom half of his face and went down to his knees. His hands were shoved in his pockets and he had a blank expression on his face. He walked to the center space in front of the classroom and looked over all the students. "My name is Yuudai Kita. I apologize for joining all of you late in this class, But I got sick and could not attend school until now." He states simply. He was a little ashamed of this fact, but nothing else could be done to fix it now. It was impossible to just stop being sick, no matter how much he wanted to be so. "I joined this school because I wanted to be a hero, much like most of you in this room, and intend to do so." He continues, "I don't mind making friends with you lot, after all building connections for a hero is important, but it is not my goal in this class. my main goal will always be to hone my own abilities and get as far as I can, even if it means leaving any of you behind." He adds, "Of course is leaving you behind means you get badly injured, I will of course stop to help you." He states simply. "My quirk is basically called Animal-G, a play on the words animals, and energy, I can harness a type of green energy that allows me to tap into the best traits of certain animals." He explains, one arm pulling itself from his pocket, which he held up, and the shape of a tiger paw/leg formed around it along with the lines of a tiger head floating around his face and head, and stripes across his body, an energy tail flicking behind him. "Once again i apologize for my lateness." he says with a little bow, before looking at the teacher, "I also hope you will forgive me for missing you classes as well, I will try my best to catch up." He tells her before turning back to the class. His arms back in his pockets, "that's all I have to say." He finishes before heading to the empty desk that was his.
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Kyu & GakuKyu stepped into the room, looking around at everyone in wonder, including the students. However, once her eyes landed on a certain blond, they widened as she literally launched herself in the air towards him, "GAKUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"

Gaku looked up from his notebook as her heard his name being called, and for once in his life, his eyes widened in surprise as he saw a humanoid shape flying right towards him. As you'd expect, he immediately ducked, causing Kyu to narrowly miss him and rocket towards the wall. However, she just turned in the air and kicked the wall and rocketed straight back to the boy, trapping him in a massive hug.

Gaku, already ensnared, showed no emotion as the girl showered him in affection. After a few seconds, Fudo spoke up, probably asking what was on everyone's mind, "So ... Do you know her, Gaku?"

Gaku shook his head, "Not at all."

Kyu, upon realizing, stopped her assault and composed herself, "Oh yeah!"

She stood up straight as she ran to the front of the classroom, her translucent wings causing the sunlight to turn red, "My name is Kyuketsuki Tensai! I don't know what my quirk is named, but what I do know is that it gives me the attributes of a vampire, so yeah! And just in case you ask, no I won't suck your blood, bleh bleh bleh."

Kyu's smile faltered for a second before it came back full force, though she did become noticably more serious as she continued, "My reason for being a hero is a little boring and unoriginal, but essentially it boils down to two things. One: It's a way for me to make usage of the life I now have the chance to live. And two..."
She looked directly at Gaku as she continued, "A person I really look up to is working hard to become a hero as well, and I want to be just like my twin brother!"

Looking back towards the class in general, she smiled again, "So it's nice to meet all of you! I hope we can make this journey together!"

Gaku, Fudo, & ChristinaFudo was pretty confused as the girl finished. It wasn't really because he didn't understand, but he didn't understand. Getting Christina's attention, Fudo leaned in and whispered, "Gaku has a twin sister?"

Christina shrugged, "I guess so. I've never heard of her and earlier he said he didn't know who she was, but here she is, saying she's his sister."

They both looked at the girl again who was merrily skipping towards a seat in the back, unsurprisingly, next to Gaku. Christina pulled out a piece of paper and hastily wrote a note. She handed it to Fudo, who read it and then promptly paper airplaned it to Gaku. The plane did a few loops before hitting Gaku head and landing on the floor. Gaku, who was being assaulted with questions by Kyu, picked the note up and read it:

So, what's your thoughts on current events?

Gaku scribbled out a reply and folded the plane back before throwing it back to Fudo and then allowing himself to be assaulted once again, answering each question as she asked them in her rapidfire state. The plane didn't do any loops and landed squarely in the middle of his desk. He picked it up and read it, before sighing and handing it to Christina. She read it and smile:

I've never met her before but that's essentially irrelevant, right noe. She says she's my sister so she must be my sister, so I'll have to take her under my wing. I'll get more information from her but for now, tell Fudo that his aim was a little off with the paper airplane.

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As this chat was being made. Officer angel was walking through the hallways of the school. He was currently on patrol as he was going to do his speech beforehand. He was, of course, listening to his music. He was also wearing full uniform. Badge and all as he saw what seemed to be a student in the hall without a hall pass. "Hay you there. Why you in the halls? Arn't you suppose to be in class. come on you" He then begun to drag the student to clas. OF course eh went willingly of course and eventuly he made it towards the hero's class. He took a big sigh before knocking with his left hand. The hand that was stabbed by the farther Christmas guy just a few months ago. It's still a bit stiff to be fair but it was fairing better than when he just recently got the injury.

"miss Count it's Nick!" HE said in a more relaxed tone this time as he waiting for the teacher to let him in and introduce him to the class.
"...Oh, officer Angel..." said Miz Count upon seeing the officer, as she then says to the class "Alright everyone, please listen up! the campus patrol officer here would like to share important information with you, please take it to heart, as it may prove to be helpful to you in the nearby future..." said Miz Count before allowing the officer to take center stage and begin speaking to her students.

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Nick began to walk towards the centre of the classroom his scared up face is clear to the other students. The half of his face is covered with burn scars as he looks towards the students. "Today I will be talking about Diversity. Perticuly the diversity between quirk and quirkless people. I am quirkless and have been offered the position of head of campus security. Do any of you know why?" He looked towards the other students. Fully protected with a bulletproof vest and his old metropolitan police uniform. Hat and all. He continued to look around to see who got there hands up and who wanted to answer. He was, of course, going to pick the first one who will reply to his answer.

They could tell that he was British "I also hear we might have a few fellow British citizens in the building as well. Unless I'm in a different class?"
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