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Futuristic Queen x fallen knight? Multiple Settings, Long-term, Daily Active, Semi-Adv-lit, Novella/Match, Always Open

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  3. AU
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  5. Dystopian
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  11. Romance
  12. Slice of Life


Supreme ruler of all things (that I wrote)
(Disclaimer: RPN doesn’t like my phone/device and occasionally introduces text errors. I apologize I will proofread a couple of extra times.)

I’m always looking for my soulmate RP partner, even if you’re not 100% sure, introduce yourself anyways. My interest checks are always open.

Someone who is/has:

~ Roleplayed +2 years.

~ Committed, long-term.

~ Active, preferably multiple times a day.

~ Uses Discord.

~ Spelling and Grammar: understandable/readable.

~ Quality over quantity. **Just let me know up front what length you’re comfortable with.**

~ Male characters or at least NB.
For at least one main role.
Will double if you have something in mind you want me to play.

~ MxF Romance, yes please.
I can be talked out of doing romance but that’s what I’m craving right now so good luck.

~ I don’t do face-claims.

~ No fandoms…
That’s usually a completely different animal than the role play I’m looking for.

~ No triggers here/if you do, tell me.
I like to go into dark backstories. I like exploring the dark side of humanity, including our most controversial and ugly habits.

~ Always feel free to overshare or send text walls.

~ Writing sample,
Yeah I kinda need one, your last good post will do. Nothing special, just something with dialogue. I’m not a grammar nazi but I do have a touch of OCD and I’m going to know if you’re habits are going to bother me pretty quickly.

My Number One rule: Always be frank with me, it’s always okay to ask to change anything or just let me know that your interest in an idea is waning. I just ask that you say something before it's too late for us to consider an alternative. It will never hurt my feelings to throw out an idea that isn’t right for you. But it will hurt my feelings if there is no other option but leaving/ghosting.

-I’ve roleplayed for 10+years
(Well before I could write worth beans) and I’m looking for a serious long term partner, so if you are prone to ghosting for a month or so at a time… (good luck with your search have a nice day.) I have a tendency to lose interest if it takes weeks for someone to post. That doesn’t include time to recover, do life, emergencies, ect. This should be a healthy relationship. (Ours not the RP character’s relationship…)
I am stranded on my cellular data at work, which will significantly impact my replies most evenings. If my home wifi is down I dead in the water. Plus RPN’s text editing introduces quite a few errors and that’s frustrating especially for the length of post I normally roleplay with.
-I’m “Semi-Advanced Literate,” 3+ paragraphs average
I’m primarily seeking other literate+ partners. Your spelling and grammar does NOT have to be perfect, just understandable. But for the love of god please use quotes around dialogue. I’m not perfect, and I post when I’m exhausted, I’m not going to catch every mistake but my writing is readable and won’t bother most people. Sometimes I use sentence fragments. On purpose. Sometimes I write run on sentences because one thought leads to another, but it doesn’t make sense in my brain to end the sentence yet; get over it.
-Quality over quantity.
**Again: just let me know up front what length you’re comfortable with.** You need to be able to carry the story line and give me a decent idea of where the scene is heading. Sometimes people can’t do that even if they can write novel sized posts. Sometimes that can be accomplished in half a paragraph, it’s all in what the scene calls for. I almost always match (unless you're writing 2k novels every post… yeah no, can’t do that every time lol. But I will try.) I’m always going to put in as much effort as you can send me.
MxF or any combination of Nb. Poltonic only on FxF or MxM, sorry it’s just not what I’m comfortable with. I enjoy writing two character partnerships that don’t necessarily lead to kissy kissy. But I do love romance. I’m definitely hoping for more people to play male characters in my life soon, but I love doubling so I will happily do the same.
-I’m 27y
I don’t care how old you are but if you are in school let me know so I can target your available hours. Not actively looking for NSFW.
-Very flexible
Problem? *tell me about it.* Not working? *let me know, I don’t mind backing up*. Having a tough time replying for any reason, *Come ooc chat with me and we can work it out or just be friendly.*
-Post frequency
I do have a job, mentally health issues & parents who need an increasing level of assistance. I expect to be able to reply AT LEAST once a day. I really would like for you to be able to send something daily too.
I RP to escape real life... Not really interesting Modern or Real Life type RP. I am really really craving Cyberpunk right now but anything that can have a form of technology is great too. Everything else is on the table.
-No Reference sheets/face claims
I do have reference material for my main muse Serenity but I do not do character reference sheets and face claims and so on for other characters. A few of my cooky cutter characters have face claims because I was desperate enough to appease whatever partners I could find. I get wanting to have visuals but I’m not particularly interested in finding pictures for every character. I always describe characters in RP intro anyways. If I haven’t written in enough detail, ask for more. Physical appearance is very superficial. That should not be your first impression of my character or my writing.
-Plotting and ooc chat
Definitely a necessity right now. I want to know where we’re going well enough that I can really get into my posts. We will need to discuss the main characters, a current conflict, setting and era before we get started. I love to do world building and that won’t stop once we get going. We don’t need every detail of the world immediately before we actually RP but I want enough to be comfortable. I expected my partner to actively add ideas and details and flashbacks to explain and expound.
-No triggers here
Please don’t forget to tell me if you have any!!
-I don’t Fandom
I have found that if someone wants to use a fandom they get stuck on canon details that don’t fit or they aren’t really interested in expanding our universe. I don’t mind referencing material to help build ours, but I’m not into fandom universes anymore. It’s a completely different style of RP most of the time so I usually run the other direction these days.
-Time Zone: PST
My network hates this website. But there is nothing like this website for finding partners. DM for my handle pleeeeease.

I have a bunch of ideas but I prefer to get to know you a bit before we start plotting. DM me if you're available!

• Do you use Discord? (Please send me your handle. I’m Transformation over there.)
• How long are you interested in role playing for? A few weeks/a month or two/summer/this semester/winter/a year or two?
• On a scale of one to five, Five being, that you like to write completely Improv, and One being you like everything planned out no matter what, what number would you assign yourself?
• How long have you been RPing?
• How flexible do I need to be when you need to take a break?
• Triggers?
• How annoying can I be before I get my ass in trouble?
• What’s your favorite/craved Genre?
• What kind of role pairing(s) do you like? (See below.)
Lol. Don’t read too much into these.
Now my biggest problem so far is that people get started with my plots… and then they lose interest and poof. Gone.

Now, tell me every plot idea, interest and vague idea you have. We will build something together that we both want. If you can’t plot a story… then you’re not what I’m looking for. Sorry if that’s too frank for you…

Basic role pairings include but are not limited to:
Found family
Arrange marriage
Guy meets girl
Hunter x hunted
Rebel x Slaver
Guard x Prisoner
Doctor x Patient/Experiment/Inmate
Mentor x Trainee
Body guard/Royalty

Please suggest any pairings you don’t see here!
Interchangeable Roles either one of us could play: AI, Aliens, Escaped lab experiment, Refugee, Soldier, Spy, Pilot, orphan and Thief

(Your character right X my character on left: )

Queen x fallen knight
Equipment x Post apocalyptic survivor
Spy x handler
Soldier x orphaned kid
Lab experiment x lab experiment
Doctor x Lab experiment
Lab experiment x Doctor
AI x Creator
Escaped experiment x (almost anything)
(cyborg) prisoner x Soldier
Refugee x (almost anything)
Human x Alien
AI x Alien
Personal AI w/bad update x Human
Equipment x Space Pirate/Raider
AI x Thief
AI x Pilot
Remorseful Evil AI x (almost anything)
Lone(ly) Survivors
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