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Multiple Settings Quarantine Day 14 ~Edited New Ideas~

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Desert Rose

Adored Muse
Welcome to my trash thread where I try to convince you to write a story with me.

- 3rd person past tense
- 18+
- detail/ novella style
- 2+ paragraphs
- Romance, if any pairings: mxm, fxm, fxf
- Dark and gritty (if you're easily triggered or bothered then pls click the back arrow in the upper left hand corner)
- if fandom (which I rarely do) oc only.
- I'm requesting writing samples to be sent if possible.
- As of late I want to do thread posts I find I become complacement and lazy in my writing if it's in pms.

About Me
I use writing as a way to vent my emotions. (basically it's my way of therapy because I can't afford one). so sometimes replies might take awhile depending on what mindset I am in. I like the dark and gritty stories that focus on major character development. I don't mind going fluffy to take a break from one tragedy after another or just for the sake of our sanity but it can't all be fluff. I'm not the greatest at world building but plot builds and twists is something I excel at! I have a bit of dark humor. If you're someone who is easily offended or sensitive then you probably don't want me as a partner.

Now the fun part! (or rather the part you've been waiting for or the part you just skipped down to).

Pairings/ Plots

This story takes place in more of a Victorian steampunk era and world set (so nothing modern) The city is split up into different districts from 1 to 11. The first district is where all the officials live etc... and it will go down from there 2nd district would be for celebrities etc , 3rd-5th variations of upper class, 6-8 is middle class, 9-10 is lower class. The 11th district was an abandoned project that was supposed to help boost the lower class. The 11th district is crime ridden and not even authorities will step foot inside. Character A finds a cryptic note that leads them on their own investigation of political corruption. Character B is part of a gang that runs between district 10 and 11.

There is obviously more to this world so would love to go into further detail of the setting and set up of this rp. This is can be mxm, fxm, or fxf. You can either be character A or Character B will go into further detail of the world etc... to those interested.

Character A begins to mess with supernatural crap and gets themselves stuck in a mirror and only Character B can see. (let's expand more on this one idk sounded cool in my head)

High fantasy where well one of the characters is exactly that. A collector of all things unique and rare. What better things to add to their collection than fantasy creatures. Can expand more on this if interested.

Inspired by a criminal mind's episode I want to dive into a more slice of life kind of feel where character A just moved into the same apartment building as character B and has grown a rather huge fascination with Character B. This fascination soon leads up to them inviting Character B over for a thrill of a night where they hold Character A hostage and begin to dress them up like a doll etc...

My hero Academia
Doctor Who

something fantasy elves, fairies, etc...
medieval fantasy
Idk something fluffy (maybe... like secretly)

What I honestly want is someone who can play evil at its core, the dark twisted ironic villain etc... and not do it for half a second and grow soft lol an actualllllllly actual real villain. If you think you have what it takes then pm me with your villainy. ~send me a heart~ kek
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