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Realistic or Modern Put It Into Speed Drive

She shook her head and smiled, moving to lay up against him, relaxing when she felt his arms go round her. “No. You don’t have to stop having hobbies when you become an old man.” She teased him, kissing the side of his neck. “You working tomorrow?” She asked quietly, yawning a bit.

He shook his head and frowned. “Don’t start that. And there’s a lot to discuss. Cause I’m not gonna have our kid growing up in a split household if I can help it. You want them to have the same fucked up childhood we did? I want better for them and I want you to come home.” He told her genuinely.
Eddie chuckled quietly and rolled his eyes "I'm not that old!" He said before kissing the top of her head "Yeah I got the late shift unfortunately." He murmured while playing with her hair gently.

Max gave a heavy sigh and shook her head some "No I would prefer them not to have that kind of life, but I also will not have them grow up in a household where they see a parent disrespected publicly all the time." She said before taking a deep breath "I can't come home Jon.....I can't trust you not to hurt me again." She admitted before looking at him with tear filled eyes.
She smiled and shook her head. “Tell me that in the morning when it takes you five whole minutes to get out of bed and you’re cursing and groaning the whole time.” She pointed out. “I might pop down there tomorrow then. I need to do some paperwork and I get distracted if I’m at home doing it.” She told him, not really noticing she’d called his place home for the first time instead of just his house.

He frowned and shook his head. “And what about how much you’ve hurt me? I’m not gonna pretend we’ve been perfect but the way I see it we got one more shot at this and if it doesn’t work then no one can say that we didn’t try for their sake. That’s all I’m asking.” He told her frowning, “I need to go do a pick up job but I’m serious max, please. One more shot.” He told her, standing up and grabbing his phone off the table, tying his boots back up to leave
Eddie smiled a big toothy grin when he heard her call his place home but said nothing of it. He didn't want to scare her off in any way, but it did make his heart happy to know she was that comfortable and felt safe there. "Sounds good to me babe, I know Jess will like the company." He said happily

Max gave a heavy sigh and watched him get up to leave. She followed him to the door grabbing his hand gently "Come by this evening...we could have dinner...talk everything out a bit more." She said in a soft genuine tone hoping maybe they could indeed work things out if they actually commincated their problems to one another for once.
He nodded and sighed a little, squeezing her hand and headed out.

She nodded and smiled, yawning a little “oh! Oh… go upstairs. I’ll be there in a minute. I got a surprise for you.” She smiled, suddenly full of energy and shooed him off away up to his bedroom, waiting til he was gone and began rooting through her things until she found what she was looking for.
Drew sat outside the clubhouse lighting up a cigarette while they waited to get going. He nodded to Jon as he rode up into the lot "Just waiting on Matt to finish a few things and then we're out." He told him.

Eddie raised an eyebrow but gave a nod "Alright I'll see you up there." He murmured before going up to his room and waiting for her.
She grabbed her things, getting changed into the lingerie and an old set of cosplay horns she still had from before everything went wrong, tiptoeing upstairs and opened his bedroom door. “Is uh… is this the room of one Eddie the Banished?” She asked him

He nodded and sighed, “Yknow I don’t know what you did but maybe if you actually went home for once, maybe then you wouldn’t be so in the dog house.” He chuckled seeing him pouting still and ignored the grumpy remark, hitting the road once Matt came out. It was meant to be a simple job. Short one too. They hadn’t accounted for running into another group of bikers who were clearly trying to play biker club without knowing what they were actually doing and the next thing Jon knew was someone hitting his bike and sending him flying across the road
Eddie was rummaging in his dresser when he heard her come in. He raised an eyebrow getting confused "What? Babe don't tea- oh fuck." He said as he turned around and finally saw her. If heart eyes were an actual face he'd have them right now. He took a deep breath to steady himself before he walked over and pulled her into him "You're going to be the fucking death of me." He growled before picking her up and tossing her onto the bed lightly.

Max had been waiting with dinner made for nearly two hours when she heard the knock at the front door. She sighed heavily putting the last of the food in the fridge having given up on the thought of Jon actually coming over. She went to the door ready to gripe at him if it was him but frowned deeply seeing one of the prospects "Hi? Is Jon okay?" She asked going wide eyed when he said he'd been in an accident and was in the hospital.
She lay next to him after and and kissed his cheek, “I think you forget that I’m just as much a nerd as you are” she told him.

Jon was laid up, broken and bruised but more than anything, pissed off that these guys had caused damage to his bike
Eddie panted and laughed some "Yeah I do." He murmured before giving her a deep kiss "I fucking love you." He admits while pressing his forehead to hers and closing his eyes.

Max rushed into his room and let out a sigh of relief seeing just his leg bandaged up as well as some cuts "Oh thank god you're okay. They didn't tell me it wasn't a major accident." She said before going to sit by his side "You okay?"
She tensed for just a minute but smiled, relaxing into him a little more. “I love you too Ed, you wanna order pizza tonight? I don’t think I can stand long enough to cook.” She giggled.

He frowned. “I’m fine. Few broken ribs and a lot of bruising and scrapes. They were playing at being bikers. Didn’t even realise they were trying to claim our area as their own. They’re gonna fucking get what’s coming to them.” He muttered. “I didn’t want you thinking I just wasn’t showing up.”
Eddie smiled widely and gave a small nod "Mmm Pizza, Cuddles, few beers? Sounds like a damn good night to me." He murmured softly before kissing her gently

Max frowned deeply and gave a small nod "Thank you for that. Is your bike okay? They didn't damage it too bad did they?" She asked softly while taking his hand out of habit to try and comfort him.
He scoffed but quickly regretted that as it killed his ribs to do so. “Scuffed the whole side of it and some. Won’t know how bad it is til I can get to the garage again.” He muttered

She nodded and smiled, slipping her arms around his waist tightly, “you wanna show me what your campaign is about?” She asked, moving away just to be able to tie his hair back for him
Max gave a nod and smiled a bit "Well hopefully its just a paint job to fix." She murmured quietly watching him some. "You need anythimg from your place? I can go get it for you." She offered.

Eddie's face lit up when she asked about his campaign. He reached over to his nightstand and pulled out his book flipping it open "I keep all my campaigns in here." He said happily before he started to explain the current one they were doing and what was happening in it.
She smiled, watching him and listening as much as she could without getting distracted, “not just a pretty face huh.” She mumbled, starting to get sleepy so she got up and started putting her sweats on, moving to cuddle back up to him.

He shook his head and leaned back. “Jess is grabbing me some clothes apparently, they’re gonna let me go in a little bit here.” He mumbled “Itd be nice to have that dinner though still…. Long as you didn’t trash it cause you thought I stood you up.” He smiled.
Eddie smiled widely and gave a small nod "Yeah I guess so." He said giving a smallnlaugh before putting his book away "You want to order that pizza?" He asked sweetly

Max gave a smile and laughed lightly "Hell no I didn't throw it out. I spent time making it, I'm not gonna just toss it." She teased before squeezing his hand gently "You let me know if you need any help getting around."
She nodded and stretched out a little, getting up again to go get a drink downstairs, grabbing Eddie a beer as well and headed back up, frowning a little hearing him on the phone with someone and just waited outside the door, listening.

Chrissy frowned as she set her bags on the counter in the home she once shared with Eddie but was now hers only. “Hey, nice of you to answer your phone for once. I was just calling to let you know that my parents want the whole family round to their cabin for the week next week. So I won’t be bringing James down to California.” She told him. “You’re just gonna have to wait til Christmas to see him.” She muttered. Their son had just turned eight and originally hee and Eddie had planned for him to spend a week with his dad but she had never really wanted to do it in the first place and having her parents holiday was just the perfect excuse.

Jon smiled a little and shook his head. “I should be alright. It’s not my leg that’s fucked.” He told her, waiting impatiently until Jess finally showed up with his clothes and he got up to get changed so that he could leave. “Hey, you mind giving me a lift?” He asked max through the bathroom door
Eddie answered his phone instantly when he saw Chrissy's name flash across the screen. They'd known eachother in highschool and ended up going their seperate ways until somehow fate had brought them back together. They lasted about two years and at the end they had a son together. Eddie wanted to be more prevelant in his life, but Chrissy always made it difficult. "What?! No! Your family has this vacation yearly and he always sees them." He said in an angry tone down the line.

Max gave a small giggle and nodded some "You realizing riding might not be such a good idea?" She teased while he came out of the bathroom.
He frowned and shook his head "My bike is fucked." He pointed out, starting to head out with her slowly. He'd heard her complain to him a thousand times about him only wearing jeans when he rode but he'd always waved her off about it and now he was regretting it with the nasty road rash down the side of his right leg

Chrissy frowned and shook her head "You wanna keep raising your voice at me? Shall I start recording phone calls, give them a reason to not let you ever see him? You're just gonna have to wait til Christmas. Goodbye Ed." She told him and hung up.

Carmen had stepped into the room after a couple minutes and handed him a beer frowning some, "Pizza's ordered." She murmured, sitting next to him and rubbing his back, "You look stressed."
Max gave a small nod and sighed softly seeing part of the road rash he had peaking out through the end of the basketball shorts he was wearing. She helped him to the car and stayed quiet most of the time just thinking over everything that she wanted to talk with him about.

Eddie was ready to cuss her out but stopped himself before letting her hang up. "Fucking bitch.." he muttered to himself before sitting on the bed. He looked at Carmen as she came back into the room and gave a small nod "Yeah...just some bullshit is all."
She frowned and nodded, kissing his shoulder. “Alright. You know you can talk if you need to.” She murmured, “I think it was your turn to pick the tv.” She smiked a little.

He was trying to stay awake, the radio was sending him off though until they arrived at her place and he got out carefully, shuffling inside. “You got any ice?” He asked her quietly, sitting at her kitchen table
Eddie gave a small smile and nodded kissing her temple "I know beautiful, thank you." He said softly before grabbing the remote trying to find something to watch. He knew he needed to tell her about his son, but he didn't think now was the best time.

Max nodded getting him an ice pack before she started to heat up dinner. Once they were done eating she helped him to her living room giving a heavy sigh "So....I guess now is the time to talk huh?"
He nodded and sighed a little, leaning back on the couch. “I’m not having our kid grow up without both parents at home because we were being stubborn.” He muttered.

She only got up to go get the pizza and by the time they had finished eating she was asleep against him, drooling onto his chest a little.
Max gave a small nod and sighed heavily "I don't want it either, but I also don't want our child growing up with miserable parents because they're constantly fighting." She said as she watched him "I want us to be happy with one another, but you don't trust me and because of that I feel like I'm not respected from the one person I want it from most. So what can I do Jon? Obviously what I've been doing isn't working, so what can I do to make you trust that I'm not leaving again?"

Eddie spent the evening wit her happily, but his son was still on the back of his mind. When he noticed Carmen asleep he pulled up some photos of his son on his phone and gave a heavy sigh wishing he had fought harder in court for custody.
She managed to sleep spundly for a little while but it wasn’t long before she was crying in her sleep. Although the physical damage was now fixed, and despite having Eddie there every step of the way, she’d been struggling more than ever with the nightmares.

He frowned and shook his head “Trust me. That’s all I have ever asked from you. And it’s never happened. Always one excuse after another. But let’s face it. The reason you flipped on Ima that night was because you didn’t trust that I wasn’t up to no good with her. But you won’t blame them. You’ve only been blaming me for it.”

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